Small apartments: ideas of functional designs

small apartments original decoration window shades dark gray wall

Every day the big cities are filled with more and more people, but there is no place for everyone. That is why there is an alternative and today we are going to show you some images of beautiful small apartments. Small apartments are no stranger to cities where space is a scarce commodity, such as Tokyo and New York for example, although the concept has been very successful in the last decade, when it became a fashion rather than an alternative .

Small apartments with all the amenities you need

small apartments narrow sofa white table chairs

However, the creation of smaller and smaller units continues to divide the opinions of the people. When it comes to designing comfortable spaces with a few square meters, there are many places to look for a solution and this is one of them. Today we will show you the photos of five small apartments with original designs.

Small apartments with functional designs

small apartments bed shelves books ideas

Many designers start, as is understandable, with the roof. When you have a vertical space to grow, open more possibilities, beds on a second floor for example. There is a long list of different ways to make a small space look bigger and provide the owner with all the necessary spaces that he can enjoy in a large apartment.

Small apartments - Small kitchen with wall with floral motifs

small kitchen small kitchen narrow ideas

Look at the images of each small apartment and make sure that with a personal touch the very small spaces can be equally beautiful. Despite their size, of no more than 27 square meters, these apartments are fully functional and allow the owners not only to sleep, but also to cook, eat, wash and store their things.

Large TV for the small apartment designed by Zucchini

small apartments original decorations luminous ideas

They have storage elements, a bed, table , wardrobe, staircase, kitchen and bathroom fully integrated into the small space available. Inside large cabinets they can hide the beds or use them to store what they need. Check the images we assure you that you will love them. For the design of this apartment that appears above it was necessary to separate the kitchen from the living room without making it feel even smaller. They found a place for the fixed bed, as well as a small living room with dining table

Intelligent use of small spaces

small apartments use smart space ideas

Most of its floor is tiled, but the living room looks cozy thanks to the light wood floors. The main room that serves as a bedroom and living room with an adjoining dining unit is smart and clearly zoned with furniture.

Small apartment with high ceiling that allows to have the bedroom in a second floor improvised

small apartments kitchen chairs bar wood ideas

This apartment from the viewer Adrian Iancu takes the idea of ​​vertical design and plays with it. A loft bedroom area may seem like a natural solution for a super small space, but the design here is particularly well executed.

Small living room with desk and modern art box

small apartments original design wood desk ideas

A personalized staircase goes up to the bedroom, using the same wood that makes up the compact kitchen and the breakfast bar.

Wooden staircase with steps that also serve to store things

small apartments stairs wood second level bedroom ideas

Using the same materials, the space feels really bigger due to the cohesive colors.

Image from above to better see this well-appointed apartment


Of course, a lot of natural light is always ideal for a small space and this apartment has it, too.

Large, tall wooden cabinets

small apartments coffee table white sofa gray ideas

The unique design pendant lights are a great touch that brings more visual interest to the space.

design small apartment comfortable chairs bar ideas

This apartment measures only 15 square meters, which is small, even compared to other micro apartments. Without room for the bedroom, the designer here has gone with the next best option, which is a convertible bed that can function as a sofa and a bed (some call it a futon).

design floor wood apartment small white sofa ideas

Multipurpose objects like this, as well as hidden storage like the creative sliding closet, are absolutely essential if an apartment of this size is going to be habitable.

modern apartment original decoration small ideas

The combination of light neutral tones combined with bursts of burgundy and dull green creates an elegant and modern atmosphere.

apartment small white sofa shelves curtains ideas

The living area, once nightfall, becomes a cozy shelter for the hours of sleep.

shelves hanging roof apartment small sofa bed ideas

The hanging shelves in combination with the lamps make us meditate before falling into a deep sleep.

bathroom small glass shower screen design ideas

Sn the bathroom, an accent wall covered with green tiles adds character, but without trying to obscure the entire space.

apartment bathroom small green white basin glass ideas

The small corner intended for the shower cabin is functional, does not waste a single square centimeter.

combination of tiles

living room

hall hall

wooden floor

hanging lights

original interior

small apartment vibrant colors decoration ideas

This is a 28 square meter studio, located in Surgut, Russia, and designed for a young woman who is also a student.

small apartment low table glass sofa ideas

By creating a slightly elevated pace for the small kitchen, the studio immediately feels like it has more space through multiple rooms.

apartment small purple sofa white curtains ideas

A low wall separates the sleeping area from the rest of the apartment creating the illusion of a bit of privacy.

small apartment long narrow white design minimalist ideas

high ceiling apartment allows second level bed ideas

apartment long narrow white walls kitchen

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