Small bathrooms - twenty five design to the latest plus tips

bathroom toilet small modern style

In today's article we propose twenty-five ideas to decorate small bathrooms with a lot of style and good taste. Do not miss our selection of images, you will surely love them. We will see that the bathrooms of reduced space can get to be very functional and cozy, it is enough to choose the elements that best adapt to the environment.

Small bathrooms with modern design

design bathroom white wood

Starting with this fabulous bathroom White with some pieces of wood, we can appreciate some of the most current details in terms of interior design. A Scandinavian influence appears in the choice of neutral colors and natural elements such as stone or wood, a great choice for bathrooms with little natural light.

Bathroom tiles with plant motifs

small bathroom tiles design shapes

As we can see below, white is always a good ally when decorating small bathrooms. It causes a false appearance of amplitude and intensifies the illumination eliminating in this way the unpleasant sensation of claustrophobia. To give color notes just choose some details and accessories or highlight the floor coverings, the result will be great.

White bathroom design

bath color white plant heart

Currently in the market there is a wide variety of ceramic and tile for bathrooms, so that we can get virtually any color and finish. For smaller spaces a good choice would be to place tiles large for grinding light colors and with a shiny finish.

Bathroom with green mosaic covering

bathroom bathroom mosaic green water

Another very current trend is mosaics, also with a glossy finish. Some designs even have iridescent and pearly sheen, very typical of bathrooms of a very luxurious and stately style. Finally we want to pay attention to the elements of transparent glass, such as screens and protective curtains.

Design of bathroom tiles with reliefs

fourth bathroom gray relief wall

There is nothing better to enlarge small spaces than to eliminate obstacles and visual barriers, and for this the glass and its derivatives do a fantastic job. The designs of small bathrooms of the most quoted firms worldwide have even dispensed with some solid architectural structures to replace them with transparent glass panels, it turns out to be a very interesting change.

Design of small bathroom with green carpet

small bathroom small green carpet

With the new furniture solutions in the market having a small bathroom is no longer a problem. All you need to know is how to optimize available space with the right accessories and take advantage of vertically available surfaces with fitted columns, shelves and cabinets.

Small gray and yellow bathroom design

bathroom small yellow gray

What are the best ideas for a small bathroom? Although space is limited, it is not difficult to realize the functional design ideas. The choice of bathroom furniture and accessories that fit perfectly in small spaces is very broad.

Small bathroom with white design and wood

bathroom small white wood

The market offers us integrated or independent, corner washbasins, hanging everything we need to save space. Flexible shower trays containment solutions for the toilet and small bathtubs. This without forgetting that you can also opt for custom furniture, so you can make the most of the space you have available, personalizing your bathroom design to the maximum.

Small beige bathroom

small bathroom beige color

The illusion of space can be created with careful use of mirrors, functional lighting and reflective tiles. Also the decorative tiles work well in small spaces, as they add style without saturating the space.

Small orange bathroom

small bathroom orange color

If you have a small bathroom connected to the bedroom you can evaluate a remodeling of the space turning it into an open bathroom or installing sliding glass doors so that the room can be opened or closed, when you wish. To make your ideas for the small bathroom come true, sometimes it is not enough to have creativity and a sense of space.

White mosaic in the bathroom

bathroom design small white mosaic

Like other areas of the house, even the bathroom, especially if it is small, has its specific requirements, which require professional knowledge and the expertise of the specialists. Therefore, if your space is very difficult to design, use the design offices or interior designers specialized in bathrooms may be the best solution.

Floor of slabs that imitate wood

small bathrooms wood floor

Although you can also enjoy a lot of information and advice from specialists that we show you on this page to guide you step by step, in planning, including the choice of furniture, sanitary ware, tiles, curtains and colors on the walls, by what can guarantee the best result.

Ideas for very narrow spaces

small bathrooms photo collage tiles

A very important thing since we have said colors is we choose the lighter shades for your small bathroom. Choosing light colors for floors and walls is usually a very effective trick to give more light and therefore a greater perception of space not only when it comes to bathroom but in any room of the house.

Small bathroom in gray

small bathrooms gray color

All this, to make the space look bigger. A good option is to choose tiles of the same type, both for the walls and for the floor in this way the vertical and horizontal surfaces will be eliminated, which helps to make the room look less tight.

Floating sinks options

small bathrooms design photo collage

Light is essential to make the bathroom look bigger. For the bathroom, the advice is to obscure as little as possible the windows with thick curtains. Or, if we have a bathroom without a window, it will be very important to create a good artificial lighting. If the bathroom is small, it will be essential to maintain order and avoid filling the already reduced space with ornaments or excessive decorations.

Bathroom ideas with shower

small bathrooms mosaic gray color

And if the idea of ​​a minimalist bathroom seems too aseptic, we can add color to a wall, leaving the rest completely blank, to create contrast without overloading the space. The best for the bathroom without depending on the size is to choose high quality materials we must not underestimate the quality and design.

Small bathrooms with bath and shower

collage bathroom curtains red flowers

collage modern design small bathrooms

bathroom glass pane

small modern bathroom design

small shower cabin shower screen

minimalism design bathroom floor black

mosaic bathroom wall green persimmon

small bathroom decorative plant





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