Shower, tips for the design of your private oasis.

shower white flowers led window

When we think of the bathroom, the design options are unlimited. Today we are going to see some design variants of shower cabins and showers in general. The ways to make this space comfortable and highly functional. The first variant of design is the glass screens to delimit the area of ​​the showers. Another way to use glass is by using the blocks. These provide more privacy. The other advantage is that the effect of the crystal is not lost.

Shower designed for small space

elongated shower space jarron towels

Multi-colored blocks can be used to improve the attractiveness of the showers. Another attractive style is to create a different color pattern with the tiles in the cabin. This gives a refreshing feeling and you can even create a gateway to delimit it. You do not have to use a door , if left open, it will contrast mostly with the set itself. To give it more dynamism we can create a curved wall in the environment of the showers.

Wall angle corner shower

shower corner bathroom white mirror

As long as space allows. We can play with the shapes and create a wall at half height. Then you can cover the remaining part with a sheet of glass. The use of varied materials is also necessary. You can use tiles that fit a rustic aesthetic. Then go decorating the bathroom in line with this style. For this case we would avoid glass since it is intended for more modern aesthetics.

Variant with doors and large plate

shower large dish refreshing gray

It combines some tiles ceramic in solid colors. You can highlight a wall with a specific design only for this area. The showers for family use can have a bank for the elderly. According to your taste and conditions add doors or not. In the case of showers without doors they serve as a great design complement. Especially when it comes to small bathrooms. We can then add elements of luxury.

Continuity effect in soil

shower corner glass separation lights

Decoration and natural environment

shower corner red picture led

Marble design with plate on ceiling

spacious bathroom glass walls dish

Cozy bathroom in brown

brown shower style bathroom plant

Attractive natural blue color

natural wide attractive white shower

Shower with automatic panel

bathroom panel automatic shower control

Transparency to reduce space

Creative glass cabinet design bathtub

Elegant style by Fleurco

gray high shower decoration carpet furniture

gray style decoration candles flower pots

gray style wide shower towel

wood deck warm white wall

modern white shower cabin led

modern shine glass transparency seats

plants wood mirror shower plants

door wall shower cream glass

door wall shower plants flower pots

rustic nice bathroom house wood

exit window decoration picture door

floor wood metal shower bathtub

square ceiling shower towel doors

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