Succulents-amazing ideas in 40 spectacular designs

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It is now common to find succulents in many places. From the offices to the gardens and the interior of the houses. The succulent ideas and the ways in which they are used to decorate have gained in popularity for different reasons. One of the fundamentals is perhaps the ease for its cultivation and its resistance. If we do not need a lot of time to devote to plants These are the best species. They do not require intensive irrigation and even in areas and dry environments can develop. During the summer, for example, it is sufficient if they are watered twice a week. Succulent design ideas and the ways to decorate with them are many here we will share some of them.

Succulent ideas of contrasting center

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Thought to be exposed to the outdoors this is a design that is based on highlighting several accents of blue. As a result, a very inspiring and fresh floral arrangement is achieved. The placement in ascending spiral shape with a two-plate structure. Thanks to the richness of color, it becomes the focal point that can fill any garden with life, turning it into the center of attention.

Succulent ideas in a vertical trunk

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There is no better use for the logs we have in the yard than this one. They are perfect as a support for plants regardless of type or color. In terms of size, they can be the same as those that we consider convenient. If they are small they look great and the color schemes will show off our most dynamic arrangement. The trunk can be reclined on any structure or a large tree to improve the effect of this beautiful idea.

Water-like design that escapes between plants

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With several large or medium planters true wonders are created. It will be enough with a little imagination so that they have an impressive use. This design creates the impression of water running and leaking out of the planter. A proposal for outdoor spaces that can be made simply using a single species of succulents. If you prefer a pattern of several colors It is a perfect variant. The fundamental thing is to transmit the idea of ​​the effect of the water that leaves the container.

Exploiting interesting color schemes

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Creating an effect with a three-dimensional design is equally easy to do. This is another of the concepts that become important casual points. The effect and beauty of the succulents are increased thanks to the broad-leaved plants. The best of all is that thanks to its aesthetics can be placed anywhere in the house. Whether it is celebrations or any type of events is very appropriate. Surely we will rave praise for its beauty.

Reusing elements of the patio with creativity

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Without fear of making mistakes we can say that in any yard there is a wheelbarrow that is not in use. For our succulent ideas and any design they are a mine of ideas. Avoid simply oxidizing or filling with dust without any use. Turn them into a beautiful colorful garden with several plants. To decorate them use river stones and do not forget to put a mesh on the bottom of the truck. In the same way they are a great help to create gardens in miniature if we have the necessary complements.

Ideas to shape the sides of the garden

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The sides of the gardens with succulents are another creative way to take advantage of them. They do not need much irrigation and the combination with several types of rocks is fascinating. The whole set becomes very pleasant visually. On the other hand it is a simple and very practical way to take advantage of the spaces on the sides of the patio or the house. The rims and the tonalities will be defined according to our personal taste. It could be with a multicolored focus or simply using a single color.

Effects of cascading fountains and plants for the patio

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A really beautiful effect is that of the platters with pedestal fountains. If there is an old one in the patio, add some succulents, cactus and other hanging species. It will be the perfect way to distinguish your garden. Some succulents with silver, blue or pink tones well distributed on the plate will take us back to another era. Simply the sources add to each patio a touch of charm and elegance.

Leaving the edges of a waterfall cage

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In the succulent ideas like these are those that steal the looks. It does not have to be precisely using a bird cage. Any wire design with these shapes can serve. Being a metal structure we have the possibility to paint it in many colors. What increases the decorative possibilities of the design. Inside do not hesitate to place any decorative accessory, a small bird would be perfect.

Using concrete blocks to create the garden

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After some remodeling we can usually have some concrete blocks in the yard. With a little creativity to these blocks we can take advantage of them by planting the succulents in them. Placed in a tiered way, add the soil and plant your succulents or cactus. All the area around the blocks can be complemented with other plants of smaller size. To improve the visual effect combines some hanging plants. A little paint on the blocks is another option to improve its beauty.

With the beauty of driftwood

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For many of us there is nothing better than a garden with a rustic image and as natural as possible. With the succulent ideas based on these styles are achieved by combining wood. The drifting trunks are visually very special. For projects abroad look great with the right selection of plants. The fact of being inserted in the trunk also guarantees low maintenance. On the other hand this is an important detail to keep the plants healthy.

