Small house and a decoration with a lot of charm

small house

There are people who are very concerned about the decoration of the exterior and the facades because their houses are smaller and do not know how to give them the modern and original touch they would like. In this article we are going to talk about decorating a small house and we are going to focus on the decorative materials that can be used for facades with the idea of ​​increasing the style and elegance of the buildings as there are materials that are used precisely for that.

Small house on the mountain

small house charm

There are many small houses that have wooden facades or have a wooden cladding in order to decorate the exterior. However, we must bear in mind that wood is not a very resistant material and it has to be renewed and taken care of a lot. Therefore, it is ideal for warmer climates in which there is not so much rain. On the other hand, you can choose the brick and you can choose a color for this that resembles the color of wood.

A small house for decorating your garden

small house decorate

On the other hand, you have to keep in mind that the decoration of small houses can be done by combining different ideas and materials. The glass is a material that greatly increases the elegance and you can use it for the walls, making glass walls. In this way, the decoration of the small houses at night will be very elegant because the interior light will give style and elegance to your facade. In addition you can also add some small lights on the outside of the house and this way you will increase the lighting at night. In this way also the lights that are outside will intensify the colors of your facade in some parts of the house and you will create the sensation of having decorative accents.

A house with very modern and original windows in the corners

small house decorated

On the other hand, at houses small with charm you can give them a modern and original air making a design different from your facade. In the photo above you can see one of the models of small houses that have a very original air and has windows located in the corners of the house. In addition to the decoration of the façade, the combination of brick and wood is also used.

Using the glass for the decoration of the facade and the walls of the house

modern small house

Keep in mind that these small wooden houses are very suitable for the mountain and are models that can serve you for the decoration of your country houses since usually the houses in the village where we spend our vacations are small . On the other hand, you can also make a very modern and original design of the exterior creating a flat roof and not a peak. In this way you will give a very modern and elegant look to the construction.

A small and elongated one-story house with a facade with wooden boards

small house design

On the other hand, to the roof or flat roof you can add a decoration of the facade with glass and wood. In this way you will create the elegance you want for your home. In addition you can also decorate small houses with some plants on the end and additional lights. These decorative details will help you complete the decoration and create some very modern places. On the other hand, the decoration can also be done by combining glass and stone in the facade.

Using wood to decorate the facades of your homes

elegant little house

Keep in mind that wood is a very appropriate material for the rustic style and if you want to get close to it you can do it with some boards on the facade and with some beams inside. However, the crystals on the walls will give style and elegance. In this way you will create a decoration and a very original mixed style.

A decoration with lights, wood and glass for your small house

elegant modern small house

In this image you can see the combination of the ideas and the decorative details that we talked about in this article. The combination of wood and glass for decoration is also added to the small lights on the facade that at night create decorative accents that reinforce some parts of the house. These ideas are very good for the renovations of the houses and the facades that you can use.

A small house in your garden to decorate the place

small wood house

Using glass and stone to decorate the facades of your home

small stone house

Small houses near the sea decorated with wood

original small house

Glass and wood, an ideal combination for the decoration of houses

small house crystals

A very modern house with a very original decoration for the exterior

little houses

A country house for your vacation days

decoration small houses

The original and modern design of a small wooden house

small wooden houses

Using the round stones for the decoration of the walls of the houses

small stone houses

The modernity and elegance of a small house with a stylish design

small house models

A small house with two doors for the garage that gives a modern and original touch

decoration modern small houses

Using different materials for decorating the exterior of your house

small houses

Small houses built on a plain with roofs in pico

small charming houses

The construction and the flat design of a very modern and elegant house

small modern cottages

Following the American style in the construction of small houses

decorate small houses

A house with a very original facade for which mader is used, stone and brick decoration

models of modern small houses

A very modern and elegant design for the facade of a small house with glass on the walls

small houses with modern charm

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