Stone and wood for wall coverings

floor modern wood stone floor

We present to you fifty models of interior decoration with wall coverings stone and wood for floors and walls. Currently there is a clear trend of the search for the reconciliation of man with nature, and from there also arise ecological designs that combine these two materials.

Wood and stone coatings

nice living room rustic wood ceiling

We will also see that the combination of stone and wood serves to create designs of very different styles and in all of them a very pleasant balance is achieved. This fact is no surprise since the human being has used these two materials from their origins farthest for construction and everyday use.

Interior design with stone walls

beautiful rustic fireplace stone wall

If we have decided to cover one or several walls with natural stone we can consult specialized companies to advise us about the possibilities. Nowadays, the use of stone simile panels is very common, they are simple to place and have all the qualities of natural stones.

Interior coatings with wood laminates

modern design wall laminate living room

Regarding wood, we will see that the options are multiple. exist laminates of imitation wood with all kinds of different finishes, also natural wood slats or solid slats for floors and walls. It is known that for floors it is preferable to place hard and resistant materials that do not change their appearance with the passage of time;

Design of modern wooden lounge

All wood living room be seen

For this reason we will list some types of wood classified according to their hardness, which will depend on the greater or lesser cohesion of their fibers; between the woods harder are ebony, oak, oak, walnut, elm, beech or chestnut; among others. They tend to be somewhat more expensive than softwoods but offer a wide range of colors and finishes, perfect for the coating of parquet floors.

Wood cladding for modern kitchens

small modern kitchen wood pine

In contrast, softwoods are more appropriate for the manufacture of furniture or for interior wall cladding because they are more flexible and easier to work with. Within this group are fir, pine, poplar or willow and often offer a range of colors lighter than the previous, however, tend to darken over time.

Stone wall with fireplace

nice living room dining room fireplace

Let's see some examples of living rooms and modern living rooms but with a certain rustic touch that has been achieved thanks to the natural stone walls with fireplaces in combination with some wood details. The spaces acquire a note of romance that will never go out of style.

Modern living room with fireplace

nice modern fireplace living room

In the photograph above we can verify the above, we have a modern and futuristic space but with an unmistakable natural accent that almost transports us to outdoor places, instead we have gray concrete walls delimiting the different spaces.

Design with round stones and pine wood

chimney round stones pine wood

The next image comes in the same style although in this case it seems more smooth. Here we see round stones and soft woods that form a combination of cozy textures and pleasing to the eye, and also the untreated pine wood beams are visible to add more warmth to the place.

Modern kitchen design with laminate

kitchen dining room modern wood design

It should be noted that the use of these two materials is very common also for spaces of greater use such as bathrooms and kitchens, and even in patios and gardens. In the kitchens we will see laminated of simile of wood so much in the coatings of walls and floors as in the own furniture; in the bathrooms, however, we can find designs of soft-touch wood coatings such as teak and round stone river floors, an ideal combination to create a spa center environment.

Kitchen furniture with wood laminate

modern design laminate wood furniture

The decoration with wood can also be used for furniture and you can also dress your furniture with wood. In this way the stone can be used to decorate some parts of the ground. In addition you can choose some modern and elegant stones that increase the style of your home.

Kitchen design with stone wall

kitchen dining wood stones wall

On the other hand, in the kitchen the stone walls will be very well and they are also very original. You can use large light colored stones and you can place them far away from each other. In this way between the stones will be some very large leaks that you can fill in another color and create a very modern effect.

Design with wood and exposed brick

modern kitchen wall stones bricks

It has to be taken into account that wood and brick are used a lot in the rustic decoration of the interiors. On the other hand, in modern interiors you can also use them and you can also choose them in a way that increases the style and elegance of your home.

Living room with parquet floor

fireplace design living room floor wood

On the other hand, for the salons the best solution for decorating with wood is using the parquet and in this way you decorate the floor. Enc ambio, on the walls you can make some combinations of wood and stone and for the ceiling you can use wooden beams.

Bathroom design with stone and wood

bathroom modern style wood

On the other hand, in the bathroom the stone can be used to decorate the bathtub and the wall that is close to it. However, wood can be reserved for furniture and on the floor you can put some tiles that combine with the colors of wood or stones.

Laminated wood for ceilings

office office laminated wood ceiling

bright lacquered wood dining room design

design of living wall stones

design bedroom modern style floor

modern design wall stone room

modern dining room rustic design

design living room modern wood

great kitchen rustic style wood

super design living rooms modern stones

super living room horizontal fireplace

super salon modern style design

super modern living room wood fireplace

modern interiors bedroom stones

interior luxurious style wood cladding

interior wood fireplace classic living room

interior wood clad walls

interior style rustic wood stone

laminate wood living room modern style

wood stones lining interior walls

wall wood living room

wall laminate wood floor stones

wall living room large wood

teak wood interior corridor

stones wood salon classic style

wood paneling living room

Modern style interior walls

living room wall stones sheets

studio room wood bricks

room games wall wood

living room wall stone

living rooms living rooms fireplaces

modern living room luxurious wood style

living room modern style black wall

living room small living room wall

floor parquet wood walls stones

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