Perfect for hanging gardens and verticals

The image of the hanging gardens is without a doubt impressive. They are very versatile and can be used to great advantage in areas such as balconies or simply a patio wall. When the wall where they are placed has a contrasting color they enhance our succulents. It will not be possible to take your eyes off this wonderful flower arrangement. This is a trend that has been gaining popularity with the passage of time. Use the plants that fit well within the whole frame with other waterfall variations to create a beautiful effect.

Creating different and attractive spheres


With a chain of worn or painted image of our favorite color and a sphere we will have this project almost ready. The spherical shape is achieved with a wire frame with moss to serve as a support for the plants. With miniature succulents we will complete the divine aspect of this sphere. On a terrace or in the patio we will find the perfect place to hang it. So that the plants have a better growth you can add a little soil.

Similar to roses within a desert


Complementing the plants of higher height and vertical growth places larger succulents. Within all the layout of the garden succulent ideas and variants of this style are very striking. With cacti and vertical growth plants succulents are a beautiful backdrop. The best effects are achieved with the silver or bluish species.

For beach areas and nautical designs


Take advantage of any trip to the beach to gather a good amount of conches and shells. With the help of a glue gun, stick them in a pot or any glass container. Then fill them with dirt and they will be ready for our succulents. Undoubtedly they will be singular and beautiful planters. In larger pots it combines several plants of different dimensions.

Small oasis in the middle of the desert


Although we are in an area that is usually dry there are possibilities to achieve designs full of beauty. In the middle of any desert you can plant our succulent ideas of this kind are possible. The best in these cases is to take advantage of the same way the native plants. They are always the most suitable according to the climatic conditions. Depending on the size of the garden we can use in addition to the succulents, cactus and other varieties of vertical growth.

Reusing an old chair with beautiful shapes


The antique furniture in our patio is another source of great potential. When combined with succulents they are the best focal point for gardens. For a chair the wire bases with a plate that serves to contain the earth will transform the patio. Hanging and other varieties will create a unique decoration. If you wish, the chair or furniture of your choice can be painted or left with that worn-out image so fashionable. In both cases it will be an interesting piece that will turn all the decoration of our garden.

Creating trails with succulents in the garden


With a beautiful combination of colors and sizes of succulent plants, river-like ideas look perfect. Filled with some sinuous lines they become a beautiful path. The combinations of blue and silver details that invite you to enjoy from any seat in our patio. For the sides of this river of succulents destine some small flowers in different colors such as white, purple or violet.

The potential of wood planters


Undoubtedly they are very similar to a bonsai and will attract the attention of our visitors. With sections of wooden trunks and some small rocks we will have everything ready. A unique arrangement that stands out above all for its naturalness. Suitable both for indoors and outdoors you can experiment with the dimensions of the plants. The options of the tonalities in the same way are open to our personal taste.

A whole river of style in movement


For an area that needs greater appeal, succulent ideas and designs can be used as rivers in movement. If you are looking for a greater visual prominence this is a good idea. We will have an absolute freedom of creation using the plants of our preference. With purple, blue or even pink the effect in a three-dimensional way is ideal. The undulations will be almost hypnotic for those who admire your garden. Succulent ideas and similar designs can be created in spaces with little shade or totally open.

Words and letters full of colorful


Loose messages or word have always been in fashion. The difference is in the integration of the plants for a different effect. A colorful selection will make our letters or words something simply charming. Think of the letters you prefer and build them in wood. They are filled with moss and we hope that the plants develop roots that allow them greater stability. The letters can be placed as a vertical garden. To decorate any event such as birthdays, weddings or any party in the garden are simply lovely.

Creations with shapes of animals


If you want to delight your visitors with something different try this turtle-shaped design. It will evolve as our succulents grow. The image has a special artistic effect. There are several stores and specialized stores where these designs are sold, made mainly of wire. Apply them a little moss and begins little by little to insert the plants of your preference. Succulent ideas and similar designs can be based on beautiful contrasts. To make it look more real, it simply leaves the head and limbs exposed.

Variants in vertical garden trends


The use of different plants becomes an easy task when it comes to vertical planters. Placed against a wall are a practical way to save space. It has on the one hand the option to build it or buy a one that is already ready. Improves its rustic appearance with dark tone wood. Then simply let the inspiration guide you in the selection of plants and flowers for your vertical garden with succulents.


















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