Space for small gardens - 75 impressive designs.

space garden palm trees cushions wood

A garden in the urban space is more a necessity. It is the possibility of having a green area at home where we can relax and get away from the hustle and bustle. This without considering the usual influence that plants have on air quality. A private garden where our guests can also relax. It does not matter, as we will see today, the size of the space.

Space with pool and containers with plants

space cushions plants wall candles

The possibilities are endless also for small city sites. Those ends of any backyard are also suitable for our oasis of peace. This space can also have everything you need. From comfortable seats and bonfires to swimming pools. The proposals that we bring you today are a definitive sample of all this.

Outdoor space with waterfall and outdoor lounge

space steps dark wood waterfall

For a final success the first thing is to create an exact planning of the garden. Do not hesitate to create a sketch if necessary. You must divide your yard into zones, an area for terrace and flowers or the distribution of your preference. The next step would be to determine a style for your space. Mediterranean, formal or modern like the cases that we bring today.

Cozy atmosphere, delimitation with bamboo plates

space spheres floor red cushions

If you opt for a small Mediterranean-style garden, your backyard would be a center of interest thanks to its exoticism. Species such as citrus in pots or natural ivy in the walls conjugated with rocks will give a new air to any terrace. You can also give accents with plants in containers or if you prefer a green wall.

Exotic touch with hammock

space woven hammock flower beds

If to this we add a small narrow pool adjusting to the space everything becomes irresistible. Surely everyone will want to spend more time outdoors, the fun It will be guaranteed regardless of age. The small gardens should be specially designed with great attention to detail. Since everything must have an order due to the dimensions. We leave you more ideas and designs in our gallery today.

Make the most of the space

space garden waterfall garden herbs

Creativity and colorful for garden

space colorful garden plants orange

Wall next to a small pool

space garden rest man flower pots

Modern backyard

space garden steps lamparas loungers

Cozy variants for courtyards

space garden gravel metal gravel

Cozy design conjugating rocks and flowers

space garden pots colorful umbrellas

Pool complemented by shade trees

space water gardens trees pool

Increase comfort with cushions

space garden pots ratan furniture orange

Modern style with hanging chair

space garden modern wood chair

Create an oasis of intimacy and peace

space garden ratan flowers intimate

Modern trail design

space garden path wood green

Add comfortable furniture

space garden chair modern design

Climbing plants, option for greater privacy

space lamparas metal climbing plants

Accents with flowers in containers

pergola space bottles lamparas flores

Modern space with path

space path colorful plants lawn

Variant for pool location

space folding chairs red pool

Outdoor room with bonfire

space sofa exterior lawn home

Acero corten, adds art and beauty

steel cut gravel patio garden

Creative and artistic patio

steel elegant patio corten wall

Excellent division into zones

attractive playground path colorful zones

Environment with outdoor kitchen

green banisters patio gardening terrace

Solution with narrow elongated pool

high house double floor fenced

Cozy modern patio

cascade trail bamboo grass white

Opt for chairs and functional furniture in general

city ​​shelves white gray chairs

Variant with fixed furniture

cushions colorful space plants trees

Opt for large and comfortable furniture

colorful floor cushions pergola modern

Attractive, private and welcoming

blue glass vases lanterns glass

Accents with pots and containers

urban buildings creative zone flowerpots

Rocks, a different natural touch

elegant house backyard tree

Create a zone to share with friends

elegant flowers furniture wavy pond

Enhances the sense of the natural

forge chair wood mulch trunk

gravel steel corten plants gardens

ferns trail wood attractive wall

gray lounge chairs photo lines matillo

lighting chairs plants cushions lawn

games children lawn table swings

Interesting lake water lilies pond

slats wood flowerpots green wall

slats wood red trees concrete

blue flowerpots palm trees picture flowers

small wood bambu gardens fire

small wood bricks gardens pergola

cozy table wood wall flowers

black forging table steel grass

wood table metal wall distribution

patio table wood candle decoration

minimalist elegant tree small chairs

modern furniture clay pots yellow

modern outdoor furniture table containers

modern reduced patio glasses hall

modern reduced patio rocks slats

modern rocks interesting herbs bricks

wall natural dark wood climbers

child ball lawn colorful wall

outdoor patio pool window planters table

backyard pool wood lounger furniture

pines pots green cushions cozy

pool tall boxes elegant containers

pit fire gravel ferns plants

ratan grass rocks wall terrace

bambu rocks terrace child trail

red brick glass red house

footpath steps pool palm trees concrete

footpath lights exterior led sofa

path wood wall cushions terrace

chairs metal concrete terrace palm trees

chairs palm tree fire inscription rocks

sofa rocks palm trees path cushions

sunshade cushions floral comfortable grounds

terrace armchairs metal cushions house

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