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original design fireplace living room interior decoration

When we talk about interior decoration , we do it according to the needs and tastes of the owners of each home. A family composed of a young mother and her teenage daughter makes us imagine a modern and vibrant interior decoration; Do not miss the tour of this amazing apartment designed by Allarts Design.

Design of interior decoration of apartment located in Perm, Russia

design living room fireplace modern interior

This apartment is located in a new residential complex on the 16th floor in the center of the small town of Perm, Russia. The total area is 120 square meters. The entire space consists of a living room with kitchen and dining room, an adult bedroom, a teenager's bedroom and a bathroom.

Great design of living room with modern gas fireplace

great living room fireplace

At the request of the client in the living room a fireplace with biofuel and a large screen television was placed. To this end, false volumes partially suspended in the air were designed.

Great design of living area with red sofa and vertical garden

super vertical garden design vines

The dynamic was based on the contrast of the central structure that combines several tasks. The main emphasis was made by the central chimney since it has a suspended work island, a refrigerator and two televisions.

Original modern fireplace design with deep red lacquered finish

fireplace cabinet lacquered red .intenso

To place the fireplace the designers had to have a metal structure that was larger than the fireplace.

Great design of modern living room with kitchen and dining space

original design kitchen

The result was a very well-ventilated lounge, although the design of the fireplace weighed more than 150 kg. To the left of the kitchen there is a place for rest and reading. A natural touch bursts in an extraordinary way; a majestic vertical garden gives life and green color to this corner.

Original design of modern living room with red furniture

modern living room design red

The main hall is divided into four zones; kitchen, dining room, dining area to sit and living space.

Great set of white minimalist kitchen furniture and red dashboard

white kitchen dashboard red color

The owner also wanted a large kitchen, equipped with the storage units needed for a large number of utensils.

Design of modern bathroom with original combination of rectified tiles

bathroom modern design

The bathroom is separated in an insular area. Cabinet door handles and other metal items add a lot of brightness to the space.

Design of modern bathroom with tiles of three types of finishes: marble, wood and lacquered red

original design modern bathroom

On the wall of the toilet we find rectified coatings with birch wood finishes and the same lacquered red used in the interior.

Original design of wall decoration entrance hall

interior decoration original entrance hall

From the entrance we can immerse ourselves in a vibrant and lively style, in the main hall the senses are activated and all the daily activities can be developed in a functional and wide space;

Master bedroom with beautiful pendant lamp with white feathers

pretty pendant lamp white feathers

while the rooms have an interior decoration based on cool tones to ensure a more peaceful sleep.

Walls decorated quilted wallpaper with modern reliefs

walls decorated modern upholstery

The master bedroom is resolved in bright colors and has no separate wardrobe. The whole atmosphere of this place is practically opposite to the living area.

Original decoration of bedroom walls with Led lights and reliefs

decoration walls lights reliefs

The walls have been covered with wallpaper with three-dimensional relief. Inside is a large bed with a headboard lit with LED lights that emphasize the volume in the wallpaper.

Padded headboard beige and wall decorated with paper in three dimensions

white modern night table design

The decoration of the bedroom in general is quite simple, and the main focus of attention in this place is the wall and its ornamental motifs in three dimensions.

Beautiful adult room with modern design with indirect Led lights and pendant pendant lamp

adult room modern disney Led

We must not forget the beautiful feather pendant lamp; a detail that completes the design with soft textures that encourage relaxation.

Great modern bedroom decor for teenager

Juvenile modern style decoration

The teenager's bedroom it looks elegant and modern, in the room there is only one colored wall in a blue complex, the other walls and ceiling are white.

Original futuristic style decoration design for youth room

futuristic style child room decoration

The room itself that is divided into three parts; a small toilet, a living room and a bedroom with work area that we identified with a small podium decorated with interesting textiles and lights to change the atmosphere of the room slightly.

Great decoration of youth room in cold tones

great youth room decoration

Thanks to the LED lighting In violet tones the whole room adopts a very spatial look, the minimalist white furniture contributes to making the space look more spacious and functional.

Great interior decoration of a modern design children's room

children's room modern design

The combination of the textures and the grayish tones of the sleeping area is only interrupted by an explosion of blue color created by the headboard;

Design of youth study area with modern desk and armchair in vibrant colors

modern armchair desk youth room

The original armchair with brightly colored upholstery accentuates in a great way the place intended for study tasks and stimulates creativity.

Visualizer: Allarts Design

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