Succulents - all about your care and original DIY projects

original doll succulent plant

Our article today will be dedicated to plants succulents . If you still do not know this type of plants so special, this is the time to learn everything about their care. These plants are also ideal for home decoration projects, that's why we have selected forty-two images that will give you amazing ideas, you can not miss them.

Tips for the care of succulents

ideas decorate interior with succulents

Are plants with leaves, stems and fleshy roots. Examples include Agave, Echeveria, Semperviven, and sedum. In the garden shops you will find a mix of succulents in different colors and types of leaves. Choose your favorites and mix them to create arrangements full of shapes and textures.

Pretty turquoise flowerpot with succulent plant

nice round turquoise flowerpot

Let's start with some tips on how to grow healthy succulent plants inside. Growing succulents indoors can be a bit tricky. However, with these simple tips, you can take better care of your collection of indoor succulents.

Original table decoration with many plants

decorating table with cactus

Although they are very beautiful, they are not always the best plants for the interior of a house. With a little information you will be able to keep your succulents happy inside. Choosing succulents that prefer low lighting will make a big difference in the success of your yard indoor.

Nice selection of plants of different colors

nice succulent plants close selection

For those of you who endure cold winters, we advise sheltering your succulents inside the house before you snow, this will be really good for them. Most succulents are inactive during the winter. They need the cold period to help them produce better blooms in the spring and summer.

Nice flowerpot full of plants

nice design flowerpot plants

Let's see now some tips directed specifically to the succulent plants that are taken care of in the interior.

Nice Zen-style garden with many plants

nice garden zen style succulents

Try to provide them with 6 hours of sunlight daily. When the succulents are indoors it is often difficult for them to get enough sunlight. Generally, about 6 hours a day will be enough.

Original centerpiece design with plants

nice center table trunk plants

You will want to keep your plants as close to the window as possible, but be careful not to let them burn with the sun if the window light gets too hot. This usually happens more with south-facing windows that tend to get the most light if they are in the northern hemisphere.

Original glass urn for plants

box deco suitcase natural deco plants

If your succulent is not getting enough light it will begin to stretch. The colorful Echeverias are especially prone to stretch inside.

Super comfortable old full of plants

comfortable old drawers garden plants

If there is not an appropriate place where the plant can get brighter light or more hours of light, do not worry. If the plant becomes too long for your taste, you can always cut it. The good thing is that you can get more plants.

Small plants in round pots decorated with pebbles

original design round pots

The succulent can grow as weeds between the cracks of the sidewalks, leaving the containers in the middle of the street, wriggling from the hanging planters suspended from the lamp posts ... etc. The succulent in the coastal cities often thrives.

Sculpture decorated with plants

statue decorated plants head

If you live in a more humid climate, let the succulent plant dry completely between the waterings (the pillow sheets keep the moisture so that they use it when they are growing in the desert).

Original design of mini garden in a flowerpot

great casira mini garden

Give the succulent as much sun as possible. They are desert plants and thrive in hot places with lots of sun. It is no surprise that a plant that loves the sun does not enjoy life in a shady, dimly lit apartment.

Great ideas to decorate with succulents

great ideas decorate succulents

Try different types of succulents since they are not all the same. Some will thrive in indoor conditions that others may not support.

Original candlestick with candles and plants

super dish plants jardfçin succulents

Start with the greens. The greener your leaves are, the greater the chances that they will survive inside. Pass gray, blue and purple, and go directly to the succulents with bright green leaves.

Ideas to decorate with plants

decorative ideas plants house design

The green species of the Crassula genus are a reliable option. A Crassula "Gollum" Jade is available in garden stores for about 4 Eur.

Great ideas to decorate with succulents

ideas original cups decorate succulents

If you prefer the cactus look, the agave and aloe plants can also look surprisingly well indoors if placed in a bright window.

Image of different species of plants

image different species plants

Part of the attraction of succulents is their variety of colors and shapes. But the purple and orange succulents are really more suitable for outdoor spaces.

Decorate facades and exterior walls with plants

vertical garden plants colors wall

Instead of focusing on having a variety of colors, look for green succulents in a variety of ways.

