Small dressing rooms - twenty five fashion designs

comfortable collection velvet capitone wood

The small dressing rooms or the dressers can be a perfect solution for the shortage of closet space, and can also bring a modern touch to the bedrooms. Do not miss our selection of twenty-five models of modern dressing rooms, you will love them.

Small dressing rooms with modern design

comfortable collection feeling signature sma

Let's start by looking at this dressing room with dressing table that extends by remote control. This is the chest of drawers belonging to the Feeling collection by SMA mobili, available in a beige finish and wood Gray. A modern and functional furniture that comes equipped with the most innovative technology.

Dressing model Corallino by Fratelli Boffi

comfortable model corallino fratelli boffi

Below we have a comfortable model with original signature design Fratelli Boffi . It is called Corallino and belongs to the collection Nerocorallospecchio. It is made of solid natural wood with black lacquer finish, but what really makes it unique are the striking decorative corals.

Toilet 612 dressing room by Caroti

comfortable dressing room signature caroti

The next model of furniture dressing room presents a more classic look. We are talking about the Toilet 612 dressing room from Caroti. It is available in four different finishes: that of the model of the photograph that is of classic mahogany, in natural mahogany, mixed mahogany and glossy lacquer.

Dressing model Keope-soft Cortezari

beige dressing room signature cortezari

As you can see, the latest designs of small dressing rooms offer endless possibilities for interior decoration. Above we have an image of the original comfortable Keope-Soft from the Zoe Gold collection, a creation of CorteZari. The upholstery of the drawers creates a feeling of softness just by looking at it.

Jill chest of Atelier M.O.B.A

Classical dressing model jill design

These are some of the models of small dressing rooms of modern design. To know more about the dressing rooms or other designer furniture you can visit our page and check the latest trends to be always up to date. Now we leave you with our selection of photos, we hope you like them.

Modern dressing room Diamond model

dressing model diamond signature bizoto

Comfortable Mayan model from Flou

modern flou signature maya wardrobes

Modern design dressing rooms

small dressing rooms artdeco Milano wood

White chest of drawers with eight drawers

small dressing rooms cattlan italy white

Furniture small dressing rooms design

small dressing rooms brand cantiero diseño

small dressing rooms collection berto

small dressing arredoclasic model

modern dressing room signature dolfy vicky collection

dressing model fjord signature veligard

dressing room model gemma elegance collection

dressing model george signature cantori

dressing model grama crazy home

modern duo collection dressing room

dressing room design modern signature wiss

dressing model montenapoleone signature flou

dressing room olivier atelier signature gold

dressing model onyx signature presotto

wood dressing model trianon

dressing model rebecca signature bizzotto

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