Shabby chic style in the bedroom - 50 ideas

original white bedroom shabby chic style

Today we present once again the Shabby chic style ; sweetness and pastel colors this time in the bedroom. Do not miss our collection of fifty images that show designs of Shabby chic rooms for everyone; men, women, young or adults, all can find an adequate design of this style for a space as intimate and personal as the bedroom, we hope you enjoy the tour of our gallery.

Decorate Shabby Chic bedrooms

design style shabby chic all white

The trend that we want to show you today is in addition to a romantic look a fusion of styles between Shabby Chic and Scandinavian style. In both the White color usually the protagonist, or in the absence of this, beige or pastel tones. The use of wood as a fundamental element in furnishing and decoration is also very characteristic.

Headboard of old wooden doors

headboard bed doors old wood

Particularly in the Shabby chic style there are many objects and furniture in classic or sometimes stately style. Any furniture retro or vintage It can serve us if we make it look luxurious but worn. For this we can paint it with pale colors leaving some areas with imperfections, we guarantee that the result will be very original.

Shabby chic curtains and bedding set

room deco shabby patterned flowers

We must not forget the floral prints if we want the room to look more feminine. The curtains and the bedding can be the most colorful elements of the bedroom, although we can also place a wall paper painted with floral motifs and monochromatic furniture.

Super Shabby chic dressing table

beautiful chic style shabby toilet

If what you are looking for are ideas for adult rooms and do not want an atmosphere that is too pompous or overloaded, we suggest adding small accents of Shabby chic style in a white environment. These details can be very varied, for example a colorful headboard or a beautiful dressing table.

Modern room with touches of Shabby chic

bed shawls style shabby deco

Above we have a great design that shows some of the elements that we have mentioned in combination with others of contemporary style. The mixture has formed an elegant and very well lit room. The white color creates a feeling of great amplitude despite the size of the bedroom is not too extensive. The visible wooden auxiliary beams that serve as support also provide a rustic note quite original.

Nordic Shabby chic marine bedroom

shabby style black metal bed

Also this beautiful room that appears above presents a very remarkable Shabby chic style that we unconsciously place in a marine context thanks to the adornments of driftwood or starfish that decorate the old door of the bottom. The most original here may be the elements of dark color, a note that contrasts in such a white environment.

Youth bedroom for girls

pretty shabby chic deco bed

These have been some of the most interesting ideas we have gathered for a Shabby chic style decoration. If you wish to continue knowing the latest trends and developments in the world of interior design, do not forget to visit our website, we will be waiting for you.

Nice design of Shabby chic bedroom

nice shabby chic female room

Shabby chic bedroom furniture

nice quarter style shabby chic

Shabby chic white wooden bed

nice design white shabby bed

Retro style juvenile bedroom

nice retro style bedroom

Antique wooden blinds bed headboard

headboard bed blind green wood

Original wooden slatted headboard

headboard bed slats wooden boards

Original design of Shabby chic pendant bed

hanging bed deco shabby chic

Room with green bed Shabby chic

green bed shabby chic deco

shabby chic retro bed

original shabby chic bed

bedspread bed flowers lilac col9r

bedspread flowers shabby chic deco

quarter shabby wall color green

shabby decoration bedspread colors

shabby chic quarter decoration

decorate shabby chic room

decorate shabby chic bedroom

decorate shabby youth room

shabby chic color ivory

shabby chic bedroom white bed

shabby chic adult bedroom

shabby chic small bedroom

shabby chic bedroom white furniture

Shabby Chic Bedroom

aqua shabby chic style

shabby chic room colors

chic shabby chic style

super modern shabby chic design

great shabby chic children's bedroom

double room two beds deco

white room style shaby deco

shabby chic deco room

shabby girl child room

shabby chic white furniture

original deco paper wall cuerto

original design brick wall

original wall ornaments Shabby chic

shabby chic bedroom light blue

shabby chic paper wall flowers

shabby chic romantic style bed

shabby chic mdoerno deco style

shabby modern minimalist white color

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