Small gardens and backyards of unique design

great small gardens large pool

Do you already know the latest trends in gardening and landscaping? Would you like your patio to appear to have some more space but do not know how to get it? Today we will show you fifty examples of landscaping designs for small gardens and backyards with a lot of charm that you can not miss.

Small gardens with lots of charm

great garden small flowers colors

We will see that the most current styles opt for a strict order for all areas and functions of the garden so that the most modern designs really seek to separate the outdoor spaces in different parts. This can be achieved for example by marking the boundaries between the plant areas with edges and barriers .

Beautiful terrace with modern landscaping design

pretty terrace landscaping gardening plants

In the image above we see an example of the well separated garden areas that form a very pleasant landscape. Plants have their own place to grow that is independent of the part destined for dinning room although it is possible to access them thanks to the practical stone path that crosses it.

Small garden design with plants

nice patio garden small plants

Small gardens can also count on luxury designs and landscape gardening with a lot of style, as we can see in the examples. The oriental culture of Zen gardens is very beneficial and useful for outdoor spaces of less volume since what you are looking for is precisely to expand the available space.

Small garden with minimalist design

nice small garden minimalist design

A trick to enlarge small gardens and make the most of your space in a very efficient way is to build or level off. These can be made of teak wood like the one we see on the black platform of the photograph, and in this case it serves to isolate obviously the entire part destined to the dining room.

Small garden with pool and waterfall fountain

nice garden fountain pool deck chair

Next, a landscape design model that has tried to include all the elements using just space. Once again, there are teak wooden platforms to mark the different areas, but it also draws our attention to the original way in which weeds have been planted on the edges of the pool to give it a more natural look.

Patio with minimalist decoration

nice patio decoration minimalist wood

Let's see now a patio more functional and intended essentially for everyday use and leisure time outdoors. It is a very minimalist design in which we will see mostly straight and smooth shapes. However, plants have their place in this futuristic landscape to provide the natural touch.

Garden with teak wood pergola

dining room garden pergola wood teak

A very important and quite current element would be the wooden pergola, and in small gardens this will also take place as we will see. We can appreciate in the image that a very beautiful aspect has been achieved by combining different styles, but always defining each of the parts for its specific function.

Landscaping design for small gardens

design garden plants wall stone

We can also create the delimitations simply as an ornamental element in small gardens, as is the case with the decorative strips of stones, pebbles or gravel in several of the models that we show them. Its function is basically to embellish and reassure the entire landscape by mixing materials and textures.

Design of modern gardens with wooden platforms

tree garden two poufs soil

For this reason we will also think of water as a necessary element in the landscape vision of our garden or outdoor patio. It is very fashionable to place koi ponds and natural pools in outdoor spaces as it completes the natural image that we are looking for. The structures and designs of these ponds also serve very modern and minimalist models that seek to satisfy the needs of all.

Modern designs for small gardens

modern design gardens small square

This is the case of the above example, a leisure platform located on a round concrete platform which in turn is located in the center of a pond that surrounds it completely with water, the aspect is really amazing and beautiful that invites us to delight in each and every one of its details.

Landscaping designs with plants for gardens and patios

landscaping design backyard plants

As gardeners adapt to the climate, water-saving varieties of flowers are increasingly available. Look for native and drought-resistant plants. For example, select a variety of lilacs adapted to your specific area.

Level terrace with flower beds and plants

great terrace level stairs plants

There is a gardening trend that we all love: incorporating natural elements such as rocks, boulders, and covered hedges for more structures. Too much technology has made young people go outdoors to disconnect from the city and connect with nature.

Garden with zen style design

Garden design oriental zen style

Instead of placing small things, fill your yard with an impressive "statement" of plants to serve as the focal point of your garden. Expert gardeners have introduced varieties of boxwood, compact hydrangeas, pomegranates, berries and more that make great "wonders in a single container" and require less maintenance.

Small gardens and patios with zen style design

gardens small patios zen decoration

Large shrubs, hydrangea and clematis hedges suggest in luxury, but if you do not have space, you can get more compact versions of these plants to achieve the same aesthetics. Look for mini roses, hydrangeas of smaller scale and more manageable clematis.

Small gardens and patios with modern design

gardens small patios modern landscaping

Are you looking for a safe way to raise the aesthetics of any outdoor space? Combine a mixture of resistant and low maintenance plants (succulents, roses and hydrangeas) with delicate and romantic varieties (such as Itoh peonies and glycines).

gardens small plants tree patio

The conifers that change color, (which change from green in summer to bronze, purple and orange in winter) were already a trend in the world of gardening last year and experts say they will continue with the same streak during 2017.

modern gardens

cactus pots

garden garden

modern gardens

pretty modern gardens

modern design gardens


small gardens oriental bamboo reeds

small gardens modern design concrete

small gardens landscape design plants

small gardens zen wood style

gardens small patios modern design

garden patio dish fire design

small garden pergola wood path

small garden large modern pool

small garden zen style decoration

Garden plants Buddhist landscaping

garden zen small pebbles gravel

patio landscaping traditional rustic style

landscaping terraces small patios zen style

landscaping zen style small garden

Super patio design stairs stairs

patio garden pretty path stones

nice little white minimalist patio

small patio cushions yellow plants

small patio style minimalist flirtatious

small patio landscaping modern fences

small patio dining area isolated

patio square round stairs stone

small patios gardening landscaping design

nice terrace patio modern design

patio terrace landscaping nice plants

backyard terrace small dining room

small garden full plants pots

pergola wood dining table garden

patio patio table wicker chairs

Super terrace patio oven fireplace


teak wood terrace dark color

terrace wood teak platforms furniture

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