Sand and gravel for the design of modern gardens

large road garden sand gravel

Are you looking for an easy and durable way to decorate your garden? Today we present twenty-five great ideas to place sand or gravel in the garden n in a decorative and useful way. AND There are different types of gravel, pebbles or sands that are suitable for this use due to their resistance and appearance.

Decorate gardens with sand and gravel

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You can also create designs of drawings and shapes that surround certain areas of our garden or sando sand of various colors with the advantage that once placed will require minimum maintenance. Some gravels are even beneficial for the care of plants since they provide them with some of the minerals most needed for their development.

Types of gravel to decorate exteriors

Design garden drawings with gravel

In any case, its placement n also It requires a series of steps to guarantee a good appearance for a longer time. At the first link, we must clean the ground of weeds and make sure it is properly leveled to avoid landslides in case of rain.

Decorate gardens with pebbles

sand gravel design garden rocks

Next it is convenient to place a mesh anti-weed holding it to the ground with staples or U-shaped wires. To place the plants we must make cuts in the cross-shaped mesh in the places we have selected for each pot. We will bury the pots in the holes and then cover them with the mesh fabric.

Sand and decorative gravel for gardens

design landscaping sand gravel plants

Finally we can spread the sand on the surface to cover it completely, we should only take care that the pebbles are not stuck to the stems of the plants . As a suggestion we will add that many experts in gardening advise the planting of rainfed species in areas decorated with gravel.

Garden square decorated with gravel

sand pebbles deco square garden

For vegetation areas too n it is known that the finest gravel is adequate for having the properties of organic fertilizers. Thicker gravels are often used to pave sidewalks and outdoor areas, as is crushed granite, since it is more compact once it has been tamped.

Garden roads with gravel

nice canmino garden white gravel

Only about 20 years ago, sand and gravel were something to see in the gardens and less used as decoration. Today everything has changed radically and many people use these materials or some similar ones for the design of their garden which is no surprise. Why the gravel remains an extravagant decoration for the garden.

Define areas with gravel roads

pathway garden tile gravel pond

Thanks to the many advantages and ease of creation, this composition is increasingly common in gardens. In this article you can see many garden options with sand and gravel and how to use them in your plot. Gravel as a decorative element has been used in European parks for a long time.

Road with rectangular tiles and gravel

pathway garden rectangular tiles gravel

Gardeners use sand and gravel, not only for the design of paths and flower beds, in the garden but also to decorate a variety of rest areas. Most of these designs are composed of a gravel section that in the center has a large decorative object - a beautiful sculpture or, for example, or a magnificent fountain.

Garden stairs with gravel and tiles

path garden stairs gravel tiles

In this way you can create a separate area of ​​landscape architecture called the "dry garden". Maybe there is no person who has not heard of Japanese rock gardens a symbol of the harmony of the universe. In the center of these gardens is often the gravel, which embodies in which concentric circles and multiple parallel lines are formed.

Road with black gravel

black gravel garden path

Thanks to the wide variety of sizes and colors of gravel, as well as the richness of its forms, it is possible to create a unique exhibition with a variety of very attractive effects in the garden. As you can see in these photos, a gravel garden can be as fun and natural as one full of flowers and plants.

path garden slabs large gravel

One more advantage is that you do not have to worry about the sun or the rain, your garden will always be different and always unique, surprising and captivating. Gravel, like any natural material has its advantages and disadvantages, we will try to list them.

paths sand gravel garden

The main advantage of gravel is that it respects the environment. Gravel does not affect the soil and allows it to absorb water and "breathe". In addition, it does not prevent access to air, so the roots of the plants below it will not lose their vitality.

decorate gravel garden paths

Gravel is not only an excellent base for most plants used in rock gardens, but also an excellent covering material, due to its ability to cool the soil on hot days. The gravel is perfect for heavy clay soils, since it makes it possible to plant any plant.

decorate garden with gravel

Gravel can serve as an excellent substitute for lawns or tiles. Due to its decorative effect and stability this natural material allows us to enjoy the beauty of various garden plants, while emphasizing its beauty and helps its expansion.

delimit areas plants sand

In addition, unlike the different materials for garden floors, the gravel is not very susceptible to changes in weather, which means that it will always look the same after a heavy rain and the gravel will stay the same.

sand gravel garden design

The decorative gravel allows you to have a beautiful composition as it can come in different colors such as red, white, gold, black, purple, blue, green, orange, pink, etc.

gravel garden color white

gravel stones pebbles deco garden

islands plants gravel sand

garden design zen style gravel

patio garden decorated gravel

platform wood teak pool garden

earth plants covered sand gravel

zone garden deck chairs sand gravel




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