Stylish vintage wedding decoration

vintage wedding decoration

Since always the dream of most women has been to marry and be dressed in white. However, the task of choosing the type of decoration and the details for the wedding It can become an unpleasant and difficult obligation to do. Therefore, in this article we will talk about the vintage wedding decoration and we will give you ideas that will help you when choosing the details.

Vintage wedding decoration, a new style oriented towards the past

modern vintage wedding decoration

First of all, we will start by dedicating a few words to the vintage style, what this style consists of. It is a mixture of modern elements and classic or retro elements. It is very used lately in the decoration of the interiors of houses.

The mixture of the modern and the old in the vintage style

retro vintage wedding decoration

The antique or classic air in the vintage decoration for wedding can come from the decorative objects, from the cutlery, from the decoration of the chairs and the tables and from the flowers. In addition, this style has a predilection for pastel shades such as pink and the color white becomes very important in the combination, even more so when it comes to a wedding.

The decoration of the wedding table according to the decoration retro style

vintage wedding decoration elegant tables

The decorative objects of vintage style weddings can be all those that remember the past. You can place them in the center of the tables as part of the decoration of these and you can add other objects. All these ornaments can be placed on top of a table because this way the complete image of the table will be more collected.

A cage for the wishes and cards of the guests

original vintage wedding decoration

A very interesting idea in the decoration for vintage weddings is the placement of a cage that is intended for the letters of the guests. Through the bars of the cage the guests can drop their cards so that the groom can open them later. This cage can be put on a separate table and you can add other decorative objects to complete the decoration of the table.

A special place, dedicated to the wishes of the guests

interior vintage wedding decoration

On the other hand, you can also have a special place reserved only for the wishes, letters and gifts of the guests. In a vintage wedding decoration this place can be made again with old objects, but also with flowers. We advise that the flowers are soft colors or more muted colors. On the one hand, soft colors are typical of weddings and are also colors used in the vintage style and, on the other hand, the muted tones are also typical of this style.

A nice and colorful vintage wedding decoration

vintage wedding table decoration

Keeping in mind these details about the combination of colors and the specific features of this style, you can get a spectacular vintage wedding decoration. On the other hand, glass containers with ancient shapes are also used a lot on these occasions, since the glass looks very good in the decoration and the shapes agree with the style of the wedding.

The retro style of vintage weddings reflected in the cutlery

vintage wedding decoration tables

In the decoration of vintage weddings do not forget the cutlery. Silverware and glasses are also part of the vintage wedding decoration of the table. What most reveals the style of the wedding, when we look at the table, is the design and shape of the glasses. You can add candles and some flowers to complete the decoration.

Vintage decoration of the table in your wedding

vintage wedding decoration elegant tables

On the other hand, in the decoration of the table can also include napkins, labels, tablecloths and bows with ruffles for tables and chairs. The labels with the names of the guests can have a design reminiscent of the classic and the text can be written using the cursive letter. At the same time, the napkins can be folded in an original, fan-shaped, for example, and can be decorated with classical elements.

Ruffles and curled loops, hanging from tables and chairs

exterior vintage wedding decoration

Another thing very characteristic of weddings vintage with tablecloths, ties and ruffles. The best option is the combination of the pink tones with the white color. The tablecloths must be of a heavy cloth, otherwise it would not fall in the way that the cloth of the image falls. Ties and ruffles can be included in the areas of the tablecloth that cover the legs of the tables, while in the chairs the ties can be in the back of the chair, falling freely from the backrest.

The preferred colors of decoration in vintage weddings, pink and white

wedding decoration vintage flowers

Now, we have to combine all that abundant decoration of the tablecloths, the ruffles and the bows, with the flowers that are going to be found on the table. These flowers should also combine pink and white.

The original decoration of your table in the vintage wedding with candles and cutlery with air of antiquity

vintage wedding decoration round tables

Ideas to decorate your vintage wedding with flowers and bouquets

vintage wedding decoration

A vintage style bouquet with rings

vintage wedding decoration

A different way of folding napkins and decorating them for vintage style weddings

vintage wedding decoration

Decorating the empty spaces with flowers, candlesticks and old glass containers

vintage wedding decoration

A pink napkin decorated with white lace fabric, the typical color of vintage style


A vintage wedding surrounded by characteristic elements of this style

vintage decoration for wedding

Vintage wedding decoration with bows on chairs and flowers on tables

vintage style weddings

The vintage decoration includes even the keys to the rooms of the guests

elegant vintage wedding decoration

The original decoration of your wedding in vintage style

interior vintage wedding decoration

Some chairs decorated with bows and hanging fabrics for a vintage-style wedding

interior vintage wedding decoration

Vintage wedding decoration also on the outside

vintage wedding exterior decoration

A very original decoration for the exterior for a vintage wedding

vintage exterior wedding decoration

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