Studios and lofts with a lot of class and style

velvet sofa color dark modern

The small loft-style apartments or the studies of reduced size with the latest in fashion designs are our proposal today. Industrial styles with accents of sophistication and class, we will see ideas to save space without doing without any luxury, we present several ideas of fashion designers who will love them.

Design of modern studios and lofts

modern black corner sofa

Starting with this spectacular modern lounge with slightly eccentric but minimalist furniture, this is a design by Timothy Vishnjakov . Here you can see a play of shadows and lights that provide a feeling of spaciousness thanks to the colors of neutral tones, while the elements of straight lines cut and divide the space but without closing it.

Dining room with wood laminate

bar island kitchen laminated wood

The kitchen of this loft has all the necessary details to be up to date. The combination of materials is quite current; resistant concrete that gives an industrial vision to the place in front of the wood laminates of rough and coarse appearance. We are also struck by the fact that we find elements in an odd number that symbolize imperfection and movement.

Design of lofts and small studios

wall concrete wall studio gray

Next we can see a model of the designer Inna Usubyan in gray tones. It is a design of a loft of 32 square meters for a young couple in which they have tried to create adequate spaces for every action of everyday life. The auxiliary concrete wall is of great importance since in addition to serving as a point of view in the area of ​​the room, it also acts as an element that separates the area from the dinning room of the other spaces.

Andrei Erokhin's loft design

Canarian yellow armchairs modern studios

A somewhat more classic style for studio decoration is that of Andrei Erokhin. Greater symmetry is appreciated than in the rest of the models, but also the elements of simple shapes and minimalist forms. A detail that jumps at sight is that all the designers coincide in the gray color and the surfaces with laminated wood .

Andrei Erokhin's small kitchen design

bar bar modern wood kitchen

The spaces called loft are very typical of the United States since in the 40s of the 20th century, as a result of the use of abandoned warehouses and factories for housing, the interesting thing was that the footprint of the industrial premises was preserved, such as walls and columns of brick or concrete and pipes and ventilation systems exposed.

Modern kitchen by DA Architecture

kitchen bar concrete high stools

Such an atmosphere has attracted representatives of creative professions (artists, writers), who opened their workshops, galleries, studios, as well as young people who were looking for something new. The main characteristics of a loft is that it is an open space, where there is practically no separation of rooms.

Modern kitchen design by Timothy Vishnjakov

bar island kitchen fence laminate

The zoning is carried out with the help of color contrasts, light, furniture, as well as several space separators. In a loft or a studio we find materials such as raw plaster, masonry, concrete, batteries and iron pipes, these are spaces that combine various designs.

Modern room with padded bed

modern gray quilted bed

Any forged ironwork item, too, will look very impressive and appropriate, in a studio or loft while making the interior more expressive and adding character. Although this does not mean that we should forget trends and modern technology a huge TV with plasma screen, audio system with speakers, luxury stove, chrome surface, a fireplace with high technology are things that we can add to our study.

Bedroom design by Andrei Erokhin

purple bed bedroom photos headboard

The high ceilings with beams are another typical element the same are the large windows, which often has neither blinds nor curtains in order to maximize the amount of natural light in the room. Although you can use curtains of light and airy fabrics.

Modern kitchen by Art Ugol

kitchen bell cylinder metal pipe

The furniture can be of any type, of bright and muted colors similar to modern and antique or ones that combine the old and the new. For example, a retro leather chair complement perfectly with modern glass table.

Design of modern small kitchens

kitchen close utensils black tableware

The non-standard accessories everything unusual and futuristic, is perfect for a study or loft so it is better to give preference to objects with a look like that. They can be lamps with an unusual shape or an elegant chandelier made of glass or glass, most of the unexpectedly colored furniture, very large original vases and sculptures, decorative elements in ethnic style, illuminated posters, graffiti and even road signs.

American kitchen for studios and lofts

kitchen modern studies gray lofts

In a loft you can create a second floor. Very often, the second floor is present due to the very high ceilings and almost always there we find a bedroom. The design must show his side of free artist that wants to express himself, and that is clearly against stereotypes and stylistic norms.

Straight lines for interior design

modern kitchen gray loft studios

In general, the design and decoration depend on the preferences and character of the owners. But the concept of the idea is maximum freedom and comfort at a moderate cost. In a modern space the furniture groups are arranged differently, but far from the walls and in all the positions the resting place is clearly outlined.

modern kitchen wall slate

The backs of the sofa and armchairs mark the limits visually. A carpet can be an argument in favor of a clear zoning in addition to serving as a decorative element.

small bathroom color white loft

Modern kitchen straight black blinds

modern style dining room

dining room modern style projector wall

dining room furniture behind concrete wall

gray curtain sofa brown loft

Elastic curtains laminated wood wall

small bedroom gray headboard

two basins white bowls bathroom

loft entry pouffe hanging jacket

studios lofts modern sofa design

modern studies white gray design

modern studies green wall balls

modern bathroom dish marble shower

studios single apartment modern style

flat studies top view parquet

modern room lamp chandelier ceiling

island kitchen bar dining room furniture

laminate parquet wood floor hallway

low laminate wood table

Coffee table white round living room

modern walls loft kitchen stripes

walls mosaic blue bathroom whirlpool

modern modern kitchen wall plants

green rectangle balls modern wall

living room loft kitchen hood sofa

yellow armchair modern lamp top

top view small loft bathroom



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