Small planters with shapes of animals - 25 ideas

three kittens pots plants fabric

Today we want to show you the planters small with animal shapes, are not they a bit cuckoo? The designer Stella Melgrati surprised us with her fun felt creations. In his shop Etsy we can find a wide variety of these original planters, being perhaps the kittens and the chicken some of their most famous pieces.

Flower pots and planters with animal shapes

flowerpot cat head black color

The designer says that she was inspired by the toys of her childhood to create her works, and the best thing is that the pots are one hundred percent ecological. In addition, a very modern style is appreciated in all designs, despite the fact that they all have shapes minimalist They do not stop to make us happy and make us feel like children.

Toy dinosaur turned into a flowerpot

dinosaur yellow color plant pot

In the following models of animal pots we can take ideas as an example to create our own design flower pots. Remember the rubber figures in the shape of dinosaurs and more animals? Those of larger size can serve as pots, just cut a hole in some surface large enough to fit the plant .

Rex green dinosaur flower pot

green color dinosaur rex flowerpot

If you have already decided to try, we suggest you start by placing a cactus plant or some other one that does not require too much care and is small in size. In any case, in the market there are many models of decorative pots in the shape of animals, usually made of ceramics.

Ceramic animal pots

design pots animals ceramic pottery

Encourage to include pots with animals to decorate your home, bring a touch of freshness and fun suitable for all, a note of vibrant color perfect to encourage us during the summer. Then we leave you with our great collection of images of pots, sure that many will serve as an example and provide useful ideas for your personalized designs, we hope you enjoy them a lot. For more ideas of crafts and decoration do not miss our future posts about bricomanía.

Funny flower pots of wild animals

design wild animals planters

Clay pots in the shape of foxes

Two foxes pots collage mud

Elephant planter of various colors

pot elephant ceramic several colors

Design of hanging pot with cat head

Super flowerpot hanging cat head

Design of pots with animal toys

super design animals pots colors

Kitty porcelain flowerpot

white kitten deco pot porcelain

Planter in the shape of gray kitten

gray kitten nose heart

planters girafas colors three flower pots

pots made animals ceramic plants

flower pot design yellow chicken

flower pots toy animal shapes

beautiful flower pots animal shapes ceramic

small flower pots shape whale flower

original design animal heads

original design beaver shape flower pots

teddy bear small glass flower pot

flowerpot anteater brown color

design small animals with flower pots

puppy head quilted flowerpot felt

chickens animal pots felt

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