Shabby chic decor for a romantic bedroom

shabby chic decoration bedroom bed canopy ideas

Today we have for you a shabby chic decoration for the bedroom . Nothing would be more romantic than an elegant bedroom with shabby chic decor and furniture. For this reason today we have compiled these photos to give you an inspiration to create a dreamy and delicate design to the room most intimate of the house.

Shabby chic decor for the bedroom

decoration shabby chic bedroom steel black ideas

A shabby chic decoration will enchant the most sentimental and romantic. Let yourself be guided by these images to create a perfect bedroom inspired and enriched with soft colors and beautiful lace.

Shabby chic decor combined with modern style

chic shabby style bedroom decoration bright luminous ideas

The words that define the bedrooms with this type of design are refined, elegant and romantic. This design highlights femininity with delicate notes thanks to light colors and floral prints.

Blank shabby chic cupboard ideas for the bedroom

Shabby Chic Decor Bedroom Wardrobe White Ideas

Style is one of the most modern styles when it comes to furniture. This style, in fact, is inspired by the old country houses, which hide refined details.

Touch pink in the shabby chic bedroom

Shabby Chic Decor Bedroom Wardrobe Pink Ideas

This is why to create a shabby chic bedroom you should use traditional materials such as wood, furniture or other restored objects and give them a new life by painting them in soft colors such as white, beige and ivory.

Green furniture shabby chic style

shabby chic style bedroom wardrobe green ideas

You can also enrich your bedroom with accessories decorated with floral prints and quality fabrics, such as macramé lace. The shabby design adapts to any room in the house.

A slightly different option of shabby chic furniture in blue

shabby chic style bedroom decoration blue clear ideas

If you check our page you will find ideas of living rooms kitchens, dining rooms and youthful bedrooms with beautiful shabby chic decoration. If you are looking for elegant little details that make the atmosphere of your room even more romantic and peaceful, a place where you can relax at the end of the day.

Narrow bedroom with shabby chic style bed

decoration shabby chic bedroom bed steel ideas

This design is yours. The small details and accessories placed in the most strategic points can really make a difference. There are many elements that enrich a shabby chic bedroom, but the bed is the true protagonist of the room in any design and here it will be no less.

White wooden furniture in shabby chic style

shabby chic style bedroom decoration white bed ideas

The structure of a shabby chic bed can be made of wood, or steel always enriched with scratches and painted in white tones, with perfect finishes and arabesque embellishments to embellish.

A lovely picture on the bedroom wall

shabby chic style bedroom classic ideas

The dominant color of this style is white, which is enriched with floral motifs and touches of colors such as lavender and lilac. The bedding reflects all the candor of style. Very romantic white or beige lace quilts are used.

Shabby chic beige bedroom

shabby chic bedroom decoration beige color ideas

The furniture elements that enrich the shabby chic design are many. One of the most used are cushions whose colors and patterns should always have a romantic and natural touch.

Furniture and walls in light colors shabby chic style

decoration shabby chic bedroom colors light colors ideas

In the bedroom, all furniture must be elegant and feminine. The important thing is to choose wooden furniture in shades of white as the main color for the entire room.

Wallpaper with floral print in the shabby chic bedroom

shabby chic style bedroom decoration colorful ideas

You can place elegant white wooden bedside tables and table lamps with fabric screens adorned with flowers or hearts next to the bed.

Ceiling and walls of white wood

decoration shabby chic bedroom design fantastic ideas

The mirrors can not miss in a shabby chic room can also be done with frames already recycled painted in light colors or pastel. Vases with bouquets are another very typical thing in a shabby chic bedroom.

Bedside tables with very nice retro design in the shabby chic bedroom

shabby chic bedroom decor original prints ideas

Some fragrant peonies are perfect for decorating the nightstand of a shabby chic bedroom. To enrich this feminine room, a piece of furniture with a mirror will be another perfect element.

Canopy bed adds a romantic air to the bedroom

decoration shabby chic bedroom wood canopy ideas

In a shabby chic bedroom there should also be an antique wooden wardrobe, which contrasts with the bed and mirrors. After all these years, "shabby chic" is one of the main search terms when it comes to design for the home.

Bedside table with beautiful finishes in shabby chic style

shabby chic style bedroom bedside table ideas

But how can this aspect be adapted for the 21st century? If you have a house with modern design you can use only some of the ideas we show you in these photos and unleash your fantasy.

Modern bedroom with shabby chic style bed

furniture style shabby chic bedroom furniture ideas

You can add shabby chic details to a bedroom with modern design if you opt for a crystal chandelier and a neutral color painted doorway that we assure you will stand out.

Lovely white furniture in the shabby chic bedroom

shabby chic style bedroom furniture pretty ideas

Now we leave you with our interesting ideas of bedrooms with shabby chic decoration very romantic and beautiful to inspire you.

Ideas for hanging your photos on the wall using DIY photo frames

decoration shabby chic bedroom wall decorated ideas

White steel bed and DIY decoration on the wall

decoration shabby chic bedroom blue walls ideas

Walls and curtains light pink shabby chic style

decoration style shabby chic bedroom wall pink accents ideas

Original combination of rustic flooring and shabby chic furniture


Shabby chic decoration very beautiful and elegant

bedroom design chabby chic walls pink clear ideas








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