Storage in functional furniture for the nursery

colorful storage furniture spaces bedrooms

The selection of furniture for the children's bedroom is a very interesting topic. Especially today we want to share different options available in Ikea for storage. An option that will always be necessary to take into account to organize the children's room.

Storage with functional and practical furniture

storage cabinets drawers objects colors

Baskets, cabinets, shelves and other options in the same way functional details for decoration. In general, whether for storage or not, the selection must be made carefully. In Ikea we can find furniture for small spaces or solutions that adapt to any place.

Storage in drawers and cabinets, another practical way to organize

Furniture storage flexible sections colors

In addition to the aesthetic aspect for storage options you should assess the needs of the child. A large room for a single child will have many possibilities. Unlike a space of smaller dimensions that must be shared by two children. In essence details such as the dimensions of bedroom or the age of children are important.

Wooden shelves with drawers in different levels perfect for toys

ikea functional storage styles banners

An adequate selection of furniture for storage can help us properly use our budget. Another important aspect is the resistance of the furniture. In the children's room they will be subjected to continuous use. Therefore they must be durable of quality materials. Solid designs are always a smart choice that can last for many years.

Colorful colorful bags attached to bunk beds for magazine storage

storage side bunk pockets colors

Unlike a storage cabinet that is plywood. Each of the offers must be evaluated with care. In addition to their aesthetics they must comply with practical aspects. A spacious closet is one of the best exits. Added to several shelves that are vital to facilitate order. Drawers and other low furniture so they have everything at your fingertips.

Versatile wooden drawers with wheels that can be incorporated into games

storage drawers special wheels image

In this way although they are few they will be able to fulfill many functions. The way in which furniture for storage harmonizes with the environment is important. The colors should have a visually pleasing affection. Its maintenance should be similarly simple. Many can simply be cleaned with a damp cloth. As we all know, colors have an influence on moods.

Small toy kitchen and shelves converted into a storage space

storage wooden drawers stepped males

So the best colors will be those that favor rest. Like activities like the study in the case of older children. If you prefer a modern space, the lacquer finishes will be perfect. In the choice of furniture for storage and others should be considered space. If the room is shared, each child can have their own desk.

An interesting composition that can be assembled with flexibility according to space

storage wood furniture solutions stairs

The furniture can define some areas for game or study. What would help them develop study and organization habits. In a general way when selecting furniture for the children's room they must adjust to the needs of the child. Added to the desks for the study a reading corner is another great idea. This will also allow them to rest comfortably.

Open shelves allow you to have everything at your fingertips in the nursery

storage males rooms furniture effect

In some photos have got very good reading corners with banks that include storage. They can be completed with some cushions to increase your comfort. Being a reading corner some lamp It will be the same as necessary. The children's room in addition to being comfortable must be safe. The highest furniture can be fixed to the wall.

Wooden wardrobe organized by levels and drawers incorporated in the bed

special built-in baby drawers

Remember that younger children can sometimes be a little curious and can try to climb. The corners of the furniture that we select for the nursery should be rounded. If this is not possible, reinforce them with safety corners. Everything has to be thought so that the room becomes your favorite space.

A perfect selection of furniture for an attic, cool design for teenagers or children

penthouse space saving furniture

Combining furniture that makes her look comfortable, relaxing and pleasant. Without losing sight of the fact that their needs may change depending on their age. Remember that in addition to guaranteeing space for storage the room must guarantee all its activities. Children's furniture can turn bedrooms into fantasy environments perfect for games. The small space under this wooden berth is a sample of it with several functional drawers for storage and shelves ideal for storing books or any toy.

Colorful furniture to store everything you need, play space under bunk

boxes walls furniture special lights

As in a sophisticated and functional library for moments of study. The small table in the image below is a simple sample of a piece of furniture that can be integrated into games or other activities related to learning. The storage options in the walls and the bed besides being functional provide another detail of color and contrasts. All matching with various textiles and other furniture that fill the bedroom with white walls with life.

Room with extra storage in colorful baskets and bags fixed to the bed

baskets colorful walls wardrobes bunk beds

This yellow chest is perfect for bedding or storing the child's toys

magic space pirates chests yellow

Wooden bench and small open shelves with attractive geometric shapes

special girls room furniture pink

Another good selection of versatile furniture for the design of the baby room

baby room special colors lines

Design ideas and furniture for a traditional room but very practical

conservative room wood special lamps

Good variant of a small shelf with drawers where you can store your clothes

open furniture plants baskets colors

Ideas for storage in the baby's room, drawers organized by levels

organized special kids furniture lines

Shelves and large yellow drawers that also incorporate a color accent

walls concepts shelves plastic styles

Good example of storage solutions incorporated into furniture and bed

perfect vertical children small fonts

Selection of furniture in which stands out a bank with storage in the base

white drawer sections colors yellow

A beautiful design designed for men using the color blue in different shades

males rooms boy special fonts

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