Original vertical garden design with frame

frame wood garden vertical original

In outdoor environments, succulents can look really good in plant-filled compositions, but if you are waiting for succulents to survive in the light inside, it is best to ensure that the maximum amount of sunlight can reach them.

Nice little birdhouse full of plants

original bird house full succulents

Planting succulents in unglazed pots can help them to drain completely and prevent them from getting soaked.

Original wicker basket with plants

original succulent wicker basket

The many types of succulents that can be found in nurseries, garden centers, as well as a cut from a friend or in big stores is absolutely amazing.

Beautiful sculpture decorated with plants

sculpture decorated plants

With the interest in these plants generalized and at a level bordering on fanaticism, it is difficult to keep up with all the new and interesting introductions, and often these plants are grouped in collections in the store, without proper labels.

Grow plants in an old book

original decoration plants book

If you are identifying succulents for more information on how to grow them successfully, this chart could help you narrow your search. Identify your succulent by: shape, habit of growth (formation of rosettes), and peculiar and unique characteristics (babies that grow on the edges of the leaves).

Original decoration with plants of different colors

original decoration plants colors

We all know how easy it is to keep the succulents. They have a unique capacity to store water so it is not necessary to water them very often. That makes them perfect to grow inside. For an outdoor garden, they need a warm climate. It really does not matter if there is little rain in your location or not.

Original centerpiece design with plants

original design center table

Succulent plants grow well in deserts as well as in coastal places. They are very popular to grow in containers, because that is how it is easier to create beautiful compositions of plants in harmonious colors. In addition, you can add ornaments in these containers such as stones to make a succulent garden really beautiful and interesting.

Great ideas to decorate with plants

original ideas decorating plants

When growing succulents in the interior it is necessary to remember two things. You should not water them too much and should allow them to get as much sunlight as possible. If you do not place them near the window you may want to choose the succulents that prefer low lighting. It would be much easier to achieve success with them.

Original vintage cage design filled with plants

original design cage plants

Although the ideas of compositions are numerous, you can simply put them in a large sower or container and make a beautiful composition of them. Although you can also create a beautiful vertical wall that looks like a real piece of art. Below you will find many ideas to create a perfect interior small garden.

Hanging pine pineapple with succulent plant

original pineapple pine flowerpot

Even though container growth is the most popular way to grow succulents, they can be used in your landscape as well. There are many coverage plants and samples available for each situation. Some form small rosettes, while others grow to a high height.

Original decorative ideas for interior

original foot pot plants

There are even specimens that look like small trees. All these succulents work in different garden designs, including modern, tropical, Mediterranean, desert and rocky gardens.

Original crown of succulent plants

pretty crown succulents

Finally we will list the steps to follow to plant a succulent. First, fill a bowl of your choice with mix of pots. You can use a special soil mix for succulents or create your own mix of soil from pots with sand to make it more porous (remember, these plants do not like wet roots).

Decorative hanging balls with natural plants

original hanging balls plants

Add a focal point as a centerpiece. It should be usually the largest or most colorful plant. Remove the plant from your nursery pot, turning it upside down in your hand, taking out the pot, then set the plant in the center of the bowl. If the plant has sharp edges, such as agave, wear gloves.

Ideas for growing plants in glass bottles

original ideas flower pots glass bottles

Plant the edges of the cup. Use a mixture of succulents for texture and color. Do not worry about planting them too close, these plants can grow stuck together. You will want them to look exuberant and without gaps.

Original ideas for growing plants in coffee cups

original ideas cultivate plants cup

Fill any gap with the earth mixture, tampering lightly. Finish with a layer of gravel, aquarium stone, or some other ornamental material.

Ideas for growing potted plants and glass cups

original glass flower pots

Use a shower with a narrow gutter so you can direct the stream into the ground instead of the foliage. The root systems of succulents are very good at providing moisture for plants, so be careful not to over water.

Grow plants in a wheelbarrow

original ideas garden decoration

Original hanging planters for plants

flower pots succulents

Original vintage style briefcase with plants

original retro suitcase plants

Original ideas for growing plants in the interior

original ideas containers plants

Grow succulent plants in colorful cans

succulent plants cans colors

Beautiful hanging plate with candles and plants

dish hanging candles plants

Original drift wood trunk decorated with plants

wood trunk drift plants

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