Studios and loft apartments with modern design

modern duplex loft studios

In today's article we are going to show you five interior designs for studies and loft apartments. We begin by contemplating the loft model that appears at the top. It is an Anastasia Tuganova design that presents an industrial style quite evident in concrete walls and high ceilings.

Studies and lofts of modern design

wood loft apartments stairs

The following modern apartment design is the one below. It has been created by the firm PSH and presents a sober minimalism that causes the sensation of being inside a cave. The architecture itself is angular in shape and the whole has been completed with the choice of furniture in very simple ways.

Decoration and design in minimalist style

loft type studios

As you can see, some wooden elements have brought much warmth to the place despite being scarce. In addition, the lighting of the interior plays a key role in all spaces because, since they are so empty, the light plays a visual and indirect role, this happens thanks to the incrustations of led lights in some key areas.

Design of studios and lofts of reduced size

kitchen loft stairs wood

We now talk a little about Max Zhukov's loft apartment design. Here we can see a study of only twenty-four square meters. Since all the areas are connected, the designer has chosen to decorate the walls of white and to add notes of more intense colors in the ground, this helps to create the sensation of greater amplitude.

Apartment with brick wall and wooden beams

studios white wall brick seen

Finally, we have the study designs of Jakub Komrska in the image above; and Cloud N9 in the photograph below. We have left to the end these two models with the intention of making them compare both and thus be able to opt for a particular style, or simply so that they can appreciate some of the most current trends in modern interior design and decoration, we hope that they have liked it as much as we have.

Modern lofts designed by Cloud N9

modern kitchen wooden staircase design

Modern loft apartment kitchen

dining room kitchen loft apartment

Design of lofts and modern studios

design apartments modern loft studios

Minimalist style loft apartment design

design studio loft apartment

Small loft design with blue carpet

loft design studios blue carpet

Metal structure for stairs with wooden bench

entrance bench wood fence wire

design wall kitchen ceramic mosaic

modern loft apartment bedroom

loft color gray bike wall

dining table surface red pot

kitchen dining table black chairs

wood table view garden sofa

dining table minimalist style wood

original design bedroom photo sea

corridor color brown biker clothing

living room green curtain

living room armchair brown leather

design retro style leather armchairs

brown leather sofa design

dining area bike wall wall

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