Small loft with an interior designed in a big way

apartment apartment loft wall brick

In design, as in life, bigger is not always synonymous with better. In microlofts and urban apartments that measure less than 20 square meters, everything is a matter of adapting what you do to the space you have. The ideas that we propose today will help you with the design of an apartment loft small , do not wait any longer and learn to get the most out of it.

Original design ideas for a small loft apartment

original interior loft apartment wood

The designs we have selected have in common the fact that they have a rather small space, but each of them manages to recreate their own personality. Yes, the design of a space of this size and including all the necessary functions of a kitchen to a bathroom is undoubtedly a challenge.

Original small attic loft design

original luxurious attic design

But once you embrace the idea of ​​keeping things small, it is almost liberating to be able to see what a designer can do in these small homes.

Original small and very functional loft apartment design

very functional small loft apartment

Often modular systems are usually a great option for apartments that have less than thirty square meters.

Modern and functional loft apartment design

design functional loft apartment

If the ceilings They are high enough, think of how to locate a bedroom on a possible second floor.

Design of a loft apartment

original design loft apartment

It is true that modular systems or a work of this kind is somewhat expensive, but consider that a second floor will add great value to the apartment once it is renovated.

Industrial style loft apartment

industrial style loft apartment

A small loft of industrial style It is ideal for students, singles and young people in general. What it takes is the industrial style with exposed brick walls and cement and steel beams.

Original design of a small loft apartment

small living room kitchen

An industrial style look is not hard to come by, but you would have an advantage if you already have some industrial style element in your small loft.

Ideas for an industrial style loft apartment

ideas industrial style loft apartment

This microloft that appears next measures 47 square meters. The house feels quite open and well ventilated as a result of the colors and elements of the furniture.

Original loft apartment design

apartment type loft dining kitchen

A natural wood panel along with plenty of white space allows light from outside to really create the feel of a much larger area. A compact kitchen still has a small corner to eat and plenty of preparation area to cook. The bathroom, too, is surprisingly large, with elegant white tiles and a deep soaking tub that turns the private area of ​​the house into a real retreat.

Design of living room with round gazebo

nice living room loft

Another great idea for a small loft apartment is to introduce and delimit shapes within the rooms, creating spaces within the spaces. In this room spherical elements have been placed to create a gazebo effect that has not modified the structure of the room at all.

Original decorative ideas for a loft loft

loft loft decorative ideas

Most conversions of a loft type loft give rise to an extravagant space with odd corners and nooks and crannies. Make the most of every square centimeter by paying a supplement for custom furniture. It will help to give the room a perfect and clear appearance, and will maximize the useful space that is obtained from the conversion.

Original interior design of cement and wood

original design interior cement wood

When planning the decoration of your loft, one of the first things that you need to decide is how to deal with the meeting points of the wall with the ceiling. Depending on the shape of your conversion it is likely to have sloping walls in the eaves that are neither wall nor roof. If you paint them a dark color they may feel small and oppressive, but painting them white is boring and it may feel as if the ceiling is too close.

Original design kitchen and dining room loft apartment

kitchen dining room loft apartment

You can choose a warm neutral color to use throughout the room, on the walls and on the ceiling. This is a good way to avoid this problem. Then you can add interest with a vibrant wallpaper on a taller wall, with a quirky rug, or vibrant textiles.

Loft apartment of the Zoku hotel

floor loft type wood shutters

* Zoku is a hybrid between home and office built in a small loft space. But even such a small space can be a comfortable and complete space of life. It's like a room full of hidden features, from the retractable stairs to the concealed bicycle "garage". A house-office hybrid, also suitable for long stays. Zoku offers the services of a hotel and the social fame of a prosperous neighborhood. Zoku is a relaxed place to live, work and socialize with like-minded people from the city.

Industrial style loft design

original industrial loft design

Original small loft design with Ikea bed

super small loft design

Decorative ideas for a modern loft apartment

ideas modern loft style apartment

Original loft apartment decoration

original decoration loft floor

Original industrial style loft apartment design

industrial style loft apartment

Original studio design of loft apartment

original studio room loft apartment

Original decorating ideas for a loft apartment

original ideas decoration apartment loft

Loft apartment with exposed cement beams

apartment loft type beams cement

Original design of living room with kitchen and dining room loft apartment

living room kitchen loft type

* Zoku

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