Small floors with brick walls and modern design

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In today's article you are going to see the images of three small flats in the attic with designs very original that inspire. What they have in common are the walls of white brick or with the very peculiar natural color. We offer you the opportunity to see these images and also look at the decorations that the designers have used, it is very possible that you choose something for your floor. You can also see that size does not prevent designers from creating unique spaces.

Floors in the loft with brick walls

floors devate original lamps sofa small leather ideas

This is not the first time and of course it will not be the last one in which we will try to show you ideas of small flats. In our page we will continue exploring the variety and creativity of designs of small spaces. And more urban spaces that seek the combination between the practical and the beautiful. Nowadays, cities are full of people, many of whom live in attics that have the opportunity to live a new life with much more attractiveness. The three apartments that we show today have these characteristics and are of industrial style in each prevails the dark colors that give a melancholy look to these small spaces.

Floors with bedrooms with wooden walls

bedroom small design wall brick modern

This first apartment of Kostya Entaltsev's design is only 35 square meters is very bright and elegant. Here, bare brick contrasts with panels and perfectly polished wooden floors. A small kitchen and a cozy bedroom give enough space for a single or maybe a young couple.

Brick walls and a wooden one in the design bedroom

flats bedroom small wall brick wood ideas

Bathrooms with white walls in vintage style

bathroom vintage style white walls ideas

Large mirror and original washbasin for the modern bathroom

bathroom walls slabs white mirror large ideas

Bedroom on the loft floor with brick wall

bedroom small floor wall brick ideas

Bedroom with very large and modern TV

design bedroom floor deve wall brick modern ideas

The second apartment belongs to the designer Vladimir Bolotkin. Immediately highlight the sloping roofs a spiral staircase connects the multiple levels of the house, while the cool neutral and gray colors act as a blanket on the entire floor. Soft sofas, a kitchen with a bara and a brick column painted in white serves to give this apartment a modern Parisian atmosphere.

Escritotio big blue armchair and white brick wall on this floor

flats armchair blue wall brick white ideas

Column of white brick and yellow piano very striking

flats column brick white piano yellow ideas

floors dining room original lamp hanging ceiling ideas

flats devan kitchen brick white wall ideas

floors devan column brick white piano yellow ideas

floors devan wood ceiling sofa gray ideas

floors devan wall television brick white ideas

bookshelf books books big black wood ideas

flats dining chairs french style furniture kitchen white ideas

flats floor granite wall brick white ideas

Finally we present a floor in Bangkok with style and masculine design. The space is quite compact, but the design manages to include a lot of large furniture. Stunning leather sofa shelves for books and decorative elements. The brick wall in the bedroom gives the floor an European industrial image that is softened by the wood details.

bed backrest leather floor bedroom small ideas

dark colors furniture walls floor devan ideas

shelves books decorative elements living room floor ideas

shelves wood flat screen TV sofa leather ideas

dark walls floor devan living room design ideas

clock hanging door floor modern design ideas

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