Semi-choked with braids - more than 40 impressive styles

Semi-Filled with Plaits Long Straight Hair Ideas

Today we have for all of you some very original ideas of semirecogidos with braids since the hairstyle is an important part of the look of women. The hairstyle fashionable is an integral part of the image of the woman , adding glamor and elegance to it.

Semi-choked with braids and the many ways to wear loose hair with a braid of detail

Annie Straight Hair Braid Ideas

In 2017 one of the most important trends will be the maximum naturalness, the comfort if you want to go to fashion must escape the complex designs. That's why today we prepare these images with ideas of semi-picked with braids that can easily do and go to fashion.

Semirecogidos with braids a very original option is this hairstyle of the singer Ciara

ciara hair lake options style ideas

We are sure that these photos of the celebrity red carpet with wonderful semirecogidos with braids will be for you the best, modern and most impressive solutions.

A very easy idea to make the hairstyle of the singer Kesha with two braids on the side

kesha singer hair braids semirecogido designs ideas

The modern hairstyles with braids that we show you today are perfect for partying at work to have a drink with friends. These are striking combinations and solutions. Semi-collected with braids are one of the most attractive for elegant.

Braids in the middle of the head and loose and straightened hair a perfect choice for special occasions

Maria Menounos Hair Back Long Hair Ideas

The most common way to get a luxury style is to go for a loose hair with a braid. The use of braids for your hairstyle is very elegant and attractive. In addition, it gives you more style opportunities to be different every day. Also a braid is the perfect detail if you are busy and have less time to devote to the hairstyle.

The actress Naya Rivera with semi-straight hair with braids in the middle and on the sides of her head

naya rivera semirecogidos with braids hair ideas

As we said earlier this year, the messy and not very elaborate look is modern, but neither is it about to be disheveled. The main reason to like these looks so much is because they are easy to make and beautiful at the same time.

Brie Larson With a small front braid easy to make

Brie Larson semirecogido braid hair combed modern style ideas

You can not imagine how many creative and unique solutions for hairstyles with messy touches there are. But today we will try to add more fun and interest to our common braids in search of clutter.

Chiara Ferragni with a braid in the middle and her hair straightened a very elegant hairstyle

Chiara Ferragni semirecogido braid hair combed modern style ideas

The braids are perfect for women with curly hair who want a more groomed and composed hairstyle. The braids will help you keep your annoying locks under control and look elegant.

Margot Robbie with a beautiful front braid that looks good on hair of any length

Margot Robbie semirecogido braid hair hairstyle modern style ideas

His dry and curly hair will be quite attractive semi-drawn in a tail of disordered fish. We are sure that all your friends will fall in love with this type of hairstyle when they see you. Do you like romantic hairstyles? Then continue with these photos. Consider the idea of ​​making a cute, elegant and messy braid for a natural effect.

A braid that plays the crown role we are inspired by Victoria Justice's hairstyle

semirecogido braid crown hairstyle modern style ideas

We are used to thinking that the most elegant hairstyle for any girl is the picked up high or low. But if you prefer hairstyles that look festive and elegant. Leave your hair loose and add a French braid for example. It is a perfect hairstyle for brides and bridesmaids.

Barbara Palvin with wavy flowing hair and two braids

Semi-Shrunk Braid Two Hairstyle Modern Style Ideas Barbara Palvin

Short hairstyles are very fashionable but they are not always interesting. Once you combine a bob for example with braids your haircut becomes flashy and smooth. The Dutch, French and fishtail braids are best for short and messy hair.

Emma Robins with her hair down and a braid on her side

semirecogido braid hairstyle modern style ideas

Medium-length haircuts rarely allow us to go for hairstyles with braids. That's why we always keep up with the latest trends instead of choosing the best ideas for medium length cuts.

Elle Fanning with a small braid that is a very original detail

semirecogido braid hair hairstyle modern ideas Elle Fanning

In our photos you will find a large collection of medium length hairstyles with braids. To choose the most appropriate styles for your haircut that can be done daily and for formal events.

A perfect choice for girls with long hair looking for a different style we are inspired by Sophie Turner

semirecogido braid hair hairstyle modern style ideas Sophie Turner

Luckily, there are great ideas for medium and long haircuts. For all those But that a simple pony tail seems too boring forget about it and look in these photos a modern touch. Try a side queue with a Dutch braid. The boring and simple ponytail will be forgotten when you learn to make these easy hairstyles.

Kiernan Shipka with a side braid that looks beautiful look her where you look

semi-contracted hair braid hairstyle modern style side ideas

The most recent trend is a braid that ends in a small bun and works very well with medium and long haircuts. It is amazing a cute braid on the top that ends in a messy bun. The best of hairstyles with braid and bow is that they allow you to show your cute face. You can also use French and Dutch braids to complete the look.

Semi-choked with braids a gorgeous and very original side braid

hair braid side design hairstyle ideas

Braids that mimic a crown need not always be used with bows and gathered. They are also cute with loose hair and light curls. This sounds good for medium and long cuts.

