Storage space under the stairs 13 original ideas


The use of space under the stairs for storage is quite common, especially in small houses and apartments. There are many ideas of storage space below the stairs that can work and some are quite ingenious and unexpected. We've put together some of the best samples of storage space under the stairs to share with you in the hope of inspiring you to optimize your own stair design and optimize your storage in a smart and convenient way.

Storage space under the stairs: 10 ideas of storage space under the stairs

storage space-drawers-wood

This staircase unit conceals a lot of storage space underneath and is perfect for this 30 square meter apartment in Paris. This is a custom design created by the Schemaa studio that combines these two elements in a very harmonious and homogeneous way. This unit plays the role of a large closet and at the same time serves as a staircase.

Super convenient storage space


Storage space ideas for small apartments



A modern design by Minal Design


Minimal Design created a similar set of storage under the stairs and stairs for a four-story house. The space under the stairs has been closed and transformed into a storage area with shelves and compartments. The design is not only intelligent, it is also very functional and aesthetic and as we can see very modern.



A resting place under the staircase


Sometimes it is impossible to build a closed storage module under the staircase, which usually happens when you have to consider a floating staircase, an open door or a hallway. Even in this case, it is always possible to make good use of the space below the stairs. One option is to install a small seating area with a comfortable chair or stools and a small table. This combo created by Refresh Design is a good source of inspiration.



Intelligent and functional storage under the staircase? Yes Yes


Many things can be stored under a ladder. Most of the time, these are shoes, clothes and accessories, but this is not always the best option. The staircase of this house in Amsterdam has an integrated library that contains the entire collection of books by the owner. This is an excellent combo, the one that adapts to this house and perhaps also to yours. The design was created by architects Marc Koehler.


This staircase has a built-in ladder for shoe storage built into the base

When the drawer is closed, it becomes almost imperceptible, integrating perfectly. This is a design that Fraher Architects envisioned during the renovation of a house in London. This is an idea that can be very useful when optimizing input spaces.


The idea of ​​storage under the stairs usually involves a custom design, which usually means that you have the freedom to decide exactly how you want to divide the space according to what you want to store in each compartment or how you want the final design to look to conform to its interior.



A particularly interesting design in this sense is the one created by Buj + Colón Arquitectos for a renovated apartment in Madrid. They gave the apartment a plywood storage unit with integrated stairs. It contains open and closed compartments of different shapes and sizes.


To be successful with your staircase design, have a good plan in mind


The staircase and the staircase furniture do not have to be the same structure to be a good combo.

Discover this elegant design created by the architects Edouard Brunet and François Martens. It has a suspended metal staircase with a sculptural design that unfolds like a paper fan, complemented by a wooden storage cabinet placed just below the floor.

The storage unit is an extension of the staircase and the transition between the two is as transparent and comfortable as possible. The staircase and the cabinet do not have to be of the same structure and you see the same material to be a good combo.


Transform the space under the stairs in a library, it's great ...

Why simply include storage compartments in a staircase, for example, installing an office integrated into the structure or giving it a totally unique design that reflects your style and adapts to your lifestyle? If you think that this is an idea that interests you, see this custom design created by the Mieke Mejjer studio.

It includes a suspended staircase and a work space and a storage unit. These two elements are separate, but act and complement each other and constitute a whole, while maintaining their individuality. The design also helps maintain an open and airy look throughout the apartment. The design also helps maintain an open and airy look in any apartment.


As you may have noticed today, it is not a question of common staircases in architecture, but of unexpected ideas as demonstrated by the modern design of stairs, which you can see in the next photo. When done well, they transcend their main function and become sculptural works of art that make commonplaces come to life.


Ideas for stairs near the entrance

If that stairs are present at your entrance, use them to your advantage and take advantage of the space below as an opportunity to create a place with style. Keep things classic with a console table, a mirror and a bench.


Convert the space below the stairs into a library. A staircase that is also a library at home? If you do not have enough books to fill all the content, show some other decorative objects.


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