Simple and elegant: 25 luxury kitchen that will make you fall in love

simple elegant kitchen combination white yellow ideas

In our article today we have some very original images with ideas to show off a simple kitchen and Elegant . With the right furniture, the kitchen will become much more than a space to eat and cook. After all, most of us live in our kitchens. Before furnishing the kitchen You must choose the colors you will use for furniture walls and accessories.

Simple and elegant kitchen with wooden bar

modern elegant kitchen wide chairs lovely ideas

You can secure the monochromatic palette of a single color and create points of interest and depth using another color. A monochromatic design in black and white is not simple but very elegant and suitable for any room. To create a focus you can also use wood. Combining white furniture with a wooden wall is great and very natural. We also show you very interesting ideas of white kitchens with touches of very striking yellow.

Simple and modern kitchen with white furniture

modern elegant kitchen apartment large spacious ideas

You have all the freedom to choose between cabinets and shelves. While in the cupboards you will put the food on the shelves you can show your set of species and accessories that you have chosen for the kitchen. Find the best strategy to make the most of the space you have. If you have a large kitchen you can also enjoy a large island with a bar in addition to the shelves. We have several cooking ideas with islands today but if you check our page you will find many more.

Wooden cabinets and white island in the kitchen

modern elegant kitchen cupboards wood wall yellow ideas

For accessories, the best advice we can give you is to use warm colors. Today we show you some ideas of yellow and red lamps that add a lot of play in the modern kitchen. "Elegant", "sophisticated", "simply beautiful" can be the words you use to describe your kitchen and not just the one of your dreams.

Wooden shelves in the modern kitchen

modern elegant kitchen bar meals wood ideas

Even with the addition of a layer of paint, new lighting and carefully selected decorative details can improve the appearance of the kitchen. Now let's continue with some tips that can help you. To make the kitchen a more elegant place you can put Roman shades in the windows.

Wooden chairs in the modern kitchen

modern elegant kitchen bar meals wall concrete ideas

Decorating the window with a classic curtain gives the kitchen a finished look. Do not forget to choose a color and a pattern that combines with the cabinets and the color of the wall. A very easy and quick fix is ​​to use natural linen curtain, which goes with everything.

Wall and marble countertop in modern kitchen

modern elegant kitchen countertop marble closets ideas white

The indoor plants are another good option to decorate but to give a more elegant touch to the kitchen we advise you to give original shapes to your plants using the technique and the art of the topiary for an elegant final touch.

Tall chairs in the modern kitchen

modern elegant open shelves kitchen white ideas

If your kitchen your kitchen is very bright and you enjoy a lot of natural light, you can get real plants but if not, you can always opt for the easier option that are the fake plants but this if you choose a high quality.

Lovely steel island in the modern kitchen

modern elegant island wheels steel ideas

As we have often said, Lighting is an important factor. For the simple and elegant kitchen you can use a pendant lamp. Forget the ceiling lamps and change them for something more stylish. This can be done quickly.

Very original yellow lamps in the kitchen

modern elegant kitchen yellow lamps ideas

You will see how your new pendant light can become the focal point of the room. You can always go big and even for a small kitchen choosing a considerable pendant lamp seems surprising, but it is not overwhelming.

Modern kitchen with white cabinets Rules Architects

modern elegant kitchen luxury white precious ideas

Another tip is to use a striking color for the cabinets. If you have wood cabinets or cabinets painted in a natural wood tone, the use of a bold color is a way to create impact.

Large island with luxurious marble countertop

modern elegant kitchen luxury countertops marble

Painting the existing cabinets will help you change the image of your kitchen without spending a large amount of money. We advise you to use a saturated tone such as blue or green, or an elegant gray only in the lower cabinets.

modern elegant kitchen ceiling wood column ideas

Another thing that can turn your kitchen into an elegant space are the high luxury stools. There are so many options when it comes to chairs and kitchen stools that it is a sin to stay with a few simple bar chairs, unless you want to.

modern elegant kitchen three islands great ideas

Try classic stools, wooden stools with original finishes or elegant metal stools with leather seats. Cabinets with glass doors are another original option for the kitchen. A good way to update the old cabinets is to replace the doors with glass ones.

simple elegant white kitchen open shelves ideas

This costs much less than replacing full cabinets and can completely change the look and feel of your kitchen. But we must not forget that everything we keep in these cabinets will be visible so better choose to change only some doors to not have to be ordering everything every time you save a dish.

simple elegant kitchen industrial design island black ideas

If the design of the kitchen allows you, you can add an elegant carpet. If you are afraid to use a carpet in the kitchen because it can get wet and stained, try an elegant outdoor rug. These carpets come in beautiful colors and patterns and we assure you that nobody will notice that it is an outdoor rug.

simple elegant kitchen accents color red lovely ideas

Now we are going to let you review the photos and unleash your imagination but with care since we are talking about the simple and elegant design. We are sure that you will choose the best option and create a kitchen that will be the envy of the whole neighborhood.

simple elegant kitchen style minimalist broad ideas

simple elegant kitchen island large wall wood ideas

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simple elegant kitchen wood natural shelves ideas

simple elegant modern kitchen large island ideas

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