A hairstyle that draws attention and attracts the look with front braid and original bow

Semi-Collected Braids Pigtail Hair Loose Ideas

All you need is to just braid the top hair in your favorite braid style and make sure it has a crown shape. It can be a messy and smooth corana. This hairstyle will give you a beautiful image with a touch of a lovely girl and it will look better in combination with wavy strands.

Paral always look beautiful and have an impressive look this type of braid is the best

semirecogidos with braids modern detail pretty ideas

Now we leave you with these photos with ideas of semirecogidos with braids that with trend for this 2017 we are sure that here you will find your favorite look to show some modern and fabulous hairstyles.

Semirecogidos with braids is amazing how impressive this simple look can be

semirecogidos with braids pigtail design braid ideas

Do not worry the braids are perfect for hairstyles and haircuts of different styles which means that each hair length is flexible for hairstyles with braids. In our photos you will see only modern hairstyles, but also some very delicate options for the most romantic girls or those who are looking for a wedding hairstyle.

Two options braid that plays the role of headband and fits well with loose or collected hair

semirecogidos with braids two options hairstyle party ideas

There is a veritable host of semi-contracted possibilities with medium, high or low braids. The braid can surround the head and finish collecting all the hair in a large braid, as seen in the image.

A cute side braid that is like an entangled crown


This informal half-coat is quite easy to make once the average braids are made. You only have to turn the strained hair several times to achieve the mid-height pickup.

A style that looks great for a not very important event and to go out with friends

semirecogidos with braids modern style ideas

The fishbone braids are ideal for practically any event, and if combined with well-groomed wavy hair it will be ideal.

A very elegant hairstyle for a special event with semi-combed hair with braids

semirecogidos with wavy hairstyle braids ideas

In this photo we see again several braids at half height with the rest of the hair loose and wavy. The chestnut shades ombré are also a trend, although it is part of last year.

A very natural and cute option perfect for any occasion

semi-contracted with braids style original hairstyle ideas

Perhaps the first semirecogidos with braids that we began to see some years ago are something similar to that we see above, with straight hair, to highlight the braid even more.

A fish tail is an excellent way to get attention with an elegant hairstyle

semirecogidos with braids hair style braids ideas

A collected crown shape will be ideal if you add a little extra volume to the loose hair. You can try weeding and using lacquer.

Jessica Lowndes with a hairstyle that we should definitely try

semirecogidos with braids jessica lowndes ideas

An African-style side braid is a perfect solution if you are hesitating between shaving your hair on one side but not quite clear. With this hairstyle, you can see if it really is a good idea or not.

Carmen Electra with a side braid decorated with rings

semi-contracted with braids original side bangs ideas

Try several small braids or one larger and longer. It is a crazy and youthful hairstyle that will delight everyone, do not hesitate.

Kate Mara with her French haircut and two braids

Semi-choked with braids - more than 40 impressive styles

Short hair can also show braids and semirecogidos braided with half loose hair. In the image above we see a great way to also braid the bangs, in case it gets too much.

Princess Olimpiya de Grecias with a subtle hairstyle

princess Olympia greece hairstyle braids ideas

In the case of this hairstyle instead has opted for a side braid that ends up hiding behind the neck, making all the hair is collected on one side.

The model Gigi Hadid with a hairstyle with voluminous braid fun and fresh


This hairstyle is simple, casual and looks great for day to day. It takes no more than two minutes to braid the hair, and the rest of the hair can be molded with an iron or with a diffuser.

The singer Gwen Stefani and her inspiring hairstyle is very individual

Gwen Stefani new way to wear braid ideas

For a more interesting and daring touch, a braided bun at the height of the forehead may be what you are looking for. The rest of the hair, as always, loose.

Kate Bosworth with a simple hairstyle and side braid

Kate Bosworth hairstyle modern simple original ideas

If you still have not got enough ideas and the inspiration needed to make a half-combed hairstyle with braids, you can still find more images in our gallery below.

Laura Bailey with two very original mini braids that add volume

Laura Bailey options original design ideas

We return very soon with more news and latest trends in fashion, decoration and interior design, be sure to visit our website.

The Anja Rubik model with a beautiful side braid

Anja Rubik braid options style ideas

Hilary Swank with a semirecogido hairstyle with braids perfect for every occasion

Hilary Swank braids look modern hair loose ideas

Oscar winner Emma Stone with a lovely side braid

emma stone braid side design short hair ideas

An idea for all the girls who love to experiment with braids

semirecogidos with braids side style ideas

An idea to look even better with braid and decorative detail with diamonds

semirecogidos with braids special occasions hair ideas

A magnificent fishtail braid that impresses

semirecogidos with braids options thorn fish ideas

An impressive and unique braid style that looks great with wavy hair

semirecogidos with braids options style ideas

A perfect side braid if you want to wear straight hair

semirecogidos with braids hair braid side ideas

It is not obligatory to always wear neat hair and well-tightened braids this look proves it

Semi-collected with braids long hair combed ideas

semirecogidos modern braids

semirecogidos with modern braids

semirecogidos with braids

pretty semi-picked with braids





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