Short hairstyles 42 ideas to start 2017 with a new look

hairstyles short hair ideas modern style

Every woman wants to look impeccable in every sense of the word. This is why today we show you more than 40 very elegant short hairstyles so you can be inspired by the looks of the stars and change your image this spring of 2017.

Short hairstyles we are inspired by the elegant look of Emma Watson the star of Beauty and the Beast

emma watson short hair backwards ideas

Women, being so vain, are always occupied with our bodies, our nails, our faces and, of course, our hair. But who does not want to show off an abundant, thick, healthy and shiny hair, although unfortunately, not everyone can show off with this.

Short hairstyles - A perfect look for summer we are inspired by Gemma Arterton

Gemma Arterton look sweet perfect summer ideas

Every year, as well as clothes and nails, there are lists of modern hairstyles inspired by the most popular women who dictate fashion in nails and hairstyles.

Short hairstyles we are inspired by the look of the sweet and wavy short bob by Jaime Alexander

Jaime Alexander sweet bob layers ideas

Every season, stylists and well-known brands offer us a large number of fresh products and original solutions to take good care of our short or long hair.

The sophisticated and extravagantly beautiful look of Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae Beauty Extravagant Sophisticated Curls Ideas

Do not be afraid to experiment with different products and hairstyles, since even a slight change in the usual shape of your hairstyle can give a totally new and charming look.

Jessica Chastain's haircut with messy curls

Jessica Chastain messy curls ideas

For the 2017 season one of the most popular and modern hairstyles is the short bob. This type of modern haircut has many variations and is suitable for girls and women of any age and any hair type.

An idea for girls with curly hair the look of Julia Garner

Julia Garner option curly hair girls ideas

There is something very attractive in women with short hair as you can see in our photos each of these famous women inspires confidence. Many women believe that long hair is sexier and we can not black the obvious femininity that long hair provides but after seeing these impressive short haircuts you may change your opinion.

The Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco and her modern haircut

kaley cuoco look messy bangs short ideas

A long bob is also a good idea today we show you many variants of the bob hairstyle that frames the straight or layered face. The best thing about this look is that it can be worn straight or curly and in both ways it is very fun.

One more option for girls with curly hair is to raise the curls just like Kiersey Clemons

Kiersey Clemons magical look elevated curls ideas

This haircut is perfect for people with medium to thick hair, and for someone who likes to show off their shoulders. It can be said that this haircut would be suitable for almost anyone.

Kristen Stewart's very modern hairstyle perfect for girls with short hair

Kristen Stewart hair back ideas

The best advice for someone who is considering a bob or pixie cut hair look is that before doing so they consult well with their stylist about the maintenance and the style involved.

The short bob of Kylie Jener that we can inspire

kylie jenner hair bob black ideas

This is because each person's hair is different and this cut in their hair type could be differently from the same cut with their friend's hair type. Going into details about the right products is also a necessity with each client.

Lily Collins hairstyle slightly wavy

lily collins short hair wavy ideas

A long bob cut is good for people with faces that have an oval or square shape with stronger features. This hairstyle does not need extreme maintenance in terms of daily style.

Short hair with bangs on one side of Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie bangs side ideas

It is very suitable for those of you who still want to feel the length, but the weight of a very long mane, this is definitely a great option.

The singer Adele with a very natural long bob

hairstyles short hair adele cut hair cool pretty ideas

We also show you several cutting options that was modern years ago and now it is again. This is the cut pixie this year this cut will be shorter on the nape and little by little longer around the face. The best thing about this style is its "professionally playful" appearance and its versatility.

Alyssa Milano with very elegant pixie cut

hairstyles short hair alyssa milan cut pixie ideas

To create and maintain this appearance you will need a little more time each morning. This haircut will work well for women with medium to thick hair. This is a style that gets sexier when you notice the separation and definition of each strand.

Carey Mulligan with a layered pixie cut

hairstyles short hair Carey Mulligan pixie layers ideas

If you have an oval or round face, the pixie would look great, emphasizing the jaw and drawing your eyes vertically to make your face more slender.

Chelsea Kane with a short hairstyle and bangs

hairstyles Chelsea Kane short hair bangs layers ideas

If you are willing to take the risk, have fun, trust your stylist and remember that the hair grows back then do not hesitate and opt for the pixie cut.

Emilia Clarke with a very natural hairstyle and shoulder-length haircut

short hairstyles Emilia Clarke hair up shoulders options ideas

In the next photo you can see a classic bob with modern edge. This short hair style is a perfect blend of coquetry and nervousness, maintaining a classic shape. It is extremely versatile and can be perfect for women of different styles.

The actress Emma Stone from The City of Stars La La Land with a hairstyle for very elegant short hair

short hairstyles Emma Stone not too short color beautiful ideas

In the next photo we see a very appropriate look for women of any age and any lifestyle. You can wear this hairstyle smooth as in the photo, curly, messy or polished. It also fits well with many different styles of bangs to complement most face shapes.

