Sliding door - 50 models for a functional space.

nice sliding door living room lighted skins

Incredible advantages, high benefits and much more comfortable spaces are just some of the positive aspects of the sliding door. A possibility that with the passage of time has been gaining followers. Locating them inside our home makes us gain space with respect to traditional doors. If, on the contrary, our family is large, daily traffic would be facilitated from the different areas of the house.

Exterior access sliding door

sliding door access patio led

In a general sense, even the style changes, the stay becomes more modern. The sliding door in general offers advantages that go from the functional to the merely aesthetic. The forms in terms of decoration also increase their possibilities. Undoubtedly the touch Elegant and staff is always the final result. Always the choice of the sliding door must be based on several aspects.

Sliding door with guide on top

Interesting sliding door metalic cushions

The first of these is the material, the guides and structure in general as well as the opening system. The guides for example are important even for the aesthetics of your home. There are designs that choose to hide this structure using a double wall. This gives the possibility of hiding the door when sliding and the guides are not exposed. The negative of this variant would be the maintenance that would require a somewhat more complicated work.

Aesthetic glass sliding door

sliding door glass metal lamp

This evidently in all aspects implies a greater economic expense. My preferred variant, although it is not discreet, is to mount the door on external guides fixed at the top. It saves more money although for some it may affect aesthetics. The solution in this case is to integrate it into the design and general theme of the living room or the space where the door is. In the same way, the variant of invisible guides is viable.

Aluminum version for outdoor access

sliding glass door background furniture

Recessed completely in the ceiling, its presence is quite concealed. With regard to materials, wood and glass steal the limelight. Aluminum, although present, is mainly destined to the exterior. Although it is less striking or modern than glass, wood is cheaper. They are specifically adapted to country environments or styles of barn doors. If what we want is modernity then the choice will always be glass.

Contemporary lacquered finish style

sliding door pictures spacious plants

The availability in different shades is ideal for each space. If the sliding door is for the room we can use a translucent glass. The cases of more open environments must be transparent. It is essential for the passage of light and create a feeling of spaciousness. We leave our selection today for your consideration we hope that some of these designs captivate you.

Nice style with glass processing

sliding door efera lamp chairs

You can also choose a nice style sliding door with a white design or a soft tone. The doors of this coolor are very appropriate for modern and elegant interiors because they increase the style and can also be combined with dark tones and black. On the other hand, the design of the furniture is also important to increase the style of the interior.

Design made with wood

sliding door barn white metal

On the other hand, the wood also looks good in the interiors and in your home you can make a design with these doors that may consist of the separation of the entrance and the hall of the living room. This way you will have a small room in which you will enter nothing else when going through the main door and the sliding doors will hide the living room from the view.

Rustic for access to bathroom

rustic barn style sliding door

On the other hand, the doors of solid wood are very good in country houses and in rustic interiors. You can choose a sliding door to decorate these interiors or you can also choose two sliding doors with two wings that open on both sides. In addition these doors can be placed in your bathroom and this way you can decorate this part of your house.

Greater aesthetics with hidden guides

interesting sliding door high guides

On the other hand you have to take into account also that wooden doors are appropriate and fit very well in modern and elegant interiors. The dark wood will offer a very nice contrast to your interior that you can do and complete with white walls. In this way the contact between colors and tones will be direct.

Aluminum and glass combined

modern aluminum sliding door glass

On the other hand, if you do not want to bet on wood for the doors, you can also use a sliding door or two glass doors with aluminum frames. Keep in mind that the glass will increase the lighting of your home and enlarge the interior in this way. On the other hand the lights are also important because with it you can create spotlights that highlight the parts of your house in which you have placed them.

Style, class and elegance

Interior sliding door elegant plants

We must also take into account that the glass of the sliding doors can be combined with glass on the walls. You can opt for glass walls or large windows. You can also use this in smaller interiors because this way the lighting will be bigger and the interior will look bigger.

Nice design with wooden edges

white wood sliding door armchair

Environment balanced with wood

sliding door wood floor led

In aluminum for outdoor access

Modern sliding glass exterior door

Elegant artistic design

red sliding door furniture energy

Creation for closet and interiors

sliding door closet interior room

Barn style door

sliding door barn style living room

Model with three separate pieces

gray three sliding door

Model with transparency for bathroom

sliding door skin bathtub tones

Exterior aesthetic guide

glass sliding door crane

Variant with hidden system

access room bed wood design

Exquisite aesthetic Modernus

aluminum style chairs white plants

access terrace door separator garden

nice plants palm trees black box

elongated lines lamparas cozy armchair

red carpet retro wood

aluminum door decoration modern style

diy solution door curtains lamp

French style white glass frames

cool kitchen sliding door ekegante

creative barn door rustic bucket

room space closet white bed

modern white lacquered room

dark room furniture exterior rocks

interesting space colorful tropical sofas

vases interior wood floor glass

lacquer door interior modern lamp

wood bass cabinet contemporary carpet

elegant wood striped dining room doors

wood industrial plants branches structure

wood metal rustic wheels rack

wood treated barn style varnish

magestuosa elegant wood design cafe

modern elegant gray metal lights

orange sofa adjustable lamp decoration

opaque quarter shelves pictures poster

small electric kitchen flowers accessories

outdoor wood terrace elegant furniture

glass office chair reading room

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