Small gardens design ideas and tips for creating them

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The increase in temperature makes us turn our gaze to the outside and pay more attention to the gardens. Little by little, the interior of the house is left in another plane and more activities are carried out outside it. Regardless of the dimensions of the space, it is necessary to consider a design that is practical and pleasing to the eye. That's why today we are going to focus a little on the gardens, small ideas and some questions for your design . In the field of gardens, the first step is to have a clear plan of what you want.

Small gardens ideas for special spaces

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When dealing with small gardens ideas such as our hobbies or the main activities always count. Think of all potential activity without overlooking meals or just reading a book. All this in some way will be a condition for the design of the garden. Especially regarding the selection of furniture that will be discussed later. It is vital in the same way to make a correct selection of plants according to our interests.

Small gardens ideas for a design that highlights the natural sense

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Large shrubs for shade, or perhaps a greater presence of flowering plants. In the gardens small ideas and their design can even be redefined to a small garden. It is important that a small garden is divided into several zones. Although we do not exceed the square meters this makes things much easier. The spaces divided into zones have a greater interest from the visual point of view.

Environment with an open design with several green plants and a wooden wall in the background

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This is precisely what we need to complement the space. The different areas that must be created will be in accordance with the real space and the uses that we wish to make. The most common is to create a dining area and an outdoor lounge. However, in a small garden it is almost impossible to have both without overloading the environment. So we must decide for one of these options if necessary.

Segmented into several special areas perfect for a good rest in the open air

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However with the use of garden furniture folding and compact models can create both areas without much space. In many of the small gardens ideas and designs we show is evident the use of chairs foldable As we said the selection of plants is vital to the success of a small garden. Never select species that are excessively large.

Creative variant for the main entrance of the house with several rocks and lanterns

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Some of these plants can reduce the space for your dining room or outdoor lounge. In the same way they will limit you when it comes to planting other species. Everything must look at scale so the size should always be moderate. A correct choice of plants for every garden goes beyond the size of the space. The success of our garden depends equally on the weather or the incidence of rainfall. Winds or some range of temperatures can be harmful for some.

A very cool outdoor lounge surrounded by a large vegetation and flowering plants

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One of the popular and modern ways is to put the plants vertically. For small gardens ideas of this kind are perfect. Vertical gardens visually have an excellent impact whether inside or outside the home. Remember that this type of gardens requires a special irrigation system. Several species that grow in vines will adapt very well to these conditions of space.

Design of small Japanese garden with several stone lamps and rock paths

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Look very well in the shadow areas and where there is more sun. These characteristics can help define also where and what species to plant. A shaded area would be the best area to locate an outdoor lounge or dining room. Think of plants that also maintain their appeal during several seasons. Setting the gardens small ideas and design with foliage plants is very important.

Elegant idea with a minimalist look that combines some points of light on the wall

small gardens ideas-minimalist-functional walls

There must be a balance regarding the use of flowering plants according to their duration. Visually it is more attractive when there is variety in terms of sizes and shapes. Compositions of this type give the spaces a greater dynamism. As we mentioned, recharging a lot of space can be a mistake. So use few varieties and betting on the smaller ones according to the scale of the space.

Regardless of the dimensions there is always room for a small room in your patio

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The big trees will simply be a problem in terms of attention and will steal more space. There are trees that do not grow very large and if you decide to use them, the best ones are deciduous ones. With the arrival of winter will not be a problem to let in the sun. As a last factor when selecting plants for small gardens, think about the type of soil.

Vertical gardens are a great option when space is small and they look great


There are soils and plants that need more frequent watering and we should dedicate space to them. The fundamental thing is not to end up creating a recharged atmosphere that makes movement difficult. There are elements of design according to space, such as paths that can be avoided. A tiered structure based on levels also has a practical effect creating a certain rhythm in our patio. This prevents the garden from looking monotonous and can be done in several ways.

The larger bushes at the bottom are an ideal resource to gain intimacy

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This stepped design can simply be based on plants. For example, alternating the highest with the lowest. It is important to look for contrasts that make small gardens look more dynamic design ideas and style. If it is a large garden is a valid advice that can still have excellent results at the aesthetic level. The use of color can not be overlooked within the entire design. Within the planning of the gardens is very important.

