Shelves for bathrooms - more than 38 practical and functional models

shelves bathroom model tulip

Today we will talk about the shelves for bathrooms , those indispensable elements that we often overlook. We are going to see the most current models in the market and also some practical tips for you to make elaborate shelves for bathrooms with homemade materials.

Modern designs of bathroom shelves

modern glass shelf

The glass shelving model shown above is a design of Devon & Devon and belongs to its Jubilee collection, which consists of a ceramic glass support, a towel rack, a towel ring, a soap dish and also these fabulous clear glass shelves with accessories available in various finishes.

Bathroom shelf model Loop E

Loop model bathroom shelf

Next we have another model of wall shelf for bathroom also of glass although in this case it presents a style more contemporary than the previous one. This is the Loop E shelf designed by Piet Billekens for the collection of bathroom furniture with the same name.

Make homemade shelves of wooden boxes

home shelves wooden boxes

For those who love handicrafts, we propose to create bathroom shelves with some solid material that we have at home. Tables or wooden slats will serve, but we can also manufacture original shelves with wooden boxes like the ones we see above. As you can see in the image the idea is simple, it is enough to decide the ideal place and hang the boxes on the wall. Before placing them we can paint or varnish them so that they have the desired look.

Blue hanging bathroom shelves

shelves bathroom blue color pendants

Another original and simple design is the following; Multi-storey shelves hanging from metal brackets on the wall. Yes it is true that this model requires a little more effort than the previous one since we will need metal ropes or other material that is very resistant and guarantees stability.

Modern white shelves

shelves bathroom shelves bathroom color white

In addition to the shelves for bathrooms each of the furniture that we use in the bathroom must be customized. We all have to put them according to our style and at the same time gain storage space. This is a vital detail so that everything is organized and the bathroom looks nice. The options in addition to the shelves for bathrooms include several very versatile options.

White shelves for the bathroom

pretty deco white bath shelves

For example the well-known furniture that is accompanied by the mirror and the sink is another good proposal. Another of the known options is the modular design. This gives greater freedom because you can select a sink according to our taste and a finish that goes with the decoration. Everything can be adapted to our space and design.

Wooden bathroom furniture

wood bathroom furniture set

In terms of furniture there are also three styles that can guide us better. The shelves for bathrooms can be combined perfectly with traditional models with legs. This type leaves a free space but is much smaller compared to suspended ones. Variants with baseboards has a very nice image and has a very modern image.

Wall cabinet with shelves for bathroom

marine star bathroom decoration

However, as the image of the suspended for a modern bathroom there is no other. The anchoring in the wall of this type of furniture helps to further optimize the space. It goes without saying that cleaning becomes something very simple according to these characteristics. For a small bathroom in combination with the shelves for bathrooms are perfect those of lesser depth.

Marble bathroom with wooden shelves

design marble bathroom shelves

Approximately a maximum of forty centimeters are the most recommended. Many times it is not possible to create our bathroom from scratch and we must adapt to the conditions of space and each structure. A classic example is pedestal sinks. The best thing is to use in these cases furniture that allows a storage space.

Beautiful retro-style wooden shelves

erstantes retro wood design

These variants have a space in the center that allows them to adapt to the pedestal without having to make any changes. To take advantage of the corners there are other models that will help us that the corners do not remain as underutilized spaces of the bathroom. However, nothing is more personalized than a piece of furniture made to order.

Original home design bathroom shelf

bathroom shelf home design

The drawers on the other hand have become a classic in bathrooms. They are very comfortable and allow a very versatile use. In a minimalist bathroom you can choose models without handles for a cleaner image. Simply the doors will open with light pressure from the outside. They are very useful mechanisms that help take care of this furniture.

Hito shelf from Arblu

model shelf signature arblu

Both the shelves for bathrooms and each of the options we have mentioned should maintain the balance of our design. Without losing sight of the functionality and the aesthetic aspect of these pieces. In terms of colors as we have seen there is a great evolution. From white to black through incredible textures. model shelf signs arblu

For a better contrast we can rely on other accessories in our bathroom. If you prefer an environment with a tendency towards the natural it is ideal for a relaxing bath. Nature can be represented in different ways starting with materials. Wood is of course the favorite. Its solid version in pine or oak is perfect for these environments.

bathroom glass deco shelf

Several models of washbasins are on the other hand made of stone. The tonalities are perfect highlighting the gray accents. If you are a lover of a more traditional design there are shelves for bathrooms that accompanied by pastel colors has a more classic look. You have to take care of all the details incorporating even handles with a traditional style.

white bathroom shelf

Rounded shapes like the legs of the furniture. These have been some of the shelves for bathrooms that have caught our attention, now we leave them with the rest of the images so they can see more models and compare them with each other. Enjoy the tour and do not forget to visit our website, we will be waiting for you.

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white shelves blue toilet

modern metal design shelves bathroom

integrated shelves wall glass bathrooms

thick solid natural wood shelves

bathroom shelves black color

furniture shelf modern bathroom wood

furniture shelf wall color white

gray wood wall shelf

original furniture orange shelf

original wooden round shelves

original furniture shelves for bathrooms natural wood

metal grating shelves for bathrooms

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