Ideas for lovers of straight hair and short hairstyle Jaime King's simple bob

hairstyles short hair jaime king best simple bob ideas

The hairstyle you see in the next photo is perfect for women who have fine, straight hair, but would also work well on someone with medium density or medium curly hair. As you can see, short hair is beautiful and eye-catching. This haircut brings life and energy and we should not waste time designing it perfectly.

The chic hairstyle of Jenna Dewan-Tatum with bangs

hairstyles short hair Jenna Dewan Tatum chic ideas

In the next photo we see a short hair cut called pixie that as you can see is elegant sexy and this hairstyle adds texture. Although the maintenance is not very easy you will lose a little more time to enjoy an incredible shine and finish.

Jenna Elfman wearing her hair very short back slightly wavy

hairstyles short hair Jenna Elfman style easy ideas

This look in the next photo is of a strong but feminine pixie cut. This cut is a little longer up, so it is very versatile to go to the office si or casual perfect for nightlife. Who does not love when their appearance can be transformed into many different styles easily, so this cut is one of the favorites of the stars.

The singer Jessie J with a very daring pixie cut

hairstyles short hair jessie j pixie very short ideas

What we like most about this type of bob is that the maintenance is extremely low. You only need to shape it every few months to maintain and polish the hair. You should also use whatever you like to protect and strengthen your hair. This style adds a shine and incredible finish.

Jourdan Dunn with a nice bob and straight hair

short hairstyles Jourdan Dunn smooth modern ideas

This form works well for women with different face shapes because it is a classic shape. This particular cut is simply customized for your face shape and hair texture. It is a low maintenance aspect that can work for anyone. If you are looking for something completely new, go for it.

Karlie Kloss with a French style haircut

hairstyles short hair Karlie Kloss cut french ideas

In the next photo we see an option to wear the "classic" bob that always looks good. A hair with a haircut like that does not require much work to make it look good since it is very versatile. You can choose to leave it smooth or give it some textured waves. No matter how you wear it, this cut looks sophisticated and fashionable forever.

Hairstyles short hair we inspired the look of the actress of Little Liars Lucy Hale with a very elegant bob

hairstyles short hair Lucy Hale look elegant bob ideas

For this hairstyle a little more time is needed since it is not so easy to apply on the roots to create and maintain these curls.

A pixie cut with very original curls we are inspired by the hair of Ruth Negga

hairstyles short hair Ruth Negga options ideas

This look is perfect for women who want to get some volume at the roots and softness on the rest of the hair. Honestly this style is perfect for everyone since it is easy to maintain.

Actress Sarah Paulson of American Horror Story with an asymmetric cut

hairstyles short hair Sarah Paulson cut asymmetric ideas

Many women who have long hair often get lazy and simply make a ponytail since it is easier if you are a person who wants this cut because you have to do something instead of just pigtailing. Well this aspect is perfect.

Scarlett Johansson with short hair and a very playful hairstyle

hairstyles short hair Scarlett Johansson short hair ideas

The bob a classic of always in the art of hairdressing. Maybe this is the best haircut of the century. Perfectly suitable for any hair structure. Also the bob is very popular for girls with curly or wavy hair this shape allows you to leave your rebellious curls.

The actress Sophia Bush with a wavy bob and bangs aside

hairstyles short hair sophia bush bob wavy ideas

Now we leave you with our ideas of short and elegant hairstyles that are especially relevant this season. In these photos you will see various hairstyles short or medium length very voluminous or very elegant, always highlighting the texture of the hair.

Actress Rachel McAdams from Noah's diary with short wavy hair at the ends

Rachel McAdams simple cut slightly wavy tips framing face trick five minutes ideas

Short hairstyles we are inspired by the look of the singer Rita Ora with short blond hair very light

rita ora bold statement bleached style messy ideas

Robin Wright with a stripe haircut to one side

Robin Wright cut blond sophisticated design ideas

The elegant look of Rose Byrne with lightly wavy hair at the ends

Rose Byrne wavy look ideas

The platinum blond color of Michelle Williams who wears short hair behind the ears

Platinum Blonde Michelle Williams Plain Tucked Behind Ears Ideas

The actress of the series Modern Family Sarah Hyland with a bob and wavy hairstyle

Sarah Hyland elegant bob up shoulder ideas

The look of Sarah Hyland shows us that the roots look good to blonde hair

Sarah Paulson Roots Hair Wavy Ideas

Sienna Miller with a hairstyle and beautiful color

sienna miller slightly wavy ideas

Short hairstyles we are inspired by the look of actress Taylor Schilling wears a haircut bob

Taylor Schilling bob straight wavy ideas

American singer Taylor Swift with slightly wavy short hair

Taylor Swift blonde short hair ideas

Vanessa Hudgens with very elegant curly hair

Vanessa Hudgens stylish curly hair ideas

Actress Zoe Saldana sports an asymmetrical hairstyle that is perfect for short hair

Zoe Saldana elegant cut asymmetric ideas

A photo of Elsa Pataky with slightly wavy short hair

hairstyles short hair Elsa Pataky short blond ideas



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