Small apartments 2 inspiring interior design ideas

small apartments kitchen table chairs wood design

The bigger the better that is what almost everyone thinks and many times it is true. But if you live in a densely populated city it is very difficult to comply with this phrase. For this, today we show you the best ideas of design of small apartments. With the right design you can take a space small and turn it into an apartment that is not only functional but also has a lot of style.

Small apartments idea for kitchen design

small apartments kitchens round table eat design

Many of us, either out of necessity or out of pleasure, live in small apartments, which makes us constantly think and look for the most intelligent and beautiful ways to enhance the space in our home. We can not give you a fixed formula when it comes to designing small apartments or small rooms but if we can think of some keys that can help us.

Small apartments design ideas for the designer's living room Anton Sevastyanov

small apartments pictures art decorate design wall

An example is using bright colors for the walls of your apartment or the white that makes any room look more spacious. Add subtle wall paper paintings with original prints or graphic art to personalize your space. You can also use cabinets with unconventional hidden storage places. Another important thing when choosing furniture is looking for multifunctional furniture.

Wood floors very original idea

apartments small floors natural wood ideas mirror large entrance

Floral arrangements are a very good idea to turn your apartment into a more natural place. Make use of the space you have under the bed to store things. The shelves are also a good idea to have more space.

Small living room with modern design wooden furniture

small apartments open bedroom built-in wardrobes design

Although you think that for small apartments it is necessary to choose also furniture of this size forget that a large sofa or wall-to-wall furniture is much more comfortable than the small two-seater sofa or the small furniture with two or three drawers nothing more. However, a small round block could work better. Enjoy with the images of small apartments we have for you.

Small bedroom open to the living room

small apartments open bedroom design salon

White walls for the small bedroom


Square coffee table very good idea

small apartments coffee table ideas square

Large window that lets in light

apartments peuqnos white tiles wall living room luminous

Another view of this open bedroom

small apartments walls light color wood ideas design

Design desk and chairs in vibrant green


Project plan of this apartment


small apartments chairs leather black wardrobe large design

small apartments desk modern chairs sofa design

small apartments bedroom crital design tranparente

large wardrobe bathroom countertop washbasin wood design

bathtub shower ideas bano pequeno design

small bathrooms ideas tiles different prints design

bright kitchen narrow table eat small design

small kitchen ideas light gray wood design

bedroom small wall glass transparent idea design

Creative ideas bathroom small cupboard floor ceiling design

small apartments original design ideas design

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