San Valentin decoration - ideas that fall in love

pretty table decoration valentines

The day of the lovers approaches, for that reason today we want to show you great ideas for the San Valentin decoration . It is often thought that this is a celebration of couples in love only, but in reality it is a day dedicated to love in general, so that we can surprise our own with an original decoration for this day.

Original ideas for a Valentine's decoration

romantic gifts valentines decoration

To know the origin of the celebration of Valentine's Day we must go back to history until the time of the Roman Empire. It turns out that there was an emperor named Claudius II who had forbidden marriage to young people under the pretext that if they are singles They can become better soldiers.

Branches decorated with cardboard hearts

Homemade ornament shapes hearts

However, there was a priest named Valentin who considered this action very unfair and decided to unite the couple in secret. One day this comes to the ears of the emperor and he sent Valentin to come to him to explain what happened. Valentin took advantage of this meeting to promote Christian doctrine, a fact that at first impressed the emperor.

Original home decorations for Valentine's Day

homemade ornaments decoration valentines

The Roman army intervened in this relationship by persuading Claudius II and making Valentine imprisoned. Later and as a mockery, one of the officers challenges Valentin to cure his daughter of blindness; against all prediction Valentine manages to cure it. From this moment the officer converts to Christianity along with all his family, although Valentín remains imprisoned until his death by execution, on February 14, 270.

Red garlands for Valentine's Day

red garlands ornaments pompones

This beautiful story with a tragic ending is the origin of a celebration known throughout the world and is symbolized by heart-shaped ornaments, almond blossoms and, of course, Cupid . We hope you enjoyed our article, then we leave you with more original ideas to create Valentine's ornaments

Original table decorations for Valentine's Day

ornaments table deco valentines

Decorate with crockery and red glassware

pretty red rose deco table

Beautiful retro decoration for Valentine's Day

nice decoration romantic style

Original mailbox for Valentine's cards

original letterbox letters valentines

Beautiful centerpiece for Valentine's Day

valentine center table

Original centerpieces for Valentine's Day

centers valentines table

How to make a wreath of cardboard roses

how to make red cardboard roses

Nice floral arrangement with a heart shape

heart roses color deco red

hanging hearts color paper mache

Pretty red crown for Valentine's Day

red crown deer san valentin

decorate table valentines

decoration hearts red cardboard

decorate pink table

Original modern decoration for Valentine's Day

modern valentines decoration

deco table romantic red ornaments

chimney decoration

red valentines decoration

deco table wood shape gift

deco terrace lights red hearts

candy deco valentines

sweets deco san valentin 1

super hearts hanging cardboard colors

Super red hearts hanging deco

valentine hearts garland

garlands cardboard valentine

pink hearts garlands

red table deco valentines

original pink color decoration

original decoration valentines

original valentine ornaments

original ornaments hearts cardboard deco

living room deco valentines

crochet hearts decorated candles

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