Spectacular vertical gardens for indoor and outdoor

vertical gardens

The recent trend of vertical gardening is becoming more and more extensive as gardeners channel their inspiration to new heights of creativity. They are no longer limited to mere panels that decorate a wall, vertical gardens They are taking shape in a range of unique directions, from the transformation of antique furniture into planters to the use of teapots for thriving miniature gardens. Gone are the days of strict garden designs; Nowadays the idea of ​​vertical garden tries to show the textures, the colors and the vibration of the plants in a fresh and new way.

original vertical gardens

Although they are not limited to small spaces, vertical gardens are ideal for these areas, as they offer the ability to maximize space wisely and efficiently.

small vertical gardens

The creation of a vertical garden can be as simple or complex as desired, the idea is that the plants are grown vertically.

homemade vertical gardens

It is good to consider previously which is the most appropriate place for the installation of vertical gardens.

vertical gardens frames

It is also essential to take into account the growing conditions when choosing plant species.

exterior vertical gardens

PVC plastic sheets will act as a barrier against water when lining any object used as a planter. Felt carpet filling serves as a means to keep your plants in place and is an excellent material to use, as it contains water while resisting rot.

Tips for designing and cultivating vertical gardens

simple vertical gardens

While the ability to see things in a new way is not always easy, these intriguing ideas will act as your guide and inspire you to beautify your home landscaping.

green wall

Using a matrix of flowers and resistant plants, these boxes create a vertical garden with fresh and clean lines. The stepping of the height of each box creates a backdrop that achieves a strong visual impact without sacrificing its pleasant simplicity. It is perfect to maximize space in small gardens , to use it as a screen to block unwanted views or as a way to separate a large backyard creating an intimate space. Flowers can be seasonally rotated or boxes can be planted with yearbooks that will bloom throughout the spring and summer.

vertical garden

Getting a vertical garden design without sacrificing vision what is behind it is part of the beauty of this clever design. The wire is attached to strong supports that mimic the architecture of a lattice.

vertical garden ideas

These metal frames make great planters. Plant succulents, ivies, ferns and geraniums, or fill each planter with an herb orchard for a decoration that is beautiful and practical. Accent the wall of a patio or create a dramatic entrance near the front door.

vertical garden simple

This fresh design is perfect for growing spices and other useful herbs. Placing a handful of pebbles before spreading the soil ensures that the roots do not get too wet.

vertical garden frame

Embellish a boring space in an original way by stacking near boxes of planters in bright colors. The general effect causes the eye to move up, creating visual appeal and imparting interesting texture and color. The choice of living bromeliads will give a tropical feel to your home design. The boxes can be attached to a board that is painted in a neutral color, adding stability without subtracting from the impact. This wall garden would create a cozy atmosphere if placed next to an entrance or the wall of a garden shed.

vertical wood garden

To really dress a space and give it an undoubted "wow" factor, consider planting a profusion of leafy varieties in the vicinity. The final result will be a kind of green waterfall with varied leaves that provide an irresistible texture. The base of the design can be bordered with neutral bricks and enclose a garden of moss punctuated by stones and small plants. Part of the success of this design is in the use of subtle shades with the colors of the leaves themselves. For a space that needs a dramatic focal point, this design creates a dominant presence and would seem especially pretty in a courtyard.

Original vertical gardens of moss

moss vertical garden

Consider hanging a living painting with plants using this whimsical design. The elaborate wooden frames highlight the green colors of the moss. Any gap in planting can be covered with bright green moss, creating a variety of textures and strong visual appeal.

moss frames

This design can be used indoors or outdoors, and the choice of succulents is also a usual bastane practice, since they grow very slowly and require less water than some varieties of plants. While this design works well only, consider grouping three or more frames in different sizes and shapes for a striking wall collage.

original garden

This vertical garden design filled with ferns causes a warm and primitive feeling. Each corner has bright shades and vegetation, bringing a touch of nature to any space on the wall.

green facade

An authentic green facade is something really beautiful and spectacular. In previous articles, we already mentioned some famous green facades from around the world that improve air filtration and save irrigation water.

plants colors

This small vertical garden makes a great visual impact thanks to its ingenious use of color. Alternating shades in reddish colors give a nice uniformity, and the design can be used to animate an old fence or the same configuration installed on the side of a house will add a subtle artistic flair.

Vertical gardens with wooden frames

wood frames

This design could also be used indoors, perhaps in a kitchen, as a way to keep culinary herbs at hand.

wood facade

The recently popular trend of creating a mini fairy garden in the courtyard has also been carried to vertical heights with the intelligent use of fragments of broken pots. The staggering of the fragments and their placement in place with the tightly packed flooring gives the stepped appearance of a small retaining wall and allows the release of more space for the succulent miniature plants to grow.

pretty plants

While this aspect is especially attractive to children, the playful nature of the design will bring a smile to anyone.

decorate walls

Connect the jars to attractive boards, such as the weathered slats of the fence, and write the name of each grass in chalk for a rustic look. Fresh herbs are potent and contain nutrients lost during the drying process, making this vertical garden a lovely and practical addition to a cook's kitchen. You can hang it on a wall or support the finished project on the floor for a variety of different design looks.

original design

The white walls that need an ornamentation can look very beautiful with a facade of fresh wood. Wooden baskets that hold flowering plants in a variety of colors, present the best advantage.

green wall

Another ideal way to cover a large part of the exposed wall space is by using old wooden boxes, which can also be used to grow herbs or salad items.

fence plants

An old wooden box will create a sturdy backdrop for matching shelves that hold tiny plants and herbs.

garden wall

Add labels to identify each plant species and enjoy this small garden in a sunny place indoors or hanging on a porch.

super vertical garden

Although it may contain useful herbs in the kitchen, it can also show pretty flowers for a burst of bright colors, making it a valuable addition to home decor.

herbs selection

If you prefer a look of xeriscape style, opt for the varieties of herbs that present combinations of yellowish tones. These designs look perfect in minimalist style gardens.

vertical jungle

An extremely leafy vertical garden certainly looks great, but usually needs more specific care

vertical independent garden

You can also opt for the designs of vertical gardens in a structure that is independent, such as a plank or a staircase.

wood frames

Encourage yourself to experiment with gardening and start decorating your vertical spaces with all kinds of plants and flowers, we guarantee that the result is worthwhile.

beautiful gardens

vertical garden patio

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