Small rooms and tropical airs of fun.

rooms boys yellow curtain lights

When it comes to the small rooms and decor in, more than once we have found a headache. Reaching a consensus or the full understanding of which topic to adopt is not easy for many parents. The bedrooms based on the tropical theme will be our thematic variant today. They are compared with others that are easy to create. They demand less color and less sophisticated decoration variants. It is a theme for the room that allows all the energy and creativity of the children to be overturned.

Small rooms and hanging beds


Now that we have summer very close, it is the ideal time to implement it. Small rooms and summer is synonymous with sharing. This is not a problem for rooms based on this theme, as we will see in the images. We can resort to especially natural materials such as wood and bamboo . A distinctive feature are the hammocks, which we could include given the space. We can select a style more focused on the waves or the landscape of the coast.

Small rooms, tropical style

rooms boys clear illuminated fan

An always effective resource is to focus on the walls. A colorful or mural wallpaper can result in a very elegant tropical environment. The use of stickers is also an ideal method if the economy is involved. We can opt for designs of palm trees or even a mural with marine life or accessories of this sphere. The tropical accent would undoubtedly be remarkable. Rooms boys and sea is the trinomial to keep in mind for decoration.

Warm beach landscape

rooms boys fun tropical hammock

Styles such as the coastal, nautical and tropical are very close and complement each other. In the color range of course the blue. The decor with textures of tropical environment will complement it wonderfully. The fusion of both tropical and coastal styles is also a solution. The lifesavers hung on the wall, starfish or beds framed in bamboo are a sign of this mix. Here I leave simple and amazing solutions in our gallery today.

Tropical style shared room

rooms boys wooden stairs shared

Quarter flowered in orange, Robin Bond Interiors

rooms boys flowers tropical bed

Wood accents

rooms boys wood led fan

Textiles with tropical motifs

rooms boys palm tree beach coconut tree

Wall as a decorative resource

rooms boys fish wall cushions

Walls decorated with drawings

rooms boys jungle monkeys bananas

pillows butterflies lamparas sabanas cama

blue tropical furniture curtains chair

boat shelf books wood sailor

bed skateboards palm trees tropical style

flowers bed wood fan white

fruits fan warm environment colorful

balloons beach lookout wood waves

blue wall beach flowers picture

fish footwear wall lights pink

textile fish curtains drawer wood

tropical green pool touch fan

beach sunshade stripes sea orange

desk tropical lamp stripes space

roof oars fish white fan

textile bed decoration hippocampus children

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