A harmonious and beautiful proposal with geometric aspect for the front garden of the house

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For the small gardens the best thing is not to abuse the color. In excess colors in a small space ends up being overwhelming. We must take advantage of all the greenery of space contrasting it with one or two different tones. It can be made from the flowers themselves or in the own use of the furniture and its style. There are gardens based on simple combinations of green and white that look great.

Another space with a certain Japanese accent in the design of the garden and all the patio space

small gardens ideas bambu-special-furniture

It is recommended for modern gardens. To achieve greater comfort and really enjoy the garden furniture has a great weight. The selection of furniture for every garden should start from its use in the future. Being a small garden it is obvious to take into account space and style. Both for a garden or in the case of small terraces there are folding designs or very functional extensible models.

Balanced look that combines an ideal dining space for any celebration

small gardens ideas kitchen-exteriors-tables

The best materials for the exterior range from synthetic rattan to aluminum. The wood should also be mentioned and in the gardens small ideas with furniture of this type provide great warmth. As it is a project of this type it is important that the furniture above all be easy to store. Stackable chairs always occupy less space when not in use. For outdoor dining, consider the number of people and the size of the table.

Beautiful creative proposal with flower boxes and various plants in pots with flowers

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The case of extensibles is perfect and they are very versatile. Regardless of the size of the terrace or garden can be adapted if we have guests at home. Think if you have the need or space for some extra extra. It can be the case of a side table or benches All furniture must follow the same scale applied with the plants.

Several benches embedded in the planters are a solution that optimizes the space

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Try as much as possible to maintain the same style in the accessories so that the decoration looks harmonious and beautiful. If you want to use a path to the outdoor living room or dining room in your garden, design it with curves. Especially soft curves that mix with the vegetation. Visually they are useful for creating a greater sense of depth in small gardens.

Wall with an interesting waterfall that undoubtedly improves the relaxing aspect


A garden of few dimensions will seem more extensive if it is wider in the area near the house. With this design tends to accentuate the perspective. The same happens with a garden that is narrow where we will have to create several horizontal lines. If there are other spaces with plants near the house, our design can be thought of as a kind of continuity of the landscape. With this it would seem as if they were mixed and extended in size. Another thing to pay attention to is the corners.

Attractive seating proposal with an arched and natural-looking effect in its design


They can not forget and must be filled with life with details of interest. Today, cases in which the sculptures work very well to give an artistic and different touch to our small garden. We leave you several proposals with different styles that can serve as a starting point. Remember that the fundamental thing is to achieve a balanced environment that allows you to relax and enjoy nature. With economic solutions and some creativity it will be very easy to create that oasis that we deserve abroad.

Potted plants are a very smart option when there is not much space


In this case, despite being small, the patio has a perfect balance thanks to the order


The use of a mirror is a surprising resource in this patio but without a doubt it looks very good

gardens-small-ideas-mirrors-visual-unexpected effect

The use of brick and wood finishes give a beautiful rustic touch to this garden


A practical idea for the distribution of the garden in an elongated and very narrow patio


Very modern design that mixes several materials in the finish of the walls and furniture


A small wooden pergola combined with folding furniture of the same material


Design variant for the front of the house with gravel cover and cut grass


This model of pergola includes seats in the lower part that adapt to the space


A combination of several plants and shrubs to create more privacy in the dining room


Gabions and light wood finishes give a fresh touch to this minimalist garden


The well-positioned light points are the perfect accent to make the garden cozy


Another small space with a pergola that houses a simple dining room with umbrella


Completing several spaces with plants planted in pots for a unique air


The rock in walls and floors completes the rustic image of this small garden in the courtyard


The use of sculptures can make your design something different without overloading the garden


Modern space that integrates the benches with the planters and separated into sections


Rocks are another resource that makes these spaces different and natural


A corner of the patio may be enough to create a cozy and cool area


Center of the garden used to locate the furniture and create a functional living room


Garden center designed with lawn surrounded by several plants with flowers and shrubs


Small contemporary garden with geometric shapes and gravel covering the floor


A cool and very fun design with a play area and for outdoor relaxation


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