Small bathrooms with a lot of style - 37 ideas

nice modern bathroom design

Today we want to show you amazing ideas for the small bathrooms , thirty seven models of bathrooms of reduced size but equipped with the latest furniture and accessories, do not miss our gallery to know what are the latest trends in the world of interior design and take useful ideas.

Modern designs for small bathrooms

modern bathroom corner shape bathtub

In the image at the top we can see a great example of functional and practical furniture, as well as beautiful. A great bath with whirlpool with corner shape has been a perfect solution for the lack of space, and also the choice of pale tones favors lighting.

Small bathroom in a manor style

small luxurious style bathrooms

And for those who think that to enjoy a luxurious bathroom It is necessary to have a lot of space we have the following design that we see at the top. As you can see, some accessories and accessories make the environment brighter and more sophisticated without overloading or overloading it.

Small white baths

small bathrooms all white

Another very interesting option for small bathrooms is the shower cabin or dish with glass screen. The transparent elements extend the visual field and also bring luminosity and brightness. If we also complement the design with compact and minimalist bathroom furniture we can take advantage of the available space in a more efficient way.

Bathroom design with a retro touch

small bathroom green color

The bathroom design we see above presents a very original modernized retro style. The bathtub and the ceiling lamp provide a touch of luxury with golden tones while the rest of the elements are small and compact that occupy the minimum space. The shower cabin with glass screens gives use to the corner and the green tones of the tiles make the atmosphere relaxed.

Small bathroom with dark tones

original design modern small bathroom

To break the schemes we have also selected images of small bathrooms decorated with darker tones to show that it is possible to achieve modern and elegant looks. In the image above we have a great example that proves it; the coating of the walls with tones of brown and gray tones forms a sophisticated and enveloping atmosphere.

Small bathroom in white

bathroom small white color

As we have often said, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. It is not just a place to perform your physiological needs, but also a place to relax and enjoy privacy and tranquility. Another thing that we have often repeated is that the bathroom can be furnished and decorated with a large number of items, with the intention of converting it into a more comfortable and cozy place.

Classic style bathroom tiles

bathroom tiles classic style

However, when space is small, we seem to be limited and lack the ideas to decorate it. Fortunately, we will continue with some interesting tricks to make the most of each corner of this room and turn it into an elegant and modern space. Our first advice is that optre by glass doors or glass part because they are perfect for two reasons.

Modern small bathroom design

small bathroom modern decor

The first is that they give a touch of elegance to the environment and the second that allows the light of the corridor to enter the bathroom, which helps the space look bigger. Another important detail is the small mirrors. A small mirror, framed in wood, is an excellent alternative to decorate a small bathroom, as it does not take up much space. It can be placed on the wall, accompanying the objects that we typically have in the bathroom.

Small bathroom with brown tiles

modern bathroom bathtub brown tiles

A corner shower. In one of the corners of the bathroom you will have enough space to position a nice and warm shower. The remaining space can be used for the sink and the toilet. We always advise that for small spaces, regardless of whether it is a bathroom or another room in the house, use neutral colors.

Luxurious style white bathroom

white bathroom retro luxurious style

The color you choose for the walls of the bathroom will play a very important role in the design of this elegant environment. Shades of beige, gray, white or blue can help you to make your bathroom look larger than it actually is. One more detail that can be added on the walls are the mosaics. Decorative mosaics of bright colors will be a luxurious detail for the small bathroom.

Small bathroom with colored lights

bathroom modern style lights colors

In the small bathroom is not the best idea to put aramrio on the wall you can change it for glass shelves. Another option is wooden shelves where you can put towels or bath products. And the last ideas are the shelves built into the wall always and when the architecture of the house allows it.

Small bathrooms with glass screen

very small modern bathroom white

If you want, you can add a cupboard under the sink. A small cupboard under the sink is a great way to benefit from the available space that many of us forget. This place can be perfect for storing towels, sanitary products and any other necessary element in the bathroom. If you have always dreamed about having a bathtub our advice is to choose a corner bathtub.

modern style bathroom small washing machine

If you think there is enough space to put a binder, you should opt for one that can be put in the corner. In this way you will save space and your design will have a sophisticated touch. Lighting is another element that plays a fundamental role, especially when it comes to small spaces where we do not have access to natural light.

beige small bathroom flirty

Taking into account that the bathroom is also used for activities such as shaving or makeup, it is best to look for alternatives to make the most of light. A good idea is to put several bulbs on the ceiling or near the main mirror. The fact that the space is small does not mean that you can not add some decorative detail. Thanks to the accessories and decorative elements, you can define the style of your bathroom.

small bathroom red mosaic tiles

small bathrooms two sinks

small bathroom large shower

small bathroom design minimalist style

small bathroom celestial mosaic wall

small bathroom white gray

bathroom retro style small white

small bathrooms minimalist style

modern bathrooms glass screen

small beige bathrooms

small bathrooms light colored tiles

small bathroom tiles black

nice design bathroom modern style

small bathroom retro style

painting bathroom painting

design bathed blue gray

super modern bathroom design sauna

super design bathroom small

great designs small bathrooms

original decoration black washbasins

original design bathroom small

original glass washbasin decorated stones

A bathroom designed by Architect Prineas


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