Sculpture and art for the decoration of living rooms and living rooms

marble block table figure living room

Today we show some ideas to add to your interior designs some works of art such as sculptures , paintings or even photographs. It is perhaps at this time when you must give free rein to your creativity and allow your imagination to guide you to find your own personal style.

Paintings and sculptures to decorate interiors

buddha head decorating salon

To begin, you can imagine your living room or your living room like a blank canvas, ready to be transformed. As a suggestion and a simple informative note, we will list some of the best-known styles in the world of sculpture and perhaps this short introduction can help you decide on a specific piece.

Decorative sculptures of animal heads

head male cabrio skull

We begin by listing some styles that would fall within the classification of figurative sculptures, that is, those that represent figures of concrete realities, totally opposed to the abstract. Inside is the baroque, dramatic and pompous style; the classic, from Greece and Rome that gives great importance to the human being;

Centerpiece with abstract sculpture

center table abstract decorative sculptures

The Mannerist style, characterized by exaggerated and disproportionate figures; or the Renaissance, which proposes to idealize life and divine creation, among others. The next style classification is expressionism. This can be figurative or abstract in turn. If we talk about figurative expressionism we will be referring to the sculptures and paintings that present a deformation of reality.

Artistic decoration with animal horns

center table horns animal flowers

Here feelings have priority over reason and the way of interpreting this style is always subjective. On the other hand, in abstract expressionism everything is surrealistic. We must bear in mind that the historical context in which this style is born takes place during the 1940s after the Second World War.

Plaster decorative sculptures

animal heads plaster wall

Given this, we can begin to distinguish the styles of the works of art chosen for the different interior designs that appear in the images. A very current trend is the incorporation of animal heads that resemble trophies of hunters hanging from the walls of a rustic farmhouse. However, nowadays, more searches are artificial heads of animals , and also plaster.

Hanging lamps in the shape of yellow cones

yellow cones hanging lamps dining room

A touch of color in spaces decorated with neutral tones can completely transform the environment. As we saw in previous posts, the color range What we choose for decoration is of great importance since it can influence the moods of the occupants.

Decorate interiors with works of art

picture blue ball strips salon

To finish we will only add that the choice of pieces of art is always something very personal and subjective. Many think that those decorative elements that get our attention at first sight are the most appropriate, regardless of style or price. In addition to the art galleries, we can also acquire works of art in traces and antiquarians.

Kitchen design with abstract painting

picture colors decoration kitchen

And of course, you can also improvise and create pieces of your own design, it is the best way to decorate spaces in a personalized way. You do not have to be an artist genius to decorate with art and style, besides, who knows if in the future his works will be as prized as those of Picasso.

Modern style lounge with impressionist painting

picture several colors decorate salon

Sculptures and paintings to decorate modern living rooms

picture deco living room living room

Paintings and murals to decorate rooms

mural painting decorate living room

Living room with figures and murals

sculpture decorative mural picture

Decoration of living room with abstract picture

abstract paintings decorating salons

Decorate with paintings of impressionist style

decorative paintings hall wood corridor

Design of living room with works of art

pictures to decorate living rooms

decorate rooms be works art

decorate salons old photographs

decorate living room living room paintings sculpture

modern style design decorate living room sculpture

two abstract black white squares

classic style decorative sculpture

decorative abstract sculpture salon

abstract sculpture decorating salons

sculptures art decorating salon

sculptures man sphere metal trapeze

sculptures decorative vases salon

buddha statue without head salon

figure wood american indian design

Round figure decorate salon

abstract figures decorating salon

abstract figures decorate patios

geometric shapes pineapple shape stool

figures wood sculptures african style

figures sculptures metal abstract design

figures rocks minerals decorate salon

shapes figures abstract sculptures salons

Photographs decorating works of art

pendant lamp metal figure

hanging lamp design wood drift

hanging lamps shape crystal balls

wood drift rocks mineral deco

ancient decorative mask

metal table yunke salon deco

mix styles decorative sculptures

stone wall fireplace abstract picture

works of art decorate rooms

old shovels decorating salon

wood sculpture shape candy hollow

decorative varnished tree trunk sculpture

sculpture beam column wood classic salon

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