Shower trays for the garden - 63 images

bar trunk wood shower garden

Today we will see again the work shower trays and also the mobile showers for the garden. We will show our selection of photos of different models that assure a pleasure without equal, do not miss these sixty-three images that will inspire you to create your own spa corner in your garden.

Work shower trays for the garden

Bamboo Reeds Exotic Shower

If we are looking for an oriental touch in our outdoor bathroom area, we can choose to place a shower model like the one shown in the photograph above; a shower made from bamboo canes, perfect to complement a garden with a landscaped design Zen style .

Outdoor stone shower cabin

shower enclosures stone work garden

In the next image what we see is a great shower cabin made of stones natural It is a very natural looking finish that is very suitable for practically any type of garden and its construction guarantees a longer useful life than mobile shower cabins.

Wooden mobile shower tray

cabin dish shower beach wood

However, if what you are looking for is a portable shower tray that can be placed in different areas, the options are multiple as we will see below. If we talk about shower trays we will be referring to those structures with showers that also have a plate on the floor through which the water circulates.

Mobile shower tray with wooden screen

shower cabin terrace wood biombo

On the other hand, if we talk about showers without a dish or cabin, we will usually find models of vertical structures of simple shapes from which the water falls. The choice of one model or another really depends on specific tastes and needs such as the type of use that will be given to the shower in the garden; that is, if it will be of intimate use or rather for the pool area.

Minimal outdoor shower by Newform

signature shower trays minimal signature newform

Above we have an interesting outdoor shower model that belongs to the "Minimal" collection of the form Newform . It is made of stainless steel and has two variants in terms of water pumping mode, either by remote control or through a hidden mixer, it is a really great design.

Wooden portable shower tray

shower cabin wooden shower

Wooden shower cabin

wooden cabin cabin shower trays

Stainless steel garden showers

collage two showers metal garden

Outdoor shower tray for outdoor

design white shower garden dish

Vertical steel outdoor shower

design shower pool metal garden

Minimalist style shower trays

design dish shower garden stones

Design of wooden shower cabin

wood shower teak garden

Outside shower "water curtain"

modern shower curtain design water

Colored steel showers

steel shower blue color

Pink outdoor shower

shower aluminum pink

Simple design garden showers

shower aluminum design simple pool

Design of a modern cane-shaped shower

shower metal shape cane

Aquabambu shower by Bopssini

shower model aquabambu signature bopssini

Mobile showers for the garden

white shower design modern style

Modern outdoor construction showers

white shower model archi pool

modern aluminum garden shower

showers garden modern design

shower garden trunks trees

wood shower cabin rustic style

shower cabin wood modern garden

shower tray wood awning white

modern shower aluminum garden rocks

modern shower aluminum garden soaps

modern shower dish red color

modern garden shower minimalist style

teak wood shower cubicle

black shower stainless steel

black shower steel two sunbeds

dish shower work wood metal

cabin shower work wood stone

model shower quiz signature metal

outdoor showers home design

modern white showers pool

cabinets modern showers wood work

modern white green showers

two Moroccan style terrace showers

duicha de obra jardin plantas

modern pond dish shower curtain

shower model garden modern design

model shower dish modern white

decorative panel mosaic shower garden

small shower wood dish garden

platform wood pond shower sunshade

minimalist design shower tray

white sphere hoop shower tray

dish shower modern terrace garden

Natural wood work shower trays

stone shower trays stone walls

pallet shower trays

backyard play shower trays

stone shower trays stone wall

shower trays for pool

large stone shower trays

surfboard work shower trays

wooden shower trays ceiling wood

mobile shower dishes wood pool

rockery garden shower modern stones

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