Scary pumpkins to decorate different spaces

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Scary pumpkins are something that no Halloween decoration can miss. In general, pumpkins are the best resource to increase the appeal of this party. Especially in terms of terrifying pumpkins we have several examples today.

Scary pumpkins with different designs

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In general, decoration with pumpkins does not only include Halloween. They can be used to decorate during any season of the year. With them you can complement any composition such as centerpieces. Different resources can be used to adapt to the style of decoration or season.

Pumpkins terrify the perfect decoration for the gardens and the house

scary pumpkins ornaments outdoor gardens

Above all, they will look more harmonious with changes in colors and motives than those that are combined. Before creating scary or other pumpkins you have to clean them. It must be done on the outside and inside. To ensure greater durability the seeds should be removed from inside. If they are left inside, the useful life of any decor . It should start by cutting in the upper part in a circle.

If we do not have time there are several accessories with a similar effect in the design

scary pumpkins accessories houses ropes

It can be square or rectangular, the important thing is to create a kind of small door. The cut area is removed and then we will remove all the contents of the pumpkin. There can be no remaining pulp and seeds. When our pumpkin is completely clean it will be convenient to wait for it to dry a little. Then we would place the part that we cut near the stem.

Variation with interesting shapes in the eyes and various wavy details in the mouth

terrifying pumpkins eyes different ties

You can add some stickiness to the design of the scary pumpkins in this area. Once this process is complete we can start carving or painting. In the case of painting, one should be selected that similarly combines with our decoration. If we have the skill and the experience, we can paint both drawings and freehand motifs. It will only be a matter of time or patience to have an elegant or scary decoration for Halloween.

Other ideas to decorate pumpkins with pointy teeth and a threatening expression

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Other creative ways for pumpkins include details such as rugs, cross stitches or glitter. With them you can create beautiful works of art perfect for a very personal centerpiece. So if we want to give our celebration a touch of elegance these options are ideal. In general, elegant pumpkins or terrifying pumpkins can be decorated in a simple way. There are a variety of techniques that can be put to use and achieve amazing effects.

The different sizes make the sets very attractive at the entrance of the house

terrifying pumpkins square teeth salons

The most used output is drawing the familiar terrifying faces and marking them with a knife. This can be combined with some color accents. It can be the gros or the white to give a touch of greater realism and drama to the expressions. Another popular way is to scrape all the skin from a pattern. It is a way with which you can achieve very effective and fresh results.

With a little paint and creativity you get excellent results like this

terrifying pumpkins doors hanging eyes

There are several security issues to keep in mind as we work. Especially if you do these Crafts in the company of children. Paying special attention to knives or any tool that is used. Whether it is scary pumpkins or elegant solutions, pumpkins are a perfect base. In them you can capture all our creativity while painting or decorating.

Variant for outdoor decoration at night with fun pumpkins

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The buttons, cardboard, or colored stones will add an extra touch of interest. If you are dealing with small children there are options with these materials to achieve fun designs. So you may lose your fear of the party of Halloween . There are different options in terms of spray paint to give color to pumpkins.

Great way to decorate public spaces to share the Halloween party

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Eva shapes, felt or cardboard will add eye shapes and funny faces. It is a time to let the children have full participation. Transforming and contributing what is necessary for any of the possible designs. In the decoration with the terrifying pumpkins you can not forget the exterior areas of the house. Both terrifying and compositions with different forms are very popular.

A different way to create the figures in the caabazas with some seams

pumpkins seams figures shapes ropes

The shapes of animals or monsters likewise look funny and scary. In short no matter the style the pumpkins are a perfect complement to your decoration. If they have a modern style they can be painted with polka dots or lined in different ways. For each environment and trend we will find the terrifying pumpkins perfect.

Effects created to look good during the day and night with some candles

crows effects ideas painting effects

Other effects that you can use to decorate your pumpkins are those that can be used for decoration during the day and at night. In this way during the day you can wear pumpkins decorated with shapes and original figures of animals that are related to Halloween and at night you can light a candle inside the pumpkin to illuminate the environment.

Effects with vampire teeth for an unforgettable decoration of the interior areas

teeth vampires inspirations interior color

Keep in mind that one of the ways you can get a decoration with terrifying pumpkins is by placing some teeth. You can get some pumpkins made in this way or you can also make them in your house. For that you will have to make the hollow of the mouth of the pumpkins and then you will have to stick your teeth inside these holes.

This is a different way that creates a special visual appeal by being just one

differences painted single space straw

On the other hand, the terrifying image can also be obtained by making the face of the pumpkin by cutting the shape of the eyes, nose and mouth and placing a candle inside. In this way the light of the candle will illuminate the face at night and this effect will be very well in the gardens and outdoors. In addition to completing the decoration you can place near this pumpkin others that are not illuminated in this way.

A creative monster that will surely be a hit during the Halloween party

funny monster gardens houses columns

Also with the pumpkins you can also create monsters with which to decorate the garden or the entrance door of your house. However, to make this monster you will have to use smaller pumpkins and larger ones. The last ones will be used to make the head or trunk of the monster and the smallest ones can be used to make tentacles or horns.

Interesting effect of outdoor lights and decorating near the front door

tickets house style halloween effects

On the other hand, I have to bear in mind that lighting with candles and pumpkins is also very suitable for decorating the main entrances. To make the decoration more interesting you can make your pumpkins different faces giving them a terrifying appearance.

Spiders are another recurring theme during this period and decoration

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Keep in mind that for the decoration of pumpkins you can use other elements that are used in Halloween to create an original decoration. In this way spiders and cobwebs can be captured in the front part of the pumpkin using paint or sticky stones.

Funny black cats made of pumpkins in different sizes and various materials

original black cats special ropes

In some way cats are the other animals that are related to witches and you can create using pumpkins. You can use pumpkins of different colors and to complete the image of the animals you will have to add some whiskers, nose, eyes and ears. To make the whiskers you can use sticks and for the nose, ears and eyes you can use the cardboard.

Craft that we can all do as a family and have a fun time at home

bats crafts small different house

The same goes for bats. You will need some black pumpkins and with the cardboard you will have to make the wings of the animals. Then you have to paste them and paint their faces. In this way the terrifying pumpkins will become a very original decoration of your interior.

Scary landscapes painted on pumpkins if you do not want to carve some shapes

landscapes cats painted shapes fonts

Different shapes painted on the faces of pumpkins and decorated with fabrics

paint faces materials exterior straw

A design that can fill any corner forgotten in the house with attractiveness

variants styles furniture furniture layer

Some characters of stories and children's stories to decorate pumpkins

child variants ideas styles characters

With some candles the effect of the designs can be seen with greater realism

candles interior lighting concept salons

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