Sliding doors to optimize small spaces

great wooden sliding doors

The sliding doors They are impressive for any interior; They look modern and are ideal to save space, perfect for a small house. These doors can not only divide rooms or spaces, but can hide some functional corners like a pantry or laundry.

Great sliding wooden doors


Sliding doors will easily complete your home decor: if you have a rustic interior, choose large barn style doors, if it's a glamorous interior, choose mirrored doors. Transparent glass doors, especially French doors, look great in almost any interior, from modern to Provencal style. You can also make a style statement with sliding doors that show striking patterns, bold colors or unusual textures.

Modern interiors with sliding doors

modern interior wood door

The sliding doors They are becoming more popular and if you really do an investigation, you will find many different types of barn doors and you might even find the one that best suits the style of your house.

Design of sliding door for dining room and kitchen

sliding door dining room and kitchen

The wooden doors are not only for barns. From the houses field, these wide sliding doors have entered modern interiors to become popular pieces of interior decoration.

Bathroom with sliding door

bedroom sliding door bathroom

From cozy rooms to rustic home offices; These elements are the perfect dividers for a room, the barn style doors are perfect to achieve an original rustic look.

Beautiful sliding door made of wooden slats

pretty sliding door wood slats

Sliding doors provide functional and aesthetic benefits. Functionally, they are great space savers. The traditional swing door usually needs 9 feet or more of space to function properly. While this may not be a problem for large houses, houses with a lack of space will find it more than problematic. They need all the space they can get for furniture, appliances and movement. French doors are even bigger space savers.

Original bathroom with wooden sliding door

turquoise bathroom

In a small space where every inch counts, the sliding doors are very useful. A well-installed sliding door offers great space savings for any room that uses it correctly. Of course, you need to have enough adjacent wall space so that the sliding door can be opened.

Bathroom with sliding door

fourth bathroom sliding door

A small disadvantage of sliding doors is that they can not be closed as compactly as traditional doors. But a good contractor must be able to install it in such a way that noise is reduced to a minimum.

Nice living room with sliding door separating rooms

decoration living sliding door

One advantage of sliding doors is their support system. Sliding barn doors use a track for movement. Therefore, all the weight of the door is distributed along the track. This allows the installation of heavier doors than usual without affecting the stability and ease of movement. For places that need more security but are limited in space, a large sliding door would work well.

Modern interior design with sliding door

original design modern interior

There is also, of course, the aesthetic side that is so impressive that it has a sliding door. Some sliding doors have this rustic feel that creates an impressive contrast indoors. This contrast is especially enhanced if the door is designed with a worn look, a rustic design that looks like it has come out of a barn.

Design of wooden sliding door

original design sliding door

The result is a surprisingly warm and ideal feeling for any home renovation project. It can be used in your garage, bedroom, home office and bathroom. For a more modern look, you can give your door a polish so that it can be paired with the walls. There are several photos of sliding doors for bathrooms and bedrooms that will inspire you.

Room design with sliding door

gray room sliding door

This sliding door is great because it gives a fresh and slightly rustic open atmosphere to the room. The light gray finish of the door is unique and goes well with the color of the wall paint.

Great rustic room with modern design

Rustic room modern design

The installation of sliding doors to a master bathroom is a great way to add some architectural detail to an otherwise empty hallway. What a simple and clean appearance.

Interior design of children's room with sliding door

interior room sliding door

To finish we will give you some simple tips and steps to follow to make a sliding door. All you need are 2 plumbing flanges, 1 (possibly 2) plumbing angle brackets, a long plumbing pipe, 3 "hinges with loops", 2 full sheets of masonite, 2 small wheels, assorted nails and 20 screws for wood.

Great rustic interior design with sliding door

Super interior design sliding door

The tools you will need are a nail gun or a hammer, a screwdriver and a level. The first step is to build the framework. You do not need the plans of an architect to build a door, you only need a drill, or even less; a screwdriver.

Original barn style wooden doors

original barn wood sliding doors

First, you must make a wooden frame to assemble your 2x2 boards (with a screw that attaches each board). The structure will feel fragile and hesitant, but it's fine.

Modern interior design with sliding wooden door

modern interior wooden door

Nail the nails to your frame, either using glue or tacks. If it sticks, let it dry overnight. If you nail them, continue with the next step: add the wheels. Determine what the bottom of your door will be and attach your wheels. If you want the door to roll from side to side, buy the wheels to go in one direction only.

Great gray sliding door

interior door color gray

Add the hinges with loops. Surely these pieces have a real name, but are the product of wandering the hardware store looking for something that had the right size. We suggest that you draw a picture before asking yourself where to place the door, as you might get some puzzling versions. Once you find the right place, place the top of the door with wood screws.

Original door design for wooden living room

original design door lounge

Adding a pipe or rail is the first step to assemble the door. Place the tube through the articulated loops on top of the door. This pipe must be cut at the hardware store and its size will be determined by the size of your space. Add the necessary corner pieces and flanges to the end of the pipe.

Original design of sliding door

original decoration sliding door

Level and brand. This step is best done between two, or even three, people. It seems an easy task, but the more hands the better. Place the level on top of the door. Hold the door in place and mark the holes for the screws to attach the plumbing pieces to the wall (you do not have to mark them, but if for any reason the door moves, it will be easier)

Original modern dining room with sliding doors

original modern dining room

Original design of wooden sliding door

original wood door design

Original interior with wooden sliding door

original interior sliding door

Original barn style wooden sliding door

original sliding door wood bathroom

Original sliding doors made of pallet wood

original sliding doors wood pallet

Original sliding door painted yellow

sliding door painted yellow

Great sliding wooden door of various colors

wooden sliding door several colors

Super design of wooden sliding door

original sliding door design

Design of wooden sliding door with rails

sliding wooden door with rails

Great sliding doors space separators

ambient separating sliding doors

Original white sliding doors for room

white sliding doors

Great rustic style sliding doors

rustic style sliding doors

Design of living room with sliding door

Living room original sliding door

Original sliding door design Mr.Fräg for the Swedish Summer House in Sydney

gray wood sliding door

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