Small L-shaped kitchens - fifty designs

kitchen design small colors

Today we want to show you fifty great designs of small L-shaped kitchens . The provision of adequate kitchen furniture is essential to make the most of the space, and in small kitchens this type of design is usually the most appropriate, do not miss these images and check it yourself.

Designs of small kitchens in the shape of L

furniture kitchen red color

This colorful design presents a combination of very current elements; the kitchen furniture is simple and compact, but the light retro accents and the deep red finish make the appearance of the kitchen be very showy To complete this original design, a set of Nordic-style wooden dining furniture adds color to the ambience with its vibrantly-toned quilts.

L-shaped kitchen design by Maxwell and Company

kitchen design firm Maxwell

We all know that in cities like London the square meters are quite quoted, for this reason we will see there many kitchen designs like this, from Maxwell and Company , that presents a blue furniture in L and a coating with very current subway tiles. The look is totally London and the indigo tone gives it a very elegant accent.

Original small kitchen design

modern small kitchen design

Here, too, there are modern kitchen furniture, in this case finished in white and wood , another trend that has caused more interest lately. A Corian countertop extends throughout the kitchen forming a smooth surface, it is a design of the most functional and modern.

Original kitchen design in the form of ele

kitchen design ele form

We can really get the most out of a kitchen if we place the furniture in the form of an ele that will occupy two of the walls forming a corner with a countertop. Above we can see how the space of the corner is also used by a white modular furniture with compartments and doors.

Design with laminate wood kitchen furniture

kitchen furniture wood

This design shows us how small L-shaped kitchens can be seen with laminated wood-like furniture. The neutral tones always help to illuminate and enlarge the spaces. With light gray floors the effect of the textures and the color increases.

Kitchen design in ele with wooden furniture

kitchen furniture wood 1

In addition to the aesthetic part in the L-shaped kitchens, it is necessary to contemplate the functional details. It is common that with the passage of time accumulate several elements in the kitchens. From various utensils to the own crockery. On the other hand many times there are new appliances that must be purchased.

Kitchen design in minimalist style ele

kitchen design minimalist style

Here comes to play a decisive factor in the kitchens where K is about storage. This distribution offers a greater amount of space to store everything we have there. To this we must add the possibility of using an island. This piece of furniture increases the storage possibilities so nothing will be left uncovered.

Retro kitchen design with white tiles metro style

retro furniture white tiles

An important benefit of this type of distribution and that we have commented is the space. However, a dynamic space with greater functionality. The fact that more than one person can work at the same time is a sample of it. The best thing of all is that it is achieved with quite excellent fluency.

Nice kitchen design in the form of ele

nice design ele kitchen

If we look at the details we will see how the sink, cooking area and the refrigerator do not cross. So a distribution of this type is a great help to take every centimeter. The area as a work table is superior in all cases.

Design of white kitchen furniture

kitchen furniture white color

In the visual part this allows to take greater advantage of the material of the countertop and its effect on the design of the interior. We recommend granite for its beauty and ease in its cleanliness. In the same way it is very resistant what makes it idea for the daily work in the kitchen. Other trends are based on the use of acrylic that offers superior color possibilities.

Kitchen design in ele with gray furniture

kitchen gray furniture

So in an arrangement in L will have all the space to show off regardless of the tonalities. If we had to mention any disadvantage in the distribution in L is especially in small kitchens. For these spaces the islands are not suitable because they affect mobility. Visually they become a burden for the entire design of the kitchen making it look even smaller.

Modern kitchen design with lacquered furniture

kitchen furniture lacquered finish

So if your kitchen in L is small a structure of this type is not recommended. It would end up hindering and taking less advantage of all the available space. A sidebar for breakfast is the best way to take advantage of the distribution in L. Especially in the cases of small kitchens. For breakfast or any light meal will be very useful.

Nice kitchen design in the form of ele

nice design kitchen furniture

Even to perform any work in a relaxed and different environment. As a variant in L kitchens, any small table can be used. There are designs that can be easily moved and set aside so that they are not a nuisance while cooking. Remember that above all it must be small so that it does not become a problem like the islands.

Kitchen with gray laminated wood furniture

kitchen furniture gray wood

The potential of kitchens with L distribution in the same way is related to lighting. This is vital to prepare food under adequate lighting conditions. Best of all, these kitchens allow the inclusion of spotlights located under the cabinets. The built-in designs are the ones indicated to light up to the last centimeter of our countertop.

Modern kitchen design with black furniture

kitchen furniture black color

They look great and create a modern and pleasant atmosphere throughout the kitchen space. Combining the aesthetic and functional factor in a very interesting economic solution in terms of lighting. Now we leave you with the rest of the images from our gallery, we hope you enjoy the tour.

Small L-shaped kitchens in light colors

original modern kitchen design

Ideas for small L-shaped kitchens

small kitchen black furniture

black white kitchen design

super small kitchen design

white wood kitchen design

small kitchens L-shaped wood

kitchen furniture modern design

kitchen furniture blue color

white minimalist kitchen design

small kitchens L-shaped white furniture

original white furniture design

kitchen furniture dark blue

modern black kitchen furniture

traditional small kitchen design

small kitchens ele

small kitchen black furniture

small kitchens modern furniture

original white kitchen design

original design kitchen furniture

kitchen design blue color

modern kitchen luxurious design

nice design kitchen furniture retro

red wood kitchen furniture

retro kitchen ele form

modular kitchen laminate furniture

original design kitchen furniture

kitchen modern wood design



red kitchen ele form

small kitchen futuristic design

small kitchens L-shaped original design kitchen furniture

small L-shaped kitchens small green furniture

L-shaped small kitchens super modern kitchen ele form


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