Sliding doors ideas of models and tips to select them

sliding doors ideas wood-rustic-simple-colorful

Today we are going to dedicate some lines to the sliding doors ideas and their possible designs. Currently, this type of door is one of the most used. It has different applications and several advantages that we will see later. If they are compared with traditional doors, their benefits go far beyond simple aesthetics. Sliding doors modern or traditional ideas have influence on the lighting, ventilation and privacy of the interiors. The first of the benefits is undoubtedly the illumination . The sliding doors provide an extra light accent in any area.

Sliding doors modern ideas to delimit spaces

sliding doors ideas office-gray-high-systems

They can be compared depending on the material with the effect of a skylight. There is the possibility of being used in combination with the curtains. Together they create a beautiful contrast and will be of great help to regulate the entry of natural light. As regards sliding doors, ideas for ventilating the rooms can be based on them. In a visual way, the different areas of the house are more connected.

Sliding doors ideas for a modern model framed in aluminum

sliding doors ideas aluminum-framed-colors

In the same way, the way in which the house connects with the exterior is more fluid. This results in more relaxed environments thanks to greater ventilation. Nor are they a problem with temperature changes. Especially glass models, for example, are made with double glazing. This allows to isolate the heat during the warmer months.

Interesting style in wooden model with horizontal patterns and metal handles

sliding doors contemporary ideas-solutions-wood

So the result will be a bright room with a comfortable temperature. For the accesses to the outside the sliding doors are highly recommended. They are ideal to be able to appreciate the views without leaving your living room . They guarantee a perfect view of the gardens and the entire backyard. Another great benefit in terms of sliding doors ideas and designs is the impact on space.

Glass is one of the popular materials when it comes to sliding doors

sliding doors crystal-concepts-wood-fixed ideas

When it comes to optimizing some square meters they are very helpful. Unlike the traditional ones, especially the casements, there are many points in their favor. A sliding door will save us the trouble of thinking about dedicating a space close to them. With a sliding door the expense of space is summarized in the site where they will be mounted. All the area around it can be used for any activity taking advantage of the whole environment.

The combination of materials is another of the popular proposals in these designs

sliding doors ideas merged-landscape-salons

In sliding doors ideas and current environments you can find the solution to separate or unify any space. According to our needs it will be possible to open the panels only. In a small house the kitchen, dining room and living room can be separated or unified in this way. The same can happen in a large house if you want more or less privacy.

Barn style model with mechanism on the outside and a rustic accent for the living room

sliding doors barn-antique ideas-metal-systems

Everything will depend on the occasion and the needs of the family. Whether for celebrations or simply to ensure adequate ventilation of the entire space. Maintenance is a key aspect and another point in favor of sliding doors. It may not be relevant for many people but you always have to think about it.

The white color of the door blends with all the space and the walls in great continuity

sliding doors ideas table-closet-white-special

If we take again the case of glass in modern sliding doors maintenance is very simple. We have to watch over the channels through which the guides pass. The others would be to apply some suitable product for cleaning the surfaces. If it is about wooden doors it may be the case over time to apply a coat of paint.

Beautiful contemporary white style with shapes and geometric patterns in the design

sliding doors ideas metal-barn-doors

As well as some treatment that improves its resistance to factors such as humidity if they are in the bathroom or near the kitchen. Sliding doors modern or traditional ideas in a general way will make life easier in many ways. Those days will be left behind in which it was difficult to pass a piece of furniture through the door. Especially product with narrow openings in the case of folding doors.

Wood and glass model for access to the exterior of the house and allowing light to enter

sliding doors ideas patio-decorations-outdoor furniture

We will automatically gain a large opening capacity that will facilitate transit throughout the home. If after this list of benefits you are thinking of using one, we also advise you what details you should keep in mind. Aspects such as the guides and the material itself are key factors when selecting our sliding door.

Light-colored wood with a finish that allows effective ventilation in spaces

sliding doors ideas separador-habitaciones-armchairs

Starting with the guide system it can be said that in addition to the operation it has an aesthetic role in the design of these doors. You can even say that of the whole house. There are several types of guides and of course each with strengths or weaknesses. As an option to minimalist environments there are double walls.

The best solution for narrow corridors like in this case near an office

sliding doors ideas separating-kitchen-dining-chairs

A system that allows to hide the door when opening. This prevents it from falling on any wall in which you want to highlight an element. This is a resource that helps a lot to create a point of elegance inside the house. On the other hand, keep in mind that it will be a greater expense for works. Make sure you have an experienced professional to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

Another practical example in which wood creates an exceptional contrast with the walls

sliding doors ideas sillone-naranja-accent-accents

A break in these types of systems may require a perforation of the wall to be corrected. In the sliding doors less discreet ideas are based on the assembly of the guides on the outside. As we see in many of the photographs this type of support is fixed on the top of the wall. The best thing is that unlike the previous one, it will not be necessary to carry out any type of work.

Here the door is a key detail to ensure privacy in the bedroom area

sliding doors ideas accent-color-divisions

This translates into a more economical solution. But it is necessary to analyze well if it is an aesthetic that corresponds to our home. Other ducts are embedded directly on the roof, it can be said that it is a medium term. Fixed from the ceiling the whole structure can be easily concealed. His aesthetic is equally pleasant.

In addition to practices they can always be an attractive color detail for the interior


After the guides our choice of a sliding door should be based on the material. Wood and glass are used very often as aluminum metallic finishes. If we start with wood, one point in its favor is the cost if it is compared, for example, with aluminum. It may be a door that stands out less but you have to think about the style of our home as well.

Model that incorporates a rustic accent to the decoration of the entire bathroom space


In general, the wooden sliding door is thicker than glass. They can reach almost five centimeters which gives them a more solid image. This is useful when separating spaces where this feature can be highlighted. A wooden sliding door in a way acts visually as a continuity of the wall.

Nothing better than the white color to keep all the beautiful aesthetics of this coastal design


Within the wood used in the designs stands out the walnut for its warm effect on the environments. In general, wood is a resource that can bring elegance to any interior. For moderns in which an elegant touch is equally desired, then we recommend the glass. The doors look perfect and there are many possibilities.

These sliding doors completely change the image of the modern kitchen and the house


The glass should be selected taking into account the level of opacity. This will be clear depending on the area where it will be located. Opaque glasses are recommended for places where greater privacy is required. Otherwise the transparent models will allow us to enjoy a greater input of natural light. Especially in a small house will not affect the visual sensation of spaciousness.

Idea of ​​nice combination of materials and large glass frame for natural light

sliding doors-ideas-combination-materials-armchairs

Glass as a material looks very light throughout the space and its aesthetics are very refined. Its timeless image on the panels can be a good support to complement it with decorative vinyl. If you have already decided on one of these wonderful doors, you should likewise keep something in mind. It is about the level of tightness, compared with the folding is less.

A contemporary dining room with metallic and wooden finishes in furniture and door


Unlike the traditional ones that achieve a more complete closure the sliders have that drawback. Although it is a factor that has been improving in many models. In summary sliding doors modern ideas and designs of this type are a recommended solution to gain space. They are very versatile and can be adapted to any room, especially as space separators.

Practical sample to separate spaces in small houses that need more privacy


For example between the kitchen and the dining room or the living room itself maintaining an optimal level of ventilation. We offer you several models that you can consider for your home. There is a wide variety of styles and materials that fit any design. There is always the possibility of personalizing them so that they look like a harmonious part of the house. Otherwise this type of doors could be the accent color or texture perfect for your living room, bedroom or dining room.

Sliding doors and all the furniture are the contrast for this wall in dark tone


Creative barn style solution to cover the kitchen on the outside of the house


The mirrors are especially useful in these doors located in the bathrooms designed by Casali


Industrial style model that will undoubtedly be something striking for any interior


The case of the booksellers is similarly very popular for using these doors


Modern door by Casali made of double glass with beautiful patterns in the design


Idea that looks very fresh and practical to cover this piece of furniture based on wooden slats


Wood variant with white finishes and very small metal handles


Optika model by Casali a modern solution that undoubtedly adds a great elegance


The corridors are one of the ideal areas to implement the sliding doors


Practical ideas for small spaces between the access walls to spaces


A detailed view of the mechanism in a case mounted on the outside, traditional living room

sliding doors-ideas-armchairs-blue-exterior

Another finish in glass and wood that guarantees adequate lighting inside


The mechanism in this case is covered with a piece of clear wood in tune with the design


A case of aluminum design and use of glass for access to the living room from the bedroom


They can be used simply with aesthetic value in the decoration of spaces


Zefira a modern and beautiful design by Casali that similarly recreates some patterns


Very interesting barn design with white finish for a playground


Glass doors in neutral tone that combines in any space, another design of Casali


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