Scribbles and brushstrokes - original interior designs

retro style sofa doodles parrots

How long have you not painted with oils or light bulbs? It is the latest trend in interior decoration and consists in drawing scrawl and abstract brushstrokes on smooth surfaces, do you dare to try it at home? Today we encourage you to dust off the fine brushes and get down to work.

Scribbles and brushstrokes of paint

painted cushion doodles warm colors

This is a wonderful opportunity to bring out our creativity and perhaps also to express our feelings in an artistic way. Those objects that we think we can throw away can be renewed in an original way to become accessories that add character and color to our interior design .

Modern designs with brushstrokes

green cushion brush black spots

Of course, the artistic paint it is based on specific techniques and materials that turn mere white paintings into quoted works of art; However, in case we do not know much about this subject, we can always acquire beautiful paintings of our taste, or on the contrary, create our own.

Paintings of abstract paintings

pictures light blue pink shine

We can start improvising some scribbles on canvas for example in the cushions or the bedding, and if we have been good, we can decorate even some walls, although we suggest that they are not all to create an environment too overloaded. A certain bohemian air with contrast of colors is very current in the interior designs.

Design of bathroom with doodles

design bathroom bathroom doodles walls

It is not important to create the perfect forms, but quite the opposite. This eccentric style seeks rather imperfection and rapid movements with the brush. Do not hesitate, add an abstract touch to your interior spaces with brushstrokes that symbolize and represent you, but in case you do not reach the muses, you can always ask for help to the youngest of the house as they usually have the ability to uninhibited in an amazing and great way to see a white plot where they can paint.

Abstract painting to decorate

abstract picture decoration walls

Abstract paintings to decorate

picture style modern green water

Cushion design with paint strokes

blue cushion strokes paint stripes

Interior design with brushstrokes and figures

decoration walls brush strokes colors

Abstract brush strokes for interiors

modern painting painting wall mural

Bohemian style living room

fun living room picture colors

bedroom paintings abstract paintings colors

super picture bed headboard brushstrokes

doodles paintings decoration modern living room

scribbles brush strokes design salon green

lamp design doodles painting

doodles colors white wall


Design rug with scribbles

painted blue brush doodles

bed clothes brush strokes blue scribbles

orange bohemian room

living room box cubes colors

living room picture brushstrokes sea

living room lit beige

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