Separate space with original room dividers

design dining wall white separator ideas

The walls are not our only option when separating or dividing the space of our home . Today we are going to present you one of the best possibilities that exist to divide the different environments without it being necessary to do work and take weeks to finish it. In the images we have compiled for you, you will see some original ideas of room dividers.

Large space with black partition wall

design wall neoclassical separator black modern

The separating walls or room dividers will give personality to your interior space and they are also a very economical option. Be careful when defining the space you want to separate. Room dividers are most often used in small apartments or flats although it is also common to see them in large, spacious interiors.

Space separated by white partition wall

space house kitchen living room separation ideas pretty

The easiest and simplest thing is to choose a folding screen but we offer you some furniture ideas that you can also move easily and that have shelves which you can use to put your books or decorative elements. In today's article you can find some pretty ideas of walls with folding doors or doors that open pushing them to the sides.

Original ideas to divide the spaces of your interior

space dining steel separation living room ideas

These doors are increasingly used as space separators. They allow you to separate a living room or bedroom into two separate spaces completely separated from each other. When you want you can open them and again you will have your entire large space creating a perfect transparent area in case you are invited and you do not want them to see your entire room.

White horizontal wooden sheets to separate the spaces of your house

space bedroom white sheets wood modern ideas

In very small studios and apartments, the folding doors are mainly used to hide the kitchen, although they are also a perfect solution for dividing environments in many different cases such as dividing the living room and the dining room or the bedroom and the office. If you want to divide the interior space of your house, review these images and get inspired.

Stairs with wall with book shelves

space stairs wall shelves ideas white books

In the interiors in which there are stairs that connect two floors you can make some designs with furniture or with shelves that include shelves for books. In this way the furniture can be integrated into the wall that separates the stairs from the living rooms or the living rooms and you will not have to use the railings.

Separating wall decorates this place

extraordinary space furniture dividers shelves ideas

In addition, the separating furniture can also be used indoors to separate one room from another. In this way, with a wooden cabinet with shelves, you can separate the living room from the dining room or the living room from the kitchen if it is an open kitchen of the American type.

Concrete wall painted in black

space walls concrete black color separator ideas

On the other hand, in modern and elegant interiors you can integrate some concrete sings that you can also use to separate the rooms in your home. In addition, this decoration will be very original if you combine the colors and if you add some original decorative details to the wall.

Beautiful ideas with glass to separate the different spaces in your house

space wall separator furniture living room modern ideas

On the other hand, to increase the style and elegance of your interior you can also use separators of glass environments. Keep in mind that glass is a stylish material that will create a very modern atmosphere.

Small spaces with wooden partition walls

space small wood kitchen wall ideas

On the other hand, if in your house you use wood to decorate you can incorporate a wooden wall of the same color as the wood that you have used to decorate. Besides this wood you can combine it with other colors to complete the decoration.

Original and modern ideas for separating walls that can be moved

space living ideas modern original black dividing wall

On the other hand, the dividers can also be chosen from modern and elegant designs with nets and you can place them in different places of your house. These are separators that can be moved and that you can move to separate the environments that you want at the given moment.

Modern living room with glass partition wall


On the other hand, you can also opt for glass dividers with original and original shapes and with inscribed figures. These dividers will increase the style of your intrior and also encourage decoration.

Divided spaces glass walls precious ideas modern house

The same can be done with small glass squares that are not completely transparent, but have translucent surfaces. These small squares will help you complete the decoration of your interior.

large spaces modern ideas pretty wood

Interior spaces white color design beautiful estanteris

spaces laminas wood backrest bed original ideas

wooden spaces brown rectangular partition wall

spaces separator wall original color orange

original ideas wall wood decorative separator

wall glass white doors color white ideas

wall separator wood original ideas salon

wall separator wood salon brown dark ideas

dining room black table white chairs original ideas

space bedroom wide beige ideas floor wood

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