Salon paints - ideas of modern combinations

salon modern design paintings orange yellow

Are you thinking of renewing the look of your living room? If yes, you should know that the most current trends are based on the combination of several colors, and what better way to provide color than with paints for walls. In today's post we will talk about the fashionable color combinations for salons and living rooms, do not miss our compilation of fifty spectacular photographs.

Combinations of paintings to decorate rooms

white beige paintings nice living room

If we want a calm and peaceful look it would be a good idea to opt for a color range neutral and clear as white, beige, raw or brown. Above we have an example that shows a painting in a very light yellow tone that almost touches the beige that together with white manages to form a really beautiful set.

Living room with gray paint

nice salon paints gray shades

Gray is a color that is taking center stage, and not only thanks to the famous erotic novel by E.L. James. It turns out that this color manages to combine perfectly with many others, so it would not be wrong to reconsider including it in our design since the possibilities offered are multiple.

Paint for gray-blue walls

paint color gray blue walls

The image that appears above presents a wall of grayish blue color, another very modern tonality that can be combined with warm colors like oranges or yellows, the result will be very fresh. However, since this is a rather dark color, it is advisable to decorate one or two walls of the room, but not all of them because we could obscure the place too much.

Combinations of colored paints for living rooms

combination paints colors salon yellow

Next we have a design for which a grayish blue has been used again but in this case in a pair of lighter shades. As we can see it is great next to the light yellow, a contrast has been created that is not annoying to the eye but on the contrary, it turns out to be a very nice combination.

Modern color paints for living rooms

blue beige colors combinations

We can also combine it with raw tones and our choice will be correct. See the elegance that radiates this great room with beige furniture, the contrast in this case is less intense but also manages to highlight each piece so that the mixture of colors is not too shocking.

Modern living room design blue

paintings walls blue glitter

If we happen to see some designs with paintings of cold tones we can look at this peculiar model of living room, designed by the team of the television program HGTV's Renovation Raiders . The designers managed to transform the space completely from the orange to a navy blue with a glossy finish.

Paints of warm colors for living rooms

mandarin orange color modern living room

But let's go now to see some examples of salons decorated with paintings of warm colors. In the first place, orange is the most popular, specifically mandarin orange. This color is ideal for very functional and crowded spaces because it brings vitality; we can combine it with neutral tones to subtract intensity or with cool colors to give a touch of freshness to the environment.

Design of red room

salon red wall gray wall

Last but of equal importance is the color red. The color of love and passion is very fashionable in interior designs. Such an intense tone will transform the spaces completely, so it is also preferable to combine it with some more neutral and less daring color as is the gray along with all its variants.

Modern living room with red wall

red paint salon decoration

Above we can see the above mentioned; the red wall catches our attention but the intensity of the color is counteracted thanks to the fact that the rest of the walls are clear and the floor is dark. Do not hesitate any more and begin to choose the combination of ideal paintings for your living room, surely you will not regret it.

Combination of paints for living room

combination neutral colors paintings salon

When we use the colors to decorate we can create accents of one color or we can use more than one. In the living rooms, the combination of one color for the furniture and another for the sofa cushions will turn this part of the house into a very pleasant place. Also you have to keep in mind that strong and light colors increase the life of the interiors.

Yellow and black living room decoration

decoration painting yellow paint

Also in the living rooms you can also use the combination of yellow and black color. You can use the yellow color for the walls and the black color for the furniture and the decorative details and furniture. However, you have to bear in mind that this color combination is more aggressive since the yellow color will stand out a lot. You can also add the white color to balance the contrasts.

Room decoration in ocher and eggplant colors

design salon ocher color aubergine

The contrast of the colors can also be achieved using less used tones in the decoration. In the photo above you can see an example with colors of this type that create a nice contrast in the living room.

Salon design intense blue

great salon intense blue

Lounge design in beige and orange colors

super salon colors beige orange

Color combinations for salons

great design living room modern walls

super design green room clarito

nice salon painting green

brick wall seen blurring paints

paint color green sofa orange

painting walls living room modern effects

paint purple walls

painting salon effect simil concrete

painting design salon red gray

paintings walls bluish gray

paintings living rooms modern

paintings salon intense orange

paintings classics beige classic

paintings living rooms modern gray tones

green paintings living rooms modern walls

red gray combination modern living room

living room wall yellow green lime

modern living room paintings purple walls

living room gray color wood furniture

modern living room colors yellow white

modern living room neutral colors

modern living room colors gray yellow

modern lounge color gray orange

modern living room beige brown

modern salon brown orange

lounge modern design celestial wall

modern living room green paint

salon walls light brown

salon paintings brown orange

living room modern style gray red

salon light green red

living room view mountain gray pigeon

raw beige beiges tones

gray shades salon modern style

green intense black vinyl paint

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