Some of the best famous interior decorators

famous interior decorators

In this article we are going to talk about some of the best famous interior decorators and we will show you some of his works in photos. In addition we will also explain how the decorative details they use help to complete the decor of the interiors and to create an interior with a finished decoration.

Famous interior decorators and their designs and decorations

world famous interior decorators

In the first two photos you can see some of the interiors of Jean-Louis Deniot . It is a French decorator that creates luminous and large interiors in which the luminosity is mixed with the electricity of some colors. The interior lighting is achieved with the light colors of the walls and large windows that occupy a whole wall. In addition, the electric blue color helps complete the decoration of the interior and create a very original and modern environment.

The design and decoration of the bathroom by designer Kelly Wearstler and a bedroom of his in the second photo

famous interior decorators designs

famous interior decorators design

On the other hand, in these photos you can see some of the interiors of Kelly Wearstler that she is an American designer. Its style is very modern and it is impregnated with elegance playing with the original forms and with the original and interesting designs of all the decorative details that you see inside. It is one of the interior decorators that stands out for the original and modern design that you can see in the first photo reflected on the bathtub and in the second photo in the hanging ceiling lamps.

The interiors and decoration of the decorator and designer Marmol Radziner

interior decorators famous decoration

interior decorators famous decorations

Instead, Marble Radziner It is one of the interior designers and decorators who also play a lot with the light inside. However, this man is committed to outdoor lighting and combines it with some dark wood furniture colors. On the other hand, in the first photo the dark color of the furniture is given by the fabric used to make these. One could say that it is one of the famous interior decorators that have a very modern and elegant style.

A very modern and original style and design for the interiors by Peter Marino

modern famous interior decorators

modern famous interior decorators

On the other hand, in these photos you can see the interiors of the Bulgarian Peter Marino who is a famous interior designer who creates very original and interesting interiors. The famous interior designers have a style and a way of creating that you can use for your home and also to pick up some of the ideas they offer you with their works.

Very modern and elegant interiors in which it stands out in red as a decorative accent by Luís García Fraile

elegant famous interior decorators

elegant famous interior decorators

On the other hand, Luís García Fraile is one of the famous Spanish decorators who usually recreates in a very modern and original Mediterranean style in the interiors. However, in these photos it is an interior in which modernity and elegance fills the interior and decoration is completed with red decorative accents.

The decoration of the large, elegant and festive rooms designed with style by Jaime Hayón

interior decorators famous designers

interior decorators famous rooms

On the other hand, some of the Spanish decorators are also dedicated to the decoration and design of large rooms and hotels and in these photos you can see the design of a room of one of the famous decorators that is Jaime Hayón . The decoration fills the ambience of modernity and elegance that is reflected in the design of the chairs, the decoration of the floor and the large ceiling lamps.

Very stylish and modern interiors and stylish design by designer Kelly Hoppen

famous decorators

famous interior decorator

You have to take into account also that Kelly Hoppen is one of the world famous interior decorators and some of his designs can be seen reflected in these two photos. It consists of two bedrooms in which the decoration of the walls fills the interior with a lot of style and elegance. On the other hand, the design of the other decorative details complete the interior decoration.

The designer Patricia Urquiola and the modern and elegant design and decoration of the interiors

famous intriorists

intrioristas and decorators

On the other hand, there are other famous interior decorators that focus on making many contrasts with light or with colors to decorate the interiors. In this way the tenebrous can be converted into decorative details combined with the illuminated interior parts. Patricia Urquiola is dedicated to making this contrast and decorating betting on it.

The decoration and design of Faber Design bars

interior famous decorators

interior decorators

On the other hand, the study of Faber Design and Architecture It is also part of the famous interior decorators who are also interior designers. This studio was founded in 2003 by designers Tony Matters and Rosemarie Fitton. You can see that it is about the interiors of bars or nightclubs that have a design and interior decoration with a very modern and original lighting.

The Spanish interior of Marisa Gallo filled with light and clarity the interior

Spanish decorators

Spanish famous decorators

Instead, Marisa Gallo It is also one of the famous interior decorators that recreate the Mediterranean style in the interiors and that also fill them with lots of light and clarity using light colors and yellow tones for the creation of very striking decorative accents that fill the interiors of many life and joy

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