Sauna and personalized spa center in your own home

glass cabin sitting

What would you think of having a sauna in your own bathroom? Nowadays this is already possible thanks to the hydromassage cabins and steam baths. Now anyone can have their personal spa center in their home, we present twenty-five images of saunas that were designed for private use.

Mocca wood sauna model

environment cube carbon center wood

First of all we have the sauna model " Mocca " It has a large window that offers visibility to the interior. In addition, the seats were designed so that they can put their feet up, thus facilitating the best rest and relaxation. We also see high quality materials such as the pine of few knots that offers a warm and pleasant finish.

Cupreme sauna cabin

white bathroom sauna wood

Next we will see the model called "Cupreme". This cabin is heated only by the stones and the wood , so that the temperature changes more naturally and pleasantly. Its construction is quite simple and is usually made to measure according to the request of each client and the space available.

Cabin model called Cube

cube link photo green cabin

The "Cube" sauna presents something more modern and futuristic than the previous ones. The combination of materials in this case is glass and steel for the exterior; and soft wood panels inside. The piece is available in several sizes to choose from and also offers the option of adding a sliding panel with mirror.

Hydromassage cabin model House

light wood pine house bathroom

On the other hand, for those looking for a traditional cabin with a wooden finish, there is the "Casa" sauna, made with solid Nordic spruce strips. The interior is designed for maximum comfort thanks to the backrests, the headrests and the heaters on both sides. One of the advantages of this model is that it is available in 16 designs differentiated according to their shape, capacity and leveling. Also the illumination internal has been designed for comfort because it is not harmful to the skin.

Hydromassage cabins in the bathroom

bathroom classic style steam cabin

Wooden hydromassage cabin

beige sauna modern bathroom

Wooden cabin with steam bath

cabin model helo sauna wood

Work steam room cabin

modern cabin shower steam room

Shower cabin with hydromassage

modern hydro massage small cabin

Cabins of saunas at home

cabins sauna wood bathroom house

Bathroom with sauna

fourth bathroom sauna color green

design bathroom modern sauna

modern design sauna model supreme

design saunas for home

spa modern design cabin spa

happy family sauna wood house

finesse model rare photo close

led lights design supreme model

Luxurious style leger model

small cabin saunas wood

sauna bath steam wood pine

modern sauna bathroom house wood

sauna work bathroom house luxury

Various concvept model color aquamarine

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