Showers for the garden: fifty fantastic and fresh ideas

super shower garden vertical plants

In previous post we mentioned some details about outdoor showers, but today we present fifty examples of dishes and shower cabins for courtyards and gardens . Allow yourself the pleasure of relaxing and enjoying nature and water at the same time so that your most intimate moments are also special and unique.

Showers and bathrooms for outdoor

bathtub showers outdoor garden patio

Starting with the model that appears in the image above, we can appreciate that the design of gardens with oriental influence is very fashionable. Zen style ; This means that a combination of natural elements is sought to achieve spiritual peace and a very conducive environment for meditation.

Modern garden showers

square showers modern solar garden

However, the "smart" shower trays that we can find in the market are designed to fulfill several functions such as saving space and taking advantage of sunlight to heat the water, really great. They also have modern and minimalist designs, the materials with which they were created are lightweight and very resistant.

Modern shower for the garden

modern shower foot wood link

If you look at the model of photography from above we will see a great mix between the most suitable materials for outdoor furniture: teak wood and stainless steel. The author also states that this shower is very resistant; It was created to withstand falls and extreme weather conditions.

Modern outdoor shower cabin

shower cubicle modern round patio

Next, a very modern style shower cabin model with translucent snail-shaped screens. These showers are suitable for both outdoor patios and indoor bathrooms, but as we can see, is ideal for a semi-covered patio where you can see the sky while taking a pleasant shower.

Bathroom furniture for garden

nice bathtub patio covered garden

A great option if you have enough space is the placement of a bathtub. In the image we see a beautiful combination of materials that bring naturalness to the landscape like wood, and in turn the porcelain reminds us of the function of the bathroom pieces. Finally, the windows and glass doors help to complete the natural environment creating views and providing brightness.

Wall showers in the back garden

nice shower garden back wall

The following example shows a work shower in the back yard of the garden, having used the facade of the house for its construction. In order not to damage the wall, a wall of stones and bricks has been placed to protect it, but there is no surface or screen that covers the area of ​​the plate, this makes the environment much more natural.

Modern design outdoor showers

modern design showers garden flowers

There are also outdoor showers that consist of the most innovative technologies to create true spa centers in your own home. If we look at the very modern model of photography, it will draw our attention that the head is completely square and quite large, this allows the water to come out with a lot of pressure and massage our backs.

Solar showers of various colors

solar shower purple modern garden

As for the aforementioned solar showers, here is an example of the latest fashion. It is the model called "Dada", created in Italy and available in eight different colors. It should be noted that it is made of aluminum and is powder coated with anti-corrosion treatment. Its capacity of forty liters of water and is resistant to salt and limestone.

Shower in the garden with views

nice metal shower wood plate

If you have not yet selected the place where you will place the cabin or the outdoor shower tray, as a suggestion we will add that it is a good idea to choose a place from which you can contemplate beautiful views. It is clear that before we must decide if the showers in the garden should be of an intimate nature.

Shower cabin in the garden with bamboo canes

shower cabin bamboo garden

If so, we can always choose the construction or placement of screens or walls. For this we also offer fantastic ideas of shower models with cabinets also made with natural-looking materials, everything you need to find peace in the garden of your own home.

Teak wood shower cabin

shower cabin slats wood garden

Many years ago in the villages the outdoor shower was no luxury looked more like an essential supplement. But these were ugly-looking structures built with waste materials. Today, however, we have a great choice of designs, materials available so that the shower can be a harmonious and elegant element in your summer home.

Modern outdoor shower cabin

shower cabin industrial modern exterior

A shower with the appropriate design will not only be used to take a refreshing bath on a hot summer day, but will also provide aesthetic pleasure. The correct choice of a place for the shower will avoid problems in the future. There are some basic rules that can help you when choosing the outdoor shower layout. The first rule is that the place should be protected from the wind, since even a slight draft can cause a cold.

Shower cabin for outdoor patio

shower cabin patio exterior tile

When it comes to building a shower it is necessary to ensure a good flow of water so it is better to choose a place at the highest point of the garden. To make things easier and not have to build anything, you can put the shower against the wall of the house. With this arrangement, water can flow from the house plumbing, this has its advantages. The drainage can also be unified.

Design of modern shower for garden

modern shower inclined garden design

Otherwise, the water outlet must be carefully designed, since the lack of a drainage system can cause damage to the foundations. The wall of the house, adjacent to a shower, needs to be protected from moisture, for example you can put the tile.

Design of modern steel showers for outdoor

design modern showers steel garden

A shower arrangement in the middle of the garden or away from the house allows you to show your imagination when it comes to making the shower for example, you can surround the structure with exotic flowers, trees and shrubs. You can also use a cabin with glass doors to feel the true pleasure of union with nature.

Shower options with roof

cement shower cover roof garden

Enjoying water treatment, fresh air and the aesthetic forms of the place with its harmony can contribute to the normalization of the psychological state. An appropriate place for outdoor showers is, next to the pool. What better than to take a shower after swimming in the pool. You can also create a space that only has three walls, this has become a trend.

Classic outdoor shower

shower sky photo clouds

This design will offer you a lot of space and you will have the opportunity to hang shelves, hooks or decorative elements. Another, no less popular option is the shower panel. It can be located on any vertical surface, for example, on the facades of buildings. A shower panel will look very harmonious, with decorative stone ornaments, combined with vertical plants, - this composition is associated with wildlife, mountain rivers and waterfalls.

A beautiful outdoor space

shower metal garden square

The classic design of ceramic tiles, similar to that of the bathroom can also be done. If you are going to place a shower on the wall of the house the easiest type to install is simply a metal shower. This is the easiest option and at the same time very practical. The appearance of the shower plays the same role as any landscape design object.

Ideas of outdoor wooden platforms

outdoor shower platform wood plants

The shape, the material, the color must be combined with the house and with the general design of the garden. One of the most appropriate materials is wood, a great idea for the outdoor area. Wood always looks perfectly in the landscape design. Although you can go for the stone that creates a peaceful, harmonious and relaxing environment.

Shower with wooden support

shower base wood modern wood

shower garden pond waterfall wall

shower garden wall stones mosaic

metal shower inclined steel garden

modern shower garden zen interior

modern gray teak wood shower

modern shower gray wall dish

original shower base stones stuck

shower stone wall two sunbeds

shower stone garden bricks beige

portable shower bag black

shower rectangular shape metal garden

outdoor bathtub nice garden plants

outdoor showers metal curtain

showers garden bathtub modern round

modern showers garden curtain water

platform steps teak wood shower

corner oriental style shower corner

vertical garden dish shower

garden style zen dish black

stone wall tiles garden showers

original shower cabin exterior ornaments

patio interior dish modern shower

path platform wood garden showers

patio small outdoor wall showers

backyard shower wall child

platform wood shower metal garden

dish shower wall mosaic brown

dish shower surrounded stone wall

wood terrace shower waterfall garden

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