Sliding wooden doors for the bathroom

bedroom link wood tobacco gray

Have you thought about placing sliding doors at home? Today we present our selection of twenty-five photographs of wooden sliding doors for bathrooms. Thanks to them you will be able to save from that much needed space and at the same time will bring to your home a warm and rustic touch with wood.

Sliding doors in rustic style

bathroom bedroom door rustic wood

We can see very different designs of wooden doors. Some have rough and inaccurate forms with worn look. These will be great in spaces that have a bohemian or traditional and rustic style. The solidity of solid wood is slightly reduced visually if it has not been treated with varnish or paint.

Rustic bathroom with sliding doors

bathroom wood sliding doors

However, if what we are looking for is a heavier appearance, we must choose darker pieces or with the appropriate treatment to achieve a brilliant finish. The combination of different types of wood is visible in this fabulous bathroom modern design , and the sliding doors culminate in this look so rural.

Gray wooden sliding door

link tobacco color gray

Let's look at the design of this gray wooden sliding door for an apartment located in Scottsdale. It turns out that the piece was taken from an old barn to be subsequently restored to achieve this original look. The handles and edges are made of hand-forged iron and the entire structure of the sliding track is visible.

Sliding door with worn paint

shabby bathroom weathered door

As we have seen in previous post about design and interior design, the combination of white and wood elements is very current. We have been able to see such designs for kitchens and salons, but we can extend this trend also in the bathrooms. The minimalist style is the one that generally uses the white color to expand spaces, however there are times when the final appearance of the place ends up being too monotonous and cold, but it can be neutralized in a pleasant way thanks to the wood.

Sliding doors for bathrooms

bathroom door solid wood

Bathroom doors are often overlooked when, in fact, they actually play a very important role in the interior design of the room and the ambiance created inside. Because this is a utilitarian space, the focus is mainly on functionality and everything that is decorative occupies a secondary position. The door combines the two categories, its size and function that allows it to be functional and aesthetically pleasing or stimulating in some way. Below, you can find a brief description of a series of types of doors that we find suitable for bathrooms.

Small bathroom with wooden sliding door

fourth bathroom white door rustic wood

Sliding barn doors can make any space feel cozy and this includes the bathroom. They come in a variety of designs and can be adapted to a variety of decorations. A particularly wonderful idea is to use barn doors to separate a bedroom from your bathroom.

Modern style sliding doors

white sliding door bathroom design

The pocket doors are making a comeback and their defining characteristics make them an ideal choice for bathrooms. Because they do not open, but slide into the wall when they open, pocket doors allow you to save space in the bathroom, leaving more room for other functional features.

Sliding doors for bathrooms and toilets

bedroom bathroom sliding door wood

This is the type most commonly used in interior doors and you can recognize a panel door by the square or rectangular patterns it offers. They can go from a single large panel to several small ones. Their simplicity, popularity and versatility allow them to look natural in many environments.

Bedroom with yellow sliding door

bedroom yellow sliding door

The French doors hang in hinges on each side of a door and swing to their meeting point in the center. They can be used in many different settings and can be adapted to a variety of styles. Although they are not very popular in bathrooms, they can become a focal point that will highlight this space.

Rustic bathroom with sliding door

super bathroom design rustic wood

Most of us tend to think only about the functionality of the doors, and although it has priority, there is also an aesthetic aspect that is often overlooked. From the colorful entrance doors to the charming French doors that create dream dining spaces and lead to impressive backyards, recent years have seen sliding doors making a lot of noise in the world of decoration.

super bathroom two sliding doors

You do not have to embrace rustic or farm styles altogether to add a barn door to your interior, and often the bathroom is the ideal place to place these sliding doors. While some prefer the classic barn door in aged wood, others have spiked contemporary adaptations using smoother and brighter materials.

super bedroom white sliding door

The traditional barn door was considered a complete mismatch in the urban city where it not only feels out of place, but also less useful. In the case of the bathroom, there is the added annoyance that being a slider leaves a gap or two open, which many of us find uncomfortable. But soon the interior designers decided to convert this perception into their heads by adding heavy wooden barn doors to modern homes. They bring a totally new texture to a space dominated by stone and concrete, the wooden barn door offers a breath of absolute freshness.

small sliding door wood bathroom

As we have alluded to above, it is not necessary to completely change to a more rustic style if you want to use a barn door for your bathroom. In fact, a contemporary backdrop allows the farm-inspired addition to become an instant focal point that gets a lot of attention. But for those still uncomfortable with large barn doors in reclaimed wood, modern alternatives in lighter shades of wood make the work a bit more refined. You can even paint the white door if you want it to disappear perfectly on the neutral background. Another lively option is to use bright accent tones for the barn door, which surely promises to animate that old, monotonous bathroom.

sliding door slats dark wood

gray wood sliding door

sliding door wood bathroom

solid wood sliding door deco

sliding door woods different colors

laminated wood sliding door bathroom

tobacco wood door gray color

orange bathroom sliding doors

sliding doors wood bathroom

two white wood sliding doors

varnished wood doors bathroom

modern sliding doors

classic sliding doors

wooden sliding doors

sliding doors for the bathroom

modern sliding doors for bathroom

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