Stone underfloor heating 34 original options

floor heating stone entrance house ideas

Today we have some very original ideas for all of you to enjoy a radiant stone floor. The ground It must be very resistant and like a champion it must support all the weight in the house.

Radiant floor black marble to shine inside your house

black marble stone floor design ideas

As we all know well is one of the surfaces of the home with which you constantly come into contact. So when choosing the right floor for our space we have prepared these tips.

Natural stone underfloor heating for bathrooms with rustic design

bathroom floor stone natural fireplace design rustic ideas

It is easy to redesign a house, change the furniture in place or buy new ones, but the floor is the only interior element that will stay the same for longer.

Cobblestone floor in white kitchen


At least this we all want since it is not cheap to change the floor. Choosing a new floor for your home is a great decision, because it will stay with you for the next 10 to 30 years.

Natural stone wall and cobblestone floor in the living room

floor heating stone pavers salon ideas

But with solutions for hard surface floors, such as terrazzo tiles or pavers, there are a number of elements to consider, which will ensure that you choose a pavement solution that will not only evolve with you and your family, but will keep the same finish and the quality of the material as time goes by.

Polished tiles surround the bathtub in this modern bathroom

stone floor polished tiles polished bath ideas

The floor of your home should evolve with the same as the style of your space and your lifestyle. For this reason you must meticulously search the tiles with a perfect combination of colors that encompasses a spectrum of shades and tonal depths.

Cobblestones on the radiant floor of the modern bathroom

floor heating stone bathing paving stones white bath ideas

You should also think about the aesthetic quality of each color composition so that it is perfectly homogeneous and allows the floor to adapt to the color combinations used in the design of its interior and to the new accessories that it may add in the future.

Marble slabs on the walls contrast with stone slabs on the floor

floor heating stone bathroom design modern ideas

Resistance and durability are also important factors when it comes to choosing a floor. We must think of a hard surface

Light colors on bathroom floor and walls

floor heating stone bath clear design simple color ideas

Designed for longevity, there are tiles of different types of stone that promise a duration of up to 50 years, which means you will not have to replace your plants in the next few years.

LED lighting and black marble floor in the bathroom

floor heating stone bathroom LED lighting ideas

When one thinks of stone tiles, the image of a very cold and very rustic floor may come to him, but he forgets that the stones can be polished and have a brilliant finish so that our soil is shiny.

Small apartment designed by Dana Shaked Design with tufo stone floor

stone flooring stone dana shaked design tufo stone ideas

There are also stone tiles that can be polished at any time until after they are positioned on your floor, which means that scratches can be easily repaired. This will rejuvenate your floor years after installation.

A natural stone flooring option very typical for country or mountain homes

stone floor floor stone entrance natural ideas

Slabs made of stone with a high percentage of natural materials are exceptionally strong, durable and flexible. So that your stone floor has a consistency that is not compromised over the years you should ensure that UV-resistant pigments have been used for its manufacture.

Bright tuff stone slabs for the luxurious bathroom

floor radiant stone stone slabs stone tufo ideas

When you choose the material stone for your floor you can be sure that your floor will offer stability and reliability and have superior physical properties, providing exceptional strength, durability, versatility and flexibility.

Very nice slate stone bathroom slabs

floor radiant stone bathroom floor slate ideas

Since stone tiles absorb the movement of the building where many other surface materials can crack and peel off. But some stone tiles do not have slip resistance qualities in exchange for others that are excellent and are a safer option in areas such as the kitchen and bathroom. For this ask before buying.

Stone slab floor in white and gray

floor heating stone slabs stone salon ideas

Make sure the floor you choose is easy to maintain and does not require a complicated and expensive maintenance program. A regular sweep will help prevent large particles from scratching the surface, while a little neutral pH detergent can be added to the water to scrub.

White marble underfloor heating

floor heating stone slabs floor marble wall ideas

Natural stone has been very popular for plants for centuries and for very good reasons. Stone tiles bring the colors and texture of nature to our homes and add a warmth to a room that is not possible with any other material.

Marquina black marble luxurious floor

floor heating stone marble black marquina ideas

We will list the most popular stone tile materials: slate, travertine, sandstone, granite and marble. Which one would you choose?

Polished marble floor Calacatta

floor heating stone natural white Calacatta ideas

Slate is probably the type of stone slab that you will find most often. It is a metamorphic rock that is divided into thin sheets with ease is also easy to turn it into tile.

Original ideas to decorate the stone floor of the corridor

floor heating stone hallway luxurious design ideas

Depending on its manufacture, what is directly related to its cost can be more or less dense. The denser it is, the more likely it is not to break off and break into pieces.
Although the blackboard tends to be highly resistant.

A modern house with limestone floor tadelakt

stone floor stone limestone tadelakt ideas

Travertine is a more common stone. It is often sold as marble or limestone, although it is neither one of the two. Travertine is a sedimentary rock composed of calcite, and as such is a little softer than limestone.

A very natural living room with vertical garden and stone slab floor

floor heating stone stone tufo design salon ideas

It is almost impossible to maintain a shine, but once it settles in its matt finish, few materials offer the warmth that travertine can offer you. We can not deny that it is fragile material.

House designed by Alexander Brenner Architekten with stone floor

stone flooring living room Alexander Brenner Architekten ideas

Marble in ancient times, kings and Caesars adored marble floors in these more democratic times, marble is still one of the most loved. Despite being a stone prone to stains and scratches, marble has character.

Under floor heating in tufo stone in this contemporary apartment

floor heating stone salon stone tufo ideas

It is harder and tougher than travertine but needs additional attention. The patterns and colors of the marble are very beautiful and very resistant. Although it is not a material that must be used outdoors because it absorbs water.

House with stone floor designed by Signature Custom Homes

Underfloor heating stone Signature Custom Homes kitchen ideas

Probably the hardest natural stone used for floors and countertops is granite. No other stone can be so bright and repel water. However, the resistance of granite is a double-edged sword.

House with rustic design and stone floor

floor heating stone floor wood natural living ideas

Its brightness and hardness make it a somewhat cold surface despite its beauty. The beautiful colors are also very resistant and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Very colorful slate stone floor

floor heating stone floor slate colorful ideas

Limestone is a stone similar to travertine. However, unlike travertine, the limestone became harder with the passage of time thanks to the tectonic actions.

Slabs of slate stone in which different shades of earthy colors are mixed

pizzarra floors stone color mix hue ideas

The hardening makes it a better and more resistant material and of course perfect for floor covering. Limestone often retains its stretch marks and has a tendency to resemble wood.

Stone floor and wooden stairs in the house designed by Signature Custom Homes

Signature Custom Homes floor heating stone ideas

These have been our tips and our options of stone underfloor heating for you to choose the one that suits you best.

Very spacious dining room designed by Alexander Brenner Architekten

stone flooring Alexander Brenner Architekten ideas

Dining room and kitchen designed by Dane Design Australia

stone flooring Dane Design Australia ideas

Floor of stone slabs in the interior and wooden floor in the terrace of the house designed by dKO Architecture

floor heating stone dKO Architecture ideas

Living room with white stone floor tiles designed by Luca Colombo

stone flooring Luca Colombo ideas

Bathroom designed by Tanju Özelgin

Tanju Özelgin modern design bathroom floor ideas

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