Stylish housing with pops of color in Gdansk, Poland

modern housing integrated library

Today we are going to enter inside a house located in Gdansk, Poland, which has been designed by the firm Ministerstwo Spraw We Wnętrzach. Starting from the top floor you can already see a very funny touch throughout the design; A lemon yellow pouffe receives us with all its shine.

Interior design of a house located in Gdansk, Poland

living room integrated library

This room is suitable for diverse activities such as reading and music interpretation. A library integrated into the back wall provides a smooth appearance that extends into the floor.

Original decoration of the entrance to the house

entrance hall clock sun

Going down the stairs, also covered with light laminated wood, you can access the entrance area, decorated in a simple but attractive way. A huge clock in the shape of the sun welcomes visitors.

Original design with retro style fireplace and leather armchair

fireplace retro style leather armchair

One of the most interesting areas of the whole house is undoubtedly the one that appears above; A rustic-looking vintage stove is displayed on a cement background, while the previous soft wood cladding frames the armchair area along with the lamp and the side table.

Original living room with brown leather armchair

original living room armchair leather

To the right of the chimney another burst of intense yellow color appears, as a rectangular panel placed vertically.

Living room decoration with pops of color

living room pops color

As we turn our eyes to the right we will notice a change in the decoration of the accent wall towards the cold tonalities. The atmosphere is industrial and eclectic at the same time. The few elements have actually been meticulously located to get the room completed.

Floor design with laminated wood paneling

living room stairs wood

The genius of this design is also seen in the transformation of the character of the decoration when viewed from different angles. From the entrance, for example, you still can not see the intense colors.

Kitchen with sliding glass doors

glass sliding kitchen doors

Another detail that deserves our attention are the sliding doors that give access to the kitchen. It is an ideal solution for the lack of natural light in the interior.

Original minimalist style kitchen design

small kitchen minimalist style

In the kitchen we can see white minimalist cabinets with a yellow accent on one of the doors. Again the contrast of complementary tones appears with a blue dashboard.

Original set of dining room furniture

dining room living room chairs

The dining room space also serves as a meeting area. The decoration here is simple and based on a palette of neutral tones.

Original modern bathroom

modern bathroom interior design

The bathroom shows an accent wall with vertical wooden slats creating the sensation of being inside of a sauna .

Original cement wall design with hexagonal lights

wall cement panele lights

A detail that does not go unnoticed are the hexagonal lights that adorn the concrete wall.

Original kitchen design with a yellow accent

original design kitchen touch yellow

Dining room with gray pendant lamp

original dining hanging lamp

Original wall design made of glass, wood and cement

wall panels laminated wood

Design of stairs with steel handrail

upstairs stairs library

Dining table with integrated bench and chairs

living room dining table lamp

Nice decoration in gray tones

corner sofa gray color

Visualizer: Ministerstwo Spraw We Wnętrzach



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