Small dressing rooms - twenty-five ideas that will inspire you

super design modern dressing clothes

We present our selection of fifty models of small dressing rooms or comfortable to store clothes, there are designs for all tastes. In many occasions this type of furniture turns out to be very useful, especially if the available space of the wardrobe is insufficient to be able to store everything in it.

Small dressing rooms with minimalist design

modern design furniture small dressing rooms

Since it is a furniture that is practically essential for bedrooms, we will see what are the latest trends in fashion design for small dressing rooms, do not miss these fabulous images. As we already know, the minimalist style with very simplified forms is very current, here is a great example of set of dressers that also present a subtle decoration with floral motifs and metallic finish.

Retro style wooden dressing room

luxurious bathroom retro wood dressing room

The bathroom It is also a very appropriate place for the placement of a dressing room, although in this case it will be given a different use such as storing towels and other personal hygiene products and utensils. Above is a nice combination of modern elements and retro style.

Dresser model Valore

comfortable value modern wood design

The following model of dresser that we can see above is from the signature Team 7 and belongs to his collection called Valore. It is made of natural wood with stainless steel handles. It is available in different sizes and finishes, being able to choose between seven types of wood and nine colors of glass.

Design of dresser with drawers of various colors

modern commode drawers several colors

Then we will see a dressing room also made of wood although in this case this model has a more colorful design. This is the comfortable Chagall of the firm Shake. The mixture of colors is quite successful but also brings an unmistakable touch of retro and vintage style , an authentic wonder.

Dressing room with metal handles

metal rings drawers drawers commode

As we will see, the fencers are elements of great importance for small dressing rooms, it is as if they provide character and style, so let's see some types of handles to be clearer which type of model will be the most suitable for each type of decoration and environment. If you look at the picture above we will see handles in the form of metal rings in a dresser laminated with dark wood, the appearance is quite sober, ideal for an adult bedroom.

Design of dressers and small dressing rooms

bedroom furniture set comfortable dressers

This set of black furniture, on the other hand, is free of visible handles. Instead it consists of a system of Gola handles that open on the fringes of the edges or making a slight pressure on the surface of the doors and drawers. This model with glossy lacquered finish also gives a very sophisticated look to the room.

Modern dressing room design with blue edges

nice dressing room design blue wood

Small dressing rooms for children's bedrooms

beige beige baby bedroom

Modern dressing rooms in white and wood

comfortable modern wood white color

Modern design dressing rooms

comfortable modern black stools cubes

White furniture set for luxurious bedroom

comfortable white room design

Modern wood dressing room

design modern style wood dressing

Minimalist design dressing room with sliding doors

minimalist style dressing sliding doors

Modern white dressing room

Narrow white dressing cabinet

Design of a dressing room with a red stripe

dressing room design red stripe

Dressing rooms modern design for children's bedrooms

child drawer dressing room modern design

Handles with flowers motifs

design handles commode flowers

small dressing rooms wood abstract painting

design small walk-in laminate wood

dressing room color gray door drawers

wicker drawers wood design

bright lacquered black dressing room

small metal dressing room three drawers

wood dressing room painted blue white

aluminum covered retro style dressing

natural wood retro style dressing

dressing room retro style doors mirrors

retro white style shabby

comfortable model flou signature

modern four-drawer dresser

comfortable wood firm dale italy

commode wood drawers classic style

white modern commode led lights

modern dresser with small drawers

black commode model archi drawers

rustic chest of drawers

contemporary beige color design

comfortable design wood minimalist style

comfortable design dressing room wood doors

design dresser color white drawers

small wood dressing room design

original gray lacquered comfortable design

original design small wood dressing room

small dressing rooms black

small dressers wooden drawers

small dressing rooms wood night tables

small dressing rooms white wood

small dressing rooms six drawers drawers

small dressing rooms three drawers wood

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