Soils for terraces for the renovation of the exterior

floors for terraces

The decoration of the terrace It is a very important task especially when we want our house to follow the decorative models of the modern and elegant style. That is why in this article we are going to talk about the floors for terraces and the materials that you can use like wood, pavement, stone, porcelain stoneware, etc. to create modern and original exteriors.

Floors for terraces to decorate the exterior

floors for outdoor terraces

One of the most used materials for decorating the terrace floor is wood because of the great aesthetic power it brings. In addition this material is very well in areas with swimming pools and in modern and elegant houses. On the other hand, it must be taken into account that it is a material that needs to be maintained especially in wet areas because water spoils it. That is why it is not a good option for the exteriors of people who do not have much time for care.

A terrace decorated with a wooden floor

floors for outdoor terraces

However, if you opt for wooden floors for terraces you can choose among many options to decorate these parts of the houses. You can choose wooden boards of different colors to create more original and modern exteriors. In the photo above you can see a terrace decorated in this way to which is also added a decoration with lights at night in certain parts of the terrace.

One of the coating materials on the surface of your terrace

floors for terraces decorate

In addition another of the important points in the decoration of the floors for external terraces is the placement of the wooden boards. In order to create a more striking and original effect it is preferable that the lines of the tables do not follow the same level. You can see this in the photo above where the finishes of the tables do not follow the same line. In this way you will increase the decoration and the style of your terrace.

The decoration of the terrace with wood for the floor accompanied with a table and wooden benches

renovating floors for terraces

On the other hand, to the terrace floors you can add more decorative details of the same material that you have used to decorate the floor. In this way you will achieve a greater finish of the decoration of the terrace. You can place some chairs and a mader table so that they combine with the floor. In addition, the wood of the furniture can be the same color and the same texture as that used in terraces.

The use of wood and stone for the decoration of the terrace

floors for terraces decorate and renovate

On the other hand, modernity and originality can also be created by combining two different materials. In the larger terraces this idea is very well reflected because you can make a wooden path and the rest of the terrace you can cover with stones or plants. In this way you can create a small botanical garden in your home.

Some wooden tiles placed vertically and horizontally to decorate your terrace

wooden floors for terraces

On the other hand, outdoor floors for terraces can also be covered with wooden tiles. These tiles have a surface covered by small wooden boards and are very suitable for outdoor use. You can also increase the originality of the decoration by placing the tiles horizontally and vertically.

Tiles with a wooden surface of different shades for the decoration of the terrace

floor for terrace decorate

You have to bear in mind that you can opt for tiles of wood for floors for terraces of different shades. The order in the placement can be the same as the previous one but you can also improvise using some of your decorating ideas. On the large terraces, these tiles look great and combine ideally with the white color.

A very modern terrace decorated with wood for the floor and with black pots

floors for outdoor decorating terraces

You can also add other decorative details that will help you to increase the decoration of the exterior. You can place pots of a color that match the decoration of the terraces and you can use the glass to complete the decoration.

A black surface to cover and decorate the floor of your terrace

floors for terraces decoration

Instead, you have to take into account that you can also use other materials that will be very good. The outdoor terrace pavement, for example, looks great on large terraces and patios. In addition in the patios you can combine the pavement or the stone with the wood and in this way you can get a decoration very appropriate for your house.

Unoz tiles with a soft surface for decorating the terrace

floors for outdoor decoration terraces

On the other hand, there is a series of tiles that have a softer surface and also fit very well in terraces. These tiles are placed on a surface that allows their support. They are very original and you can find them in different ways.

Very original tiles for the decoration of your terrace

remodeling floors for terraces

In addition, like all tiles, these can also be cut to occupy the whole terrace and make an original decoration.

Some tiles with the shape of a puzzle to decorate the exterior

floors for terraces remodel exterior

Using the pavement to decorate the terraces

outside terrace pavement

A very modern and elegant interior with a floor decorated with pavement

floors for terraces decorating remodel

Using ceramic tiles to decorate the terrace

terraces floor

A very original exterior with a predominant wooden decoration

floor for terrace

Using tiles for outdoor decoration

floors for terrace

A very modern and elegant decoration with stones for the floor of your terrace

floors for outdoor terraces

Wooden boards to decorate the terraces and patios

outdoor floors for terraces

A very modern and original terrace decorated with wood, with reeds and lights

floors for terrace decorate

The elegance of the wood used to decorate your terrace

wooden floors for terraces decorate

The combination of wood and stone for the decoration of the terrace

outdoor floors for terraces decorate

A terrace decorated with tiles of different colors creating shapes

floors for outdoor terraces